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Bazi Rooster Dog month
Here we are! On the 8th of October started the new Chinese month of the Yang Fire Dog. A very different animal from last month, and with the return of the Fire so close to the winter season, we can expect interesting things to manifest…But first, let’s review the previous month in regard to my Bazi/Chinese astrology predictions, and see […]

Bazi world predictions, Yang Fire Dog month. Part 1: review ...

Month of the rat
So here we are for this new month of the Yang Fire Rat, also known as Bing Zi, that starts on the 7th of December; and the Qi Men Dun Jia best directions to use and sector to activate in your home. For the complete explanation on this Chinese oracle and how to use it, I refer you to the […]

Boost your luck during the month of the Fire Rat