Sacred cow Fire Ox.

Predictions for the month of the Yin Fire Ox – January 2015 2

Sacred cow Fire Ox.

The month of the Yin Fire Ox. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

Well, well, well…Boy, what a month! I was again on track with most of my predictions, but considering the events I gain no joy from it. Let’s be clear here: I don’t state in my articles that I was right to feed my ego (I’m French born: it is already inflated by birth right), but rather to make the point that the system of Bazi is an accurate tool of worldwide predictions when you know how to read it. So let’s review my predictions and what happened. In italic, the excerpts of my previous article that you can find here.

A Fire-Water clash is going to translate into different things. Movements in the stock market, first and foremost: while this trade is usually not doing too great during the Rat month, this one will be full of up and downs.

This certainly happened with the sudden plunge of the Greek stock exchange that lost nearly 13% of its trade in ONE day, which is an event worth than at the peak of the Euro crisis a few years ago! The crash was avoided in other countries, but what a roller-coaster…

This is also a month that saw Greece having some protests, predicted for this month:

In other areas related to the Fire, this clash makes some noise and attract the attention: think of the steam produced when you our some water on a fire. That means that it will most likely be a record month for the box-office, as movies are mostly Fire related. The Hobbit last movie is of course a strong contender here, but there will be other surprises.

Well, we are on track here. The Hobbit is ruling worldwide since a few weeks and performing better than last year episode. The Box office has also seen a record month. “Overall, the box office was quite strong on the last weekend of 2014: the Top 12 earned an estimated $189.4 million, which makes this the highest-grossing weekend of the year.” Source:

Electronics and telecom should see announcements and movements – look toward Google, Apple, Samsung and so on.

Well, here we go too with Windows…

And Acer

The Water Element is actually weaker than usual for this season, as it is used both by the Wood of the year and fight with the Fire….This means that the Water industry that usually does well in the Rat month – think of tourism for example – won’t do as well as usual. It is necessary a month when we will see problems related to transport: with flights, potential strikes, and disruption overall. The tourism sector – hospitality etc – might take a hit as well. This year has not been easy on the transport industry but this month could be a culmination in challenges.

In this field the predictions were certainly not proven wrong! The Fire/Water clash has been illustrated to the letter by actually having FIRE ON BOATS, and PLANE SINKING IN THE SEA! Difficult to not be a believer after this…

So we have seen under such clash:

A computer failure that disrupted the air traffic in the UK

The Albanian ferry on Fire that killed 11 people

“Two cargo boats with a total of more than 1,200 migrants on board were abandoned and left to drift dangerously in the Mediterranean this week”

The disappearance of ANOTHER Air Asia flight that is found in the sea as we speak:

And the last blow in aviation for the final days: the most expensive jet in US history won’t be operational for another 4 years due to a computer glitch – this thing has cost the taxpayer 400 BILLIONS DOLLARS. 400 Billions.

So twice this month we have Fire problems (computer) affecting the planes, in the UK and in the US…

And it seems that until the last day we’ll have some problems related to either planes or boats this month. As I have finished this article, a friend of mine informed me that another ship has sunk near Scotland

And the next morning, Sunday the 4th, another!

Convinced yet?

As for an eventful month and the appearance of Fire: “Overall the Heaven doesn’t want us to have a quiet, peaceful end of the year, but an eventful one”, we also had:

An attempt to set a mosque on Fire in Sweden

And various Fire around the world; in Wales:

In Nottingham

In Carlow

And for people running amok with gunfires or weapons, another expression of Fire, we had:

The hostage situation with 3 dead by gunshot in Sydney

A mother killing her 8 children in Cairns, Australia as well

Taliban gunmen killing children in a school in Pakistan

In term of what did NOT happen that I’ve listed as potential, no new tsunami. Good thing! The volcanic eruptions underwater, however, DID happen as I predicted and were quite violent: “With the Fire surging, we could expect a couple of volcanoes to erupt actually: as there is a Fire-Water clash, it is not unlikely that those would be underwater volcanoes, that would trigger a tsunami.”

Otherwise I certainly didn’t see coming the possible end of the embargo between the USA and Cuba, and there was no incident with car races…

So! We are now moving in a new month, the Yin Fire Ox (Ding Chou) that starts on the 6th of January 2015. While January is the first month of the year for Westerners, it is the LAST month of the current Wood Horse Year for Asian people. Let just say that the Western year is more based around the Winter equinox, and the Asian one on the first month of the solar year…

So, this month of the Yin Fire Ox shall be analyzed as the tail of the Wood Horse year, and not a new beginning yet!

