Astrology : my predictions for the Chinese year of the Wood Dragon 2024

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Here we are again, preparing for another fun ride on this crazy planet Earth. On the 4th of February we start the year of the Wood Dragon 2024 in the solar calendar is concerned. For the lunar calendar it is on the 10th of February. It is therefore time to look at the combination of the 5 Elements at play and understand what it is likely to bring to the world. I am Laurent Langlais, Bazi astrologer and Feng Shui expert and here are my year of the Wood Dragon world predictions.

The Chi at play in 2024

First let’s see which Chi or universal energy is at play this year. A year is represented in the Chinese esoteric system by a Pillar made of a Heavenly Stem and an Earthy Branch. Those Pillars are called Jia Zi and there are 60 different combinations possible. Therefore the same energy comes back every 60 year. In 2024 the Stem is Yang Wood (Jia) and the Branch is as you already know the Dragon (Chen). The Stem is straightforward; it is made of the Wood Element only in its Yang form, which is we could say a more active and at times more masculine form.  It is also determined and stubborn; the image conjured if of a big tree growing straight up. The Dragon is a more complex animal. It is made of Yang Earth as its primary Element. It however contains hidden energy blocks called the Roots; they are Yang Earth, Yin Wood and Yin Water. Altogether we therefore have this year the two forms of Wood, Yang and Yin, as well as Yang Earth and Yin Water. This is the ingredients of the year from which I’ll extract my predictions.

What is noticeable is the absence of both Metal and Fire this year. Fire however is not entirely absent still; if you have some knowledge about Feng Shui you then realise that 2024 is the start of the Period 9 and the Element ruling this period is Fire. I will write more about period 9 but for now remember that while this Fire was already felt since 2020 and the covid crisis, it is now officially entering the stage and adding a volatile Element to the mix. It is in the background still and spread over 20 years; Fire is lacking in the Yang Wood Dragon itself.

The strength of Elements is as follow for the Wood Dragon year:

  • Wood +
  • Fire +-
  • Metal +-
  • Water –
  • Earth –

Wood is strong. Both form of Wood are present and it also find Water to use and Earth to grow in inside the Dragon. While the Yang Earth is not the easiest soil  to grow in, Wood is still the clear winner of this Wood Dragon year. Fire is helped by the Wood Stem of the year and by the period 9, even if not showing up inside this year. The Water stored in the Dragon can at times target it still. For these reasons I put it in a neutral state. Water is this year blocked by  Earth and used by Wood its output Element. However the Dragon is also the storage of Water and so it is present in quantities. Water is in my opinion in between neutral and weak.  Metal is absent. The Yang Earth support it but cannot produce as much as Yin Earth. The redeeming quality si that Metal sees both its foundation (Earth) and wealth (Wood) Elements in the year energy. So even if the Water of the Dragon can rust it, Metal is neutral as well. Earth is present, but used by Wood. The Fire of period 9 strengthen it but it’s subdued. Still Earth sees its own money Element in form of Water inside the Dragon. Wood remains the strongest and so Earth is weakened. To summarise Wood wins the year, Earth loses it, and other Elements are in neutral position, with Water leaning toward weak. My fellow Hobbits, are you now ready to go on an adventure?

Wood Dragon year Elements

This Dragon year Wood wins over the Earth Element. Pic by



The Wood Dragon year dynamics: food production and borders

At the heart of this year, we have this Wood Element as great winner. That creates tension between Wood and the Dragon : in the cycle of Elements, Wood controls the Earth by taking from it. As I have highlighted in my Rabbit year 2023 predictions, Wood is also associated with the liver and the emotion of anger. A stronger Wood means stronger anger and this Wood is very strong this year. It is therefore another year during which we are bound to see many protests, strikes, movements of revolt and dare I hope some true revolution. Hey I’m French I can’t help it! Those revolutions can of course be manipulated to go into one direction (and here I am not talking of the former boys band with Harry Styles). It was the case with the Arabic spring of 2010 that went…nowhere. STILL my friends, the time is now ripe for riots and revolts coming from the people as the Fire of period 9 agitates all minds.

