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Chinese horoscope 2016: the Monkey year’s forecast for the Horse.

The Yang Fire Monkey year started on the 4th of February for the solar calendar: the 8th of February is for the lunar start. It is therefore the right time to see what the year has in store for your sign of birth, based on the Chinese Zodiac. In this series of 12 articles I will explore with you the forecast and predictions that are based on your birth sign for your 2016 horoscope. This is different from analyzing your complete Bazi.

The Yang Fire Monkey year will be agitated and eventful. For my analysis of the 5 Elements at work, the economic and society forecast, please read this article : The complete Chinese astrology predictions for 2016, year of the Fire Monkey. To know the auspicious and challenging Feng Shui sectors of the year, please read: Feng Shui 2016: good & bad directions for the Monkey year.

For the 12 Signs of Chinese astrology, it is a very different year from 2015 that was the Yin Wood Goat year. While 2015 was all about Earth and Wood Elements, 2016 is a clash between Fire, Metal and Water. These energies represent money opportunities for some and good prospect for single people of some signs. For others, it is all about professional changes and duties and not a very fun year. Let’s see what the situation is sign by sign.

Before reading your predictions, keep in mind that the animal of your year is not the whole picture. Your full chart can balance those influences and in some case reverse them or make them worse. For a start, all of us have 4 animals rather than one: year, month, day and time of birth…and after our 40ies the year is of milder influence. The sign of your year of birth is a very general weather forecast, and your Bazi is your very own local climate and tendencies. And so I invite you to now order a Skype, face to face or written Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny consultation to get to know your personal dynamics for the whole year and month by month and have an easier year that will manifest better opportunities for work, money and love.

The seventh sign that we review today is the Horse.

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In this article, the years refer to the Chinese ones. So 2016 = 4th of February 2016 to the 3rd of February 2017.

The Horse

It is not exactly your year, Horses, but you can make the best of it if you know which move to make. First, you need to understand that the Monkey year presents some risks for you. Your advice will not always be welcomed so know when to speak or not. Don’t always rush in like a stallion! In fact, this year will offer you many opportunities to revisit your past and maybe amend some mistakes. In that sense, to enjoy it you need a willingness to work on yourself and some humility. It is not ideal for major changes, but rather gentle to become at peace with yourself and to take a break of some sort. Your family dynamics will also be at the heart of this year.


Love is a favourable area of your life this year, Horses. Expect the unexpected. You could go back with an ex, or someone from your past could reappear out of the blue; a friendship could also become something else. The year of the Monkey bring evolution in many areas. If you need healing due to past experiences, it is a good year to work on it and make peace with some people. Do it for you…The year is also auspicious for new meeting if you are single; you could actually meet some kind of soulmate or someone fascinating this year. That being said, some competition or a complicated situation like a love triangle or a distant relationship is more likely to happen…and so it could ask for some work.


At work, be cautious. You will be accountable this year and so your work must be flawless. It is a year during which you are tested, scrutinised and you should aim at not losing your cool. If what you do doesn’t work or doesn’t anymore, it is the right time to look into it to prepare a new start in 2017. The good collaborations established in 2015 can carry on, but there will be talks about their nature and dynamics. Expect a competitive year, which forces you to be creative. If you are an employee, keep a low profile and do a bit more this year. 2016 ask you to be less spontaneous but to have a long-term vision. You could feel that you are going backward a bit or be given a poisoned chalice to drink from;, like a new position that you do no want. It is however temporary and you should aim at being diplomatic for now. If you are looking for work, some of your past experiences can help you to find one, but not the job of your dream. Horse sign, you can also make money this year but will have expenses and so should be realistic with your budget previsions.


It is year during which, emotionally, you will be a bit all over the place. Accept to look into your past and to work on it to be well from now on. Forgive yourself, sent this email that you always meant to, talk…You will feel better in doing so. Your natural joy and spontaneity is a bit subdued this year as there is less spontaneity. However, like the Snake, you can let some luggage behind and experience a beautiful spiritual evolution, through soft healing and important meeting of new people. It is also a year that ask you to work on your family dynamics… Your emotions will be intense and you better avoid everything that clouds your mind. Stop for a while and experience with your creative skills: it is an excellent year to do so.

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Chinese astrologie Horse 2016

The Horse is exploring its past during the Monkey year. Credit:

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