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My world predictions for the Water Tiger year 2022. Part 1: agitation 1

My world astrology predictions for the Yang Water Tiger 2022 : here we are, at last ! It’s not exactly that I was procrastinating, far from it…But this new Chinese year is more layered and complex to predict. It’s bearing more hope as well, IF we collectively act…

Talking about the previous two, let’s revisit some of my major predictions from last year that manifested to the T.

  • Covid doesn’t end this year
  • Governments overall way too authoritarians
  • New laws on free speech and against terrorism
  • Terrorist acts make a comeback – likely to occur in June, August or September
  • New cold war and tense geopolitic

You can read the whole Ox year predictions here and here.

We have indeed moved from democracies to dictatorial technocracies in several countries. The terrorist attacks did happen in the exact timeline I foresaw, with a shooting in