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London Feng Shui conference may 2015
This year I was blessed into being invited to be one of the speakers at the prestigious UK Feng Shui Society conference. This 9th conference featured a very diverse range of speakers and subjects connected to Feng Shui. I gave a talk about my favourite topic of the Three Lucks, or how to put Feng Shui back in a spiritual […]

UK Feng Shui Society conference: a review and talks online

Dog's tongue
We are today entering the month of the Yang Wood Dog, in Chinese: Jia Xu. Let us start with an analysis of the Chi at work here. This month is interesting first by its polarity: it is a Yang month, Yang Wood over Yang Earth. The Earth brought by the Dog is usually a quiet Element, not as active as […]

Chinese astrology: predictions for the Yang Wood Dog month 2014