What will be the objet of this anger? For me it’s a lot when I’m stubbing my toe on the corner of my bed before going to sleep. Jeez I HATE that. For the rest of the world however it will be about soil, borders, the land and food production. This is what the tension between Yang Wood and Yang Earth is about. Earth is about territories and Wood about what grows in the soil. The two Elements being present here bring more fights around the idea of food production. Keep in mind that this farmer movement follows a Wood arc here: it started in the Netherlands and Germany during the Rabbit year 2023 due to its Wood and has now spread to France and to Brussels. It will continues this year. As the Water of the Dragon nourishes Wood there is a specific focus on how food is grown – organically or not, with or without pesticides…The tension could also move from farmers to fishermen as the Dragon brings this image of work connected to the sea. Next year is a Yin Wood Snake year with Metal trying to bend Wood, therefore new regulations and control will be imposed to food production. And so while this fight continues this year, it will reach its peaks next year imho.

Of course if you read my blog regularly you know that I am convinced of the reality of the GR, a plan to deposes us all.  And what better way to do it then by controlling food production? THIS is what is at heart of the biggest smoke and mirrors operation in recent years (well second biggest lol), aka carbon neutrality. Demonising CO2 so necessary to plant growth is the trojan horse to target food production (hey cows fart! hey greenhouses use too much CO2!), reduce it and try control us. This plan exists but it doesn’t mean it is our future! It is up to us, the people, to own again those means of food production and resist this tentative of neo-feudalism instigated by the leeches (I won’t call them elites). Jeez I sound Marxist so I will now go for an exorcism and a good shower (as Marx was notorious for not washing up often) and come back.

I’m back. The tension for food production will in my opinion be at the heart of the Wood Dragon year. Silver lining, with this strong Wood growing up it is the perfect time to actually implement new systems that benefit us. So obviously not coming from above but rather from grassroots movement. Invest into food cooperative, local organic farms and start your allotment or join a sustainable eco village. There won’t be a better time to focus on food independence and implement local solutions; especially as the control of the state, more Metal in nature, is temporarily weakened. This year encourage us to grow our own food and start a worldwide movement around it, quite simply. This is also the sense of leadership brought in by Jia, Yang Wood.

Beyond food the fight will also be around lands, borders and their limits. This is still because the Wood takes from the Earth and Earth is about landmasses and countries. But also because the Dragon contains both Earth and Water; Earth blocking the flow of Water and Water accumulating and trying to overflow. Which sounds like an immigration crisis to me. I can guarantee that 3 major axis around borders and immigration will be making the rounds during the Dragon year:

  1. The first one is refugees coming by sea and the conflicted solutions to this problem; Dragon years always bring some boat related issues.
  2. The second will be the Southern border of the US. It is already happening with Texas opposing the US government. The Southern issue is now awakened by period 9 Fire, as Fire rules over the South. The determined Yang Wood and the anger it generates is buttheading against an older land entity. This crisis will keep being a hot topic for Southern states.  Astrologically there is enough tension to escalate; Wood is never against legal actions but also fights you see…Grab your popcorn it’s gonna be fun!
  3. The third angle is Taiwan vs China. The Dragon brings the image of islands and coastlines (Earth with a lot of Water) and it is the year imho when the conflict between Taiwan and China is more likely to dangerously escalate. I explain why in the next chapter. Time will tell if it last just a month or if it is a new war…

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Conflicts during the Wood Dragon year

Talking about escalation, what about the Ukraine-Russia conflict and an escalation toward WW3? In all honesty there is a need for a deeper astrological analysis to predict the fate of countries, based on the recorded time they have been founded (through their constitution for example). That being said, in Qi Men Dun Jia,  an oracle that I am using to read the Chi map in space and time, we are this year under a difficult yearly structure (called Fu Yin = trap).  Ukraine and Russia are on the East side of the European continent and Ukraine is on the West side of Russia.  This war is an East-West conflict no matter how you look at it, geographically and also symbolically and the East-West sector is severely afflicted this year. For the Qi Men it is not good but the East structure wins over the West still. In annual Flying Stars, West is severely affected and East is faring better with a victory star this year. Finally Wood that is the great winner this year is associated with the East. I conclude with three different filters that East tends to win over the West this year. But does that means that Russia “wins” over its ideological conflict with the West behind Ukraine, or that Ukraine as an East country wins at its East border and that Russia loses at its West border? This is a major ambiguity…Either way with East winning over West it is not a good year to go to war for WESTern countries against any EAST block. The true resolution is however more likely to come during the year of the Snake in 2025 as its energy talks more about bending and finding some compromises.

