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Ox Feng Shui
Welcome back on my Chinese astrology/Bazi and Feng Shui blog for my monthly predictions, this time on the month of the Ox. First and foremost, happy New Year! Well Western on that is, as the Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 8th of February this year but starts with the solar calendar on the 4th of February…So, while […]

Chinese astrology for the Earth Ox month 2016. Part 1: ...

Sacred cow Fire Ox.
Well, well, well…Boy, what a month! I was again on track with most of my predictions, but considering the events I gain no joy from it. Let’s be clear here: I don’t state in my articles that I was right to feed my ego (I’m French born: it is already inflated by birth right), but rather to make the point […]

Predictions for the month of the Yin Fire Ox – ...