Feng shui directions Rabbit month

Lucky directions for the Yin Earth Rabbit month, March 2015. 1

We are soon entering this new Chinese month of the Yin Earth Rabbit, also known as Ji Mao, which starts on the 8th of January 2015. Here are the Qi Men Dun Jia best directions to use for travel, or sectors to activate in your home in order to boost your luck this month. For the complete explanation on this Chinese oracle, I refer you to the first article here:

How to boost your love and money luck with Qi Men Dun Jia

This month, the naughty 5 Yellow star fly in the Northwest sector: therefore we will avoid using the Northwest/Southeast sector for travelling. The East and West sectors are also affected due to the position of the Rabbit in the East. As the West sector is also heavily touched by the Chi of the year, best is to really leave this sector quiet for the time being. The Qi Men Dun Jia sectors for the month are otherwise affected by the Fu Yin (= identical structures, which constitute a “trap”) and so none stand out. The 8 Flying Star that is actually a wealth boost falls this month in the South sector, but there is no structure to activate in the South early in the month.

Feng shui directions Rabbit month

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We we can tap into a good hourly formation on the 12th of March: use the 9am to 11 am timeframe in the Southwest. This one is especially good if you have legal issues and paperwork to resolve. You can use travel or activation at home.

Then we go later on during the month and find the 14th of March, which has a good formation for the day and time in the Southeast sector. We can use 4 hours in a row: from 1pm to 5pm, always in Southeast. This one should bring a money boost. As the Northwest/Southeast sector is not ideal to use for travel this month, I recommend the activation at home only.

A reminder on how it works:

Find the center of your house, apartment and business. Go there with a compass. Let’s say we do this in an apartment in London; I am standing in the living room that is at the center of the premises. Then I look on the compass that I am holding. The Southwest and Southeast directions, and therefore sector of this apartment, are what I am looking for. From where I am standing, Southwest is in the kitchen, Southeast in the master bedroom for example.

So the activation will be between 9 am and 11 am on the 12th in your kitchen, and between 1 pm and 5 pm in your master bedroom on the 14th. Of course this is just an example, it might be different rooms in your home or business premises! And remember to use a small fan or water feature to activate, but no loud noises to avoid disturbing the afflictions.

Boost of luck are nice, but don’t replace a proper Feng Shui setup. If you are ready to change your luck and benefit from a good Chi in your home and business, contact me now.

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