So what is the Chi of the Yin Fire Ox, and what does it brings to us? The Yin Fire is usually quite benevolent: like the flame of a candle, it aims at showing the way to others, bringing some light in time of darkness, and usually help us find our path. This month is on top of the Ox. The Ox is an Earth sign – so the Fire is actually quite weak on top of it. Furthermore, the Ox is known as “the storage of wealth”, which means that it is the end of the Metal frame and contains a lot of Metal. So, with the flame of a candle burning on top of some Earth that contains Metal, the Metal shines…

This means that it could be a good month for the entertainment industry: movies and TV in general especially that favor this Fire/Metal combo. You know by now that I am obsessed with the box-office, being a geek: well this month, I don’t think we’ll see some records, but still we shall have a January month stronger than usual business-wise, with some nice surprises in movies box-office. There will be possible announcements made by either great studios or TV channels about potential changes of directions, restructuration, or big plans for the year to come.

This combination is also not too bad for the field of medicine, research and science. Possible announcements in the field of cardiac surgery. There will be some scare around lung diseases at this time of the year however.

With the Fire glowing over some Metal, and the Earth involved, I expect some major archeological discoveries, but also potential astronomical ones. The Yin Fire/Yin Metal make me think of a telescope and of satellites. This to me is one of the major tendency, events related to the sky and space.

Astrology and astronomy

Courtesy of

Fire and Metal clashes nevertheless: especially in that case, as the Ox contains the Yin form of Metal – controlled by the Yin Fire. Moreover, the Horse of this year still contains the Yin Fire: therefore this little guy doesn’t go out without a fight….But all of this is buffered by the Earth, so not as violent as lat month. Let’s not forget that Fire is not “in season” in winter. Last month was a Fire/Water clash that brought problems to boats and planes and gunfight. This month is a Fire/Metal clash but buffered…

In the possible events, we can therefore see:

  • More gunfight problems. Either hostage situations or possible rampage…This is not what I wish, but what this clash might bring.
  • Robberies: another aspect of the Yin Fire/Yin Metal clash has to do with jewelers, if we think out of the box. The Fire trying to control the refined Metal…It is like gunmen robbing some jewelry. We have seen several of those spectacular attacks in Paris in the past few years: I think that there will be this month at least one spectacular intent of jewelry robbery (most likely) or possibly bank robbery.

And let’s not forget that we actually STILL have a Fire/Water clash this month! What: when, where? Well, the Ox also contains some Yin Water (Gui),that tries to control the Yin Fire. So the Yin Fire of the month and the one contained in the year are dying this month, but go out with a fight: Yin Water vs 2 Yin Fire, and those 2 Yin Fire vs Yin Metal…Plus the Earth using the Fire…Ouch! Not a quiet month yet…Less frenetic than last month, but problems will arise.

With this combo Water-Fire-Metal clash, we could expect that the transport industry might be in trouble one last time. So a new plane crash or a boat adrift? Possibly. Or some disruption. I want to be optimistic and hope that the dark series of crash is ending for now. Planes are still more likely to be hit than boats, in case of problems. I would also watch what happens with trains and metros this month. Let’s cross fingers to not see another incident, but it could really happen again. I am thinking train as the Ox/Yin Fire combo makes me think of a tunnel, of transport underground. Finally those clashes are not good for diplomacy. We could see events taking place around embassies in my opinion – tensions most likely.

As for the stock market? It’s going to take another plunge this month I think, but the crash shall be avoided by some measures taken by different governments. And finally, something might backfire for one of the great groups of new technology that could be in the news for the wrong reasons: a bug, a recall, tax evasion or something along those lines.

We shall also see a rather warm January month in term of world temperature – even if it might translate into cold in some countries due to the weather feedback loop. The Earth overall is the great benefactor this month and gain some traction – the Wood of the Yang Wood Horse has been exhausting to this Element. It’s rather good for real estate, insurances, archeology etc.

So, what is the month good for? The Earth is getting stronger this month. Metal too – although it is under attack, the Earth protect it too. Fire is in a weird situation: getting traction again but under attack on all fronts. It is losing the battle…The Wood is nowhere to be seen, although there is a bit of Water in the Ox, it is not thriving this month. The Water Element is doing OK – we are still in Winter after all and there is support from the Metal – but it is weakened by the Fire.So:

  • Earth and Metal are the winners this month.
  • Water and Wood depleted.
  • Fire in a chaotic position.

The Ox is an earth month and this month is overly Yin. It is also the storage of the Metal. In term of lifestyle, we are still in winter season. It is not yet the time to go crazy with physical activities, and even in business it is wise to wait a bit more. Of course, the Water related business can see profits this month: sales in retails for example. But for other business, and for yourself, it is a time to prepare for the next year around the corner and build forces: by being focused on the inward, by gathering resources, network, devise some plans – but don’t launch them yet. It is a great month to do inner work – psychologically – and on your home and business (Feng Shui for example); but not yet ideal to launch a new business, a re-opening etc. For your diet and lifestyle, stay on the wintery, nurturing food: stews, bones broths, soups, warm food, nothing cold. Stimulates the lung a bit this month, so you can add some fermented food (sourdough bread, beet kvass, kefir etc) but stay mostly on the Earthy food with nourishment for the kidneys still (black food, chestnut, sesame, fowl…). Avoid stimulating the Fire too much with too many spices or bitter tastes. Likewise, go easy on saunas, exercises, sex drugs and rockn’roll and go to bed EARLY, really. This is an ideal time to eat nourishing food and help your body stock on nutrients – NOT the time to do a diet. Bulk up, the time to slim down will be in spring. During this month you have to eat more and nurture all organs. If you smoke, be particularly mindful this month: slow down and eat more saturated fat such as butter to protect your lung. The Yin Fire/Metal/Water clash is particularly nasty on the lungs and heart, if you put pressure on them.

Month of the Yin Fire ox: bulk up

Bulk up! Not the time for a diet yet…
Courtesy of

For your personal predictions now. Remember that only the analysis of your full Bazi that you can order here allows for accurate predictions. That being said, here are some general tendencies if you know your Bazi.

  • The weak Wood Bazi quite clearly hates this month: a bit of Water but Yin Fire and Yin Metal against them, plus the overwhelming Earth. Take cover weak Wood! Don’t make any waves, keep a low profile, keep your plans close to your chest and wait for a better time…Romance can be good for women still.
  • The strong Wood Bazi fare better. There is some opposition and arguments in the air, but they can make money and score at work, or in romance for men; be careful to stay humble and mind your joins;
  • The Weak Fire Bazi is gaining some traction but feel all over the place. You are opinionated and unfocused this month, there is just too much to handle. Don’t bit more than you can chew weak Fire, and not everything that shines is gold…
  • The strong Fire are also a bit unfocused. If however they can channel their urge and stick to a plan, they can be very productive. Protect your lungs strong Fire people;
  • The weak Earth Bazi are feeling much better this month. They have support and can produce great work; they have the upper hand, and romance can be good for males;
  • The strong Earth Bazi are under pressure, but if they are organized and avoid arguments they can make the best out of this month;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi are doing better. This is a month that usually brings opportunity for them if they are willing to work for them. It is more work than romance oriented still; protect your lungs and throat;
  • The strong Metal Bazi can shine and be noticed, especially with work and public appearances, but will feel under pressure this month. Take it easy and don’t overdo…
  • The weak Water Bazi are ok – this month is what you make of it, but like the weak Fire don’t bite more than you can chew, and don’t do the job of others, or you might end up feeling sorry for yourself;
  • The strong Water Bazi can make money and generally should be able to have control, get organized and make plans for the year ahead.

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Likewise, it’s only 1/4 of your chart, so not the whole picture…

  • The Pig is doing well with this season, and can make some money: it is work oriented, so do what you have to do Pigs;
  • The Rat is still in season and helps the Ox, rather than be help by it. You might not feel that you have all the freedom you need Rats, but if you are willing to serve others, it’s good karma for you this month;
  • The Ox is in a punishment with itself. It ‘s an odd month, like shallow ground. You could shine, but must be on the cautious side in everything;
  • The Tiger is getting close to its season. It can make money this month and achieve some work, and still benefit from the Horse of the year for one more month: make the best of it. Go get them Tiger!
  • The Rabbit see contrarian influences this month: it’s a pull-push situation, no pain no gain. Don’t enter arguments rabbit as you would not win, and protect your neck and back;
  • The Dragon is not a big fan of another Earth sign: it can cope with it, but shall be mindful of its words and action and not rush anything;
  • The Snake is the great winner of this month: it has an affinity with the Ox and the Horse of the year. There is a bit of competition but you can “eat them all” this month Snakes, and shine; be gentle, still;
  • The Horse is in a better shape than last month, but the Yin Fire it contains is clashed away this month; Horse lack appeal and should not be cocky. Do as you are told Horses and be like the nice little pony, the one with the hearts on his butt (time for my pills I believe);
  • The Goat is not a happy bunny – sorry Goat. Direct clash for you this month Goats, and you still benefit from the help of the Horse but it is less efficient at this time. Don’t rely too much on others, double check everything, and don’t take anything or anyone for granted Goats; be gentle with your joins;
  • The Monkey can be noticed but is not totally comfortable – the freedom of action is limited for Monkey this year. Just be your pleasant self;
  • The Rooster is in a good association with the Ox. It is time to use your resources and network this month Rooster; the energies are contrarian, and there is work to be done, but a lot to gain too if you are smart and organized;
  • The Dog is in a punishment formation: double, triple check everything Dogs, don’t enter arguments, and weight carefully your decisions!

Isn’t it the perfect time to finally order your personalised Bazi chart? Yes, you KNOW you want to know who you are, which job you are perfect for and what your personal forecast is for the whole of 2015 and the next 5 years! So wait no more: this month I offer you 10% of all charts, and if you are nice also on your Feng Shui consultation! That’s how nice I am. The Ox month is the perfect time for this introspective work, for house changes and for a battle plan for the year of the Wood Goat.

Don’t forget to read my article on the predictions for the Year of the Wood Goat 2015: the first part is here.

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