Below is the QI Men Dun Jia oracle for the year; if it looks like Chinese to you it is because it is! Note however how the Stems are repeated into each direction. Yi Yi in SE, Wu Wu in East etc. This is the Fu Yin structure.

The Qi Men Dun Jia of the Wood Dragon year 2024, courtesy of


Another East-West borders conflict is Israel vs Palestine especially as it involves the West bank. I think the energies are still too tense for an easy resolution this year. Based on geographical location only the public opinion is likely to be siding with the East, therefore Palestine (East of Israel) as the topic of borders become even more sensitive during this Dragon year. Israel was founded in 1948, a Rat year, animal that combines with this Dragon year 2024. Together they form Water that can wipe out another territory; but that would be forgetting that the Dragon is the END of the Water cycle and that this surge of energy dries up the next year. I think Israe is going to overplay its hands and it’s going to backfire in at least the public opinion. From my astrologer point of view, the fate of a country artificially created in period 5 (1944-1963) can’t be healthy and prosperous as this period was ruled by the sickness star in Feng Shui. The Universe displays here some dark irony by associating the creation of Israel at this time to an energy called the 5 yellow star, one of the most negative structure…

Let’s go back to my prediction about Taiwan this year. 1964, the previous Dragon year brought us the gulf of Tonkin “incident” on the first days of August that year. This was the catalyst for the  US to engage in the Vietnam War and we now know that this incident was not as presented to the public, but rather an opportunity to justify the war. So the previous Dragon year brought an incident involving water and an Asian country. If there is something we know in Bazi is that history repeats itself. A Dragon year brings a focus on territories at sea or having coastlines and this year Southeast is under a lot of pressure with the Dragon year adding the Tai Sui in that direction. To understand more on that topic I refer you to my Feng Shui of the Wood Dragon year article. Taiwan is sometimes seen as a Southeast Asian country; sometimes an East one.  But above all it is at the Southeast of China and SE is under great focus and stress! For all those reasons I think the China-Taiwan conflict will snowball this year, but island or sea-related conflicts are bound to happen even if not involving those players. August 2024, being a Yang Water monkey month combining with the Dragon year energy, is again likely to be a candidate for a trigger, but so are the Dragon month of  April and the Dog month October 2024.

What about WW3 then? Looking at the year starting WW1 and WW2, the Wood Element was always involved. WW1 was a Yang Wood Tiger year in 1914 and WW2 was a Yin Earth Rabbit year in 1939. Both also show a tensions between Wood and Earth: in 1914 there is Yang Wood taking from the Yang Earth hidden in the Tiger and in 1939 the Yin Wood of the Rabbit takes from the Yin Earth stem. In 2024 and 2025 we do have Wood strongly present and a tension between Wood and Earth. 1904 was also an identical Yang Wood Dragon year that saw the war between Russia and Japan! Russia involved into another Yang Wood Dragon year, what are the odds? All I am saying here is that this Wood Dragon year is “conductive” to more wars but also that the East tends to win over the West. My prediction is that the war will be more involving China and Taiwan than a possible WW3. I shall leave it at this; because if we start to think too much about a negative scenario we might manifest it in the 3D realm. It’s also up to us isn’t it? If nobody goes to war when drafted then they can’t have a war…And now for another fun part…


Covid 2024?

So yes the fun part is my theory that I have previously exposed on how the Con-vid plan-demonic is organised around the Water Element in Chinese astrology. A plan refined in 2016, year of the Monkey and executed in 2020, year of the Rat. The Water trine is made of Monkey, Rat and…Dragon. And so it would make sense that a pseudo Covid or a respiratory illness makes a comeback in 2024, Dragon year. It is the last part of the plan imho. The dampness of the Dragon can also be the right soil for pathogens. I can also sees it because the Dragon talks about stopping the flow and therefore it can literally be a year during which the transport is stopped at times. Transport disruption is inevitable still during a Dragon year and that is due to the nature of Dragon itself. The Dragon you see is an Earth animal that contains storage of Water. It is therefore its function to stop Water. As Water is associated with flow, flux and transport, there are blockage during a Dragon year. Blockage of boats, blockage of road, blockage of planes you name it. The Dragon month of April 2024 and the Dog month of October 2024 will in that regard be likely culprits. Southeast Asia is both under a lot of astrological pressure and the focus this year so it could be where we are told this new illness is from.

Still, what is reassuring is that there is no Metal to be seen and the grip of Metal was essential to the authoritarianism overtake of 2020 (Yang Metal Rat year) and 2021 (Yin Metal Ox year). So while I am convinced that the leeches will try something again in 2024 and that the flow of transport will be restricted in some part of the world, I don’t think it is going to take the way it did in 2020 and 2021. They simply have overplayed their hands too and public trust is far too eroded, plus they don’t have the astrological means to be so coercive. Eyes on the prize still and the prize is to implement worldwide digital I.D and a programmable money. 2024 with its Yang Wood emerging is a “good” year to implement a new system especially under an apparent leadership (Yang Wood energy) and this system must be justified by a pseudo-crisis. I am therefore predicting there will be a tentative to scare us with a new disease but I don’t think it will take so well. It is the same conclusion as for WW3 you see; if we collectively say no they won’t have the means to impose it. So stand your ground my friend and keep travelling during this Dragon year! Shall we continue with more fun? I have natural disasters in my bingo card…


Natural disasters during the Wood Dragon year

Let’s face it there are natural disasters every year regardless of the astrology. I am going to make a few predictions still. The first one is that there will be one or more MAJOR hurricanes and possibly tornados this year. The Wood Element is overly strong and Wood brings wind; furthermore the Yang Wood can be associated with the image of a tornado imho. The hurricane season will be hellish this year. Moreover the Dragon is storage of Water and this Water can overflow and will do so in specific months. The Yang Water Monkey month (7th of August to 6th of September) is a very strong candidate for major hurricanes or flooding which is another occurence of the Dragon year pattern. But so is the month of the Yang Fire Rat (6th of December to 4th of January 2025)…

Overall I also expect tension and incidents around coastal cities, islands, sea, rivers and bridges. Bridges will collapses somewhere. The image of Yang Wood above the wet earth of the Dragon brings the idea of cities on piles such as Venice. Venice will I think make the news one way or another during the Dragon year 2024. You might however be surprised to find out the great flooding of Venice was on the 4th of November 1966, a Yang Fire Horse year that will makes a return in 2026. So flooding can also occur when Fire is overly strong…

As the Earth of the Dragon is full of Water it is less stable. The Yang Wood is also weakening it further. While earthquakes occur all the time, a massive one is bound to occur in 2024 due to this combination of factors. It could be generating a tsunami of some sort. This is precisely what happened  on the 28th March 1964, anotherYang Wood Dragon year, in Alaska…



What started as a few paragraph in these predictions has become a more ambitious full bodied article. I therefore prefer to keep it separate and will this year publish an article about the US Election 2024.


The joker card : a cyber attack?

The leeches of the WEF love to tell us their plans in advance. In spirituality it is own as an agreement trap; if we don’t revolt it means we have accepted it. And so they keep telling us that a vast cyberattack will paralyse the world and affect the banking system. You see, they need such crisis to reboot and implement their super coercive matrix-like system. Based on the Chi, could it happen during the Wood Dragon year? You might remember that I was foreseen such cyber attack during the Yang Water Tiger year of 2022. And it did happen but it was localised; a cyber attack paralysed the whole healthcare system of Costa Rica for a month. I’m glad it wasn’t more widespread. In Bazi astrology we need to have either a Fire and Water clash, or an excessive Fire targeting the Metal of structures for such event to occur on a massive scale. You might think that we are safe as there is no Fire in this Wood Dragon year. But remember period 9…so if we dig a bit we have a Fire-Water clash more subdued in 2024 between the Water in the Dragon and the Fire of this period. Still the Earth of the Dragon acts as a buffer…I think there will be cyber attacks in 2024 but they will remain contained. It will be a rehearsal if you want but a scary one still. The month of the Yang Metal Horse and the Yang Fire Rat are ripe for such event to occur. However the major risk is in 2026, year of the Yang Fire Horse, which I think is the endgame here. Next year with the tension between Metal and Wood could also bring disruption to the infrastructures; but I am betting on some alerts during this Dragon year 2024 and a real major catastrophic event in the Horse year 2026…


Positive trends during the Dragon year 2024

Alright kiddos! Enough with the anxiety that could come from such tendencies. There is always a Yin to a Yang right? And so there is hope and energies we can use to build rather than destroy. We have now entered the end of a great 180 years cycle with its last bit, the period 9. It’s no need to try saving the old system; the structure is now collapsing and the time is to celebrate this bonfire brought by the 9 to build something new, something better as fairer. In that sense 2024 is ideal: there is the soil of Earth, Water for growth and Wood actually growing on top. With its energy of leadership and conquest, the youthful Chi of Jia the Yang Wood is bound to help us progress on some level. Except to see charismatic leaders and activists emerging this year and some are bound to make an impact. I am not referring to the archaic existing power structure here, but rather from individual representing the people and coming from the same background. Here it is important to understand that Yang Wood is the first Element to emerge in the cycle of the 10 Stems and therefore it is bound to lead the way. As it sits  this year on the Dragon that represents the old structure (as always with Earth) and also takes from it, we can expect challenges to unfair laws, oppressive regulations or traditions, and for the will of the people to (temporarily?) wins. I expect class actions and court cases to make some noises this year. We are now in period 9 in which the light will be shed on what was hidden. So this is a great year to challenge the statu quo and see people winning some battles including legal ones, especially involving land and the soil. Those challenges will also be toward unfair laws and regulation regarding lands (such as the state ceasing properties) but also in the domain of legalisation of plants such as weed and psychedelics, as the combination Yang Wood + Earth bring legal debate around plants and a push for legalisation against conservative views.

This should also be a year of win for civil rights and one during which unfair laws are challenged and possibly overturned. During the previous Wood Dragon year of 1964, the US president Johnson signed the civil rights act and Martin Luther King was awarded with the peace Nobel prize. The leadership qualities of Yang Wood are here to challenge the statu quo and statism is not winning in the case. Wood is so well nourished in 2024 that is has the power to challenge and change things, on a legal level.

It is a fertile year for new systems to emerge with a special focus on true ecology (and not CO2 greenwashing) and living more in harmony with your environment. Eco-construction and bamboo as a material will be some of the theme of the year. Expect modern twists on natural materials. This is THE year to take initiative on your personal projects; especially if they involve a new place to live, emigrating, or starting initiatives around the idea of community. With Wood as a dominant Element and Earth present, there is also a special emphasis on refurbishing and repurposing. The idea of proximity and local micro economies will be a focus and in some case encouraged by enlightened municipalities.

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The strong Wood will also wonderfully inspire artists, especially all the ones using real or virtual canvas such as painters, street artists and graphic designers. As Wood stimulate fantasy and imagination and the Dragon is the only mythical animal of the Chinese zodiac, we can expect spectacular visuals in movies and imaginary words to take over. New franchises will most likely been launched in 2024 and fantasy ones make a spectacular comeback. So yes the escapism will be strong but also fantastically whimsical this year. If you want to become an artist, it is the year to try and launch your career. This Wood Dragon year is also stimulating a lot writers who can find inspiration more easily. Books will be a focus and topic in 2024, against all odds…From 2022 to 2025 there is Wood presents that can bring  rebirth of the textile industry; in this area I expect to hear from a return to more natural materials and means of production this year. New visual trends will be launched during the Dragon year as the combination of the innovative Yang Wood and the whimsical Dragon will stimulate the visual aspect of fashion and also hair styling. People are more focused on style and beautifying their look this year and next year. In 2024 it is a lot about modern twist on former fashion and hairdo.


Discoveries, economy and progress during the Wood Dragon year

Yang Wood really brings the idea of an explorer, discovering the old shores of the Dragon land that were previously hidden. Expect exciting news about discoveries of places previously hidden or lost. Especially lost cities or temples, as the image of the tree growing on stones brought by this year is evocative of Angkhor Wat and such structures. The exploration of the ocean (and rivers) will continue and new species will be discovered and amaze us. It is a great year if you are passionate about marine life, as we should also see better protection measures taken for the oceans and archipels in particular. Expect stories about sunken cities, galions and the mythical Atlantis to show up. As a diver I am excited to tell you that it is an good year to learn, progress and explore scuba diving; the Dragon conjure the idea of exploring land underwater. I guarantee that this Wood Dragon will bring wonderful diving moments immortalised in pictures and videos. Check your Bazi and dive on your good days and months still…The oceans and islands in particular will be a theme all year long with focus on their temperature, sea levels, protection and exploration.It should also be a significant year for archeological discoveries rewriting our understanding of past civilisations. Palaeontology will also makes the news with new facts about dinosaurs and probably the discoveries of new species or exceptional fossiles. The combination of exploring through Wang Wood and the mythical dragon screams dinosaurs fossils to me. This exploration is also likely to be about space and could be beneath the surface of planets and it is a year during which we should hear about water on other planets imho. Exploring will be the theme also applied in medicine and science; I expect new technology or methodology to emerge to help exploring the body and helping diagnosis.

Last year I foresaw the arrival of Chat GPT; here what I wrote about the Rabbit year 2023: In fact, I believe that a new form of social media, or a new apps will take the world by storm this year. Some of the tech can be used and hijacked to develop counter-agendas, and it is a good year to do so! This year the Yang Wood keep pushing innovations and a “new way” eforming habits, work and lifestyle. I think we will see again strong innovation in the domain of A.I (but nothing compare to the revolution that 2026 should bring).

This Wood Dragon year is also greatly conductive to studying; if you want to go back to some kind of learning, 2024 is an excellent time to do so. One topic in particular that is a focus during Dragon years is metaphysics; the Dragon is a gatekeeper of esoteric knowledge as it contains the storage of the Water Element.  It is the perfect year to learn astrology of any sort, tarot or Feng Shui for example. In fact I predict another Feng Shui boom during this year combining Wood and Water storage…If you want to experience more Chinese metaphysics through the year you can subscribe to my Feng Shui membership.

What about industries? As you know understand, those using the Wood Element will benefit from this year energy, such as: textile, fashion, design, publishing, graphic design, timber trade, private education, artistic work, flower and plants related businesses…Metal industries are actually also helped by the presence of a solid wealth Element this year in form of the Wood : banking, metal trading, steel,  surveillance, police and army providers, music shops, engineering…Fire industries are helped by the Wood but also slowed down by the Water contained in the Dragon. It is neutral for those industries but their time is coming soon. Earth industries are used by the Wood of the year and do not see the support from Fire, but benefits from the storage of Water. As Earth rules real estate, we can expect that not everyone will be winning this year and that some recession continues in this area. Yang Wood call for skyscrapers and property development still, but careful about conflicts on the land this year. Insurance companies could also be weakened by too many claims and legal actions made public. Water industries will see some innovation and also make some noises, due to Wood their output Element. However they are also blocked this year and so I expect 2024 to be a difficult year for transport in particular. Other Water industries that can be affected are hospitality and catering.  Southeast Asia and its economy will be a major focus this year: remember that Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. are nicknamed the Four Asian Dragons (or sometimes Tigers).

As for you on a personal level, it very much depend on your Bazi and I invite you to book your annual consultation with me. Health wise with Wood being overly strong and Earth being weaker, we’ll all have to take care of our  overactive liver and weaker stomach and strike a balance between nurturing and stimulating.

To conclude we are now entering the last 20 years arc of a 180 years cycle. The old structure is crumbling and it is up to us to create a new world now devoid of pyramidal power structures. The Wood Dragon year 2024, with its tension between the youthful leadership of Yang Wood and the old secular energy of the Dragon and marking the beginning of the period 9 is the perfect time to start this new chapter for humanity. Take initiative to build the world you’ll want to live in because the old one is now on the way out…And why not start with your own direct environment though the power of a Feng Shui consultation? I wish you all a prosperous and exciting year of the Wood Dragon.

Year of the Wood Dragon 2024. Pic by