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Chinese horoscope 2016: the Monkey year’s forecast for the Dragon. 1

The Yang Fire Monkey year started on the 4th of February for the solar calendar: the 8th of February is for the lunar start. It is therefore the right time to see what the year has in store for your sign of birth, based on the Chinese Zodiac. In this series of 12 articles I will explore with you the forecast and predictions that are based on your birth sign for your 2016 horoscope. This is different from analyzing your complete Bazi.

The Yang Fire Monkey year will be agitated and eventful. For my analysis of the 5 Elements at work, the economic and society forecast, please read this article : The complete Chinese astrology predictions for 2016, year of the Fire Monkey. To know the auspicious and challenging Feng Shui sectors of the year, please read: Feng Shui 2016: good & bad directions for the Monkey year.

For the 12 Signs of Chinese astrology, it is a very different year from 2015 that was the Yin Wood Goat year. While 2015 was all about Earth and Wood Elements, 2016 is a clash between Fire, Metal and Water. These energies represent money opportunities for some and good prospect for single people of some signs. For others, it is all about professional changes and duties and not a very fun year. Let’s see what the situation is sign by sign.

Before reading your predictions, keep in mind that the animal of your year is not the whole picture. Your full chart can balance those influences and in some case reverse them or make them worse. For a start, all of us have 4 animals rather than one: year, month, day and time of birth…and after our 40ies the year is of milder influence. The sign of your year of birth is a very general weather forecast, and your Bazi is your very own local climate and tendencies. And so I invite you to now order a Skype, face to face or written Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny consultation to get to know your personal dynamics for the whole year and month by month and have an easier year that will manifest better opportunities for work, money and love.

The fifth sign that we review today is the Dragon.

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In this article, the years refer to the Chinese ones. So 2016 = 4th of February 2016 to the 3rd of February 2017.

The Dragon

Dragons are the other sign that have a strong affinity for the Monkey, on top fot the Rat. Together they form the Water frame…It should therefore be a positive year for you Dragons. The most auspicious aspect is your career and material expansion. Your love life can also be interesting…For the rest, like the Rabbit sign, you will have to adapt to the circumstances. Let see in details how it’s going to work for you Dragons.


It is a more promising domain for you than 2015, which was a year with its up and down for your love life – at least for the single Dragons. There might have been potential partners, but the timing or the dynamics was unlikely to work out in your favour. During the Monkey year of 2016, you are more in demand and are also becoming wiser…You are usually insightful when it comes judging characters. This year you’ll see fast who interest you and who doesn’t and who wastes your time. If you are ready to compromise, you could have a nice adventure. If you are already in a couple, your partner shall listen to you and ask for your advice due to the new aura of wisdom you seem to carry around.


Work-wise, it can be a major and upfliting year for Dragons. As you are at the end of the Water Element cycle that starts with the Monkey and continues with the Rat, you can reap the benefit of your earlier work. It is an excellent year for you if you have worked hard and steadily in the previous years and you should be in demand for work too. It is also very good for teamwork and long term project. It is, however, a bit less auspicious for a totally new project. You are building up on previous work and are securing your position; it is not the year for a complete reinvention. If you are looking for work, the good influences of this year for you indicates that you should be able to find some…


The same logic applies here: build up on your existing strengths rather than reinvent yourself. Try to go further in the (healthy) options that you are already doing: the right diet for you, respecting your own cycles and doing some sport As Dragon, your mood is changing and some days can be off. In that case don’t fight with it. You also have a good intuition to know your limits and when, or when not to do something. The problem is more like the Tigers to not be excessive. Go to bed earlier and see what it brings…While 2016 is positive for you, you will probably show sign of impatience: breathe out and don’t breathe fire…It is a good idea to transform your body with sport and some gentle detox. Ask for advice and gather knowledge to become a better version of yourself and unlock your potential. This year, you can really gather everything that you have learned on yourself and your body and go the next level that should start during the Rooster year of 2017 for you Dragons.

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Penang Dragon Temple

The Dragon actually have it easy in 2016, year of the Monkey. Pic: Laurent Langlais, all right reserved.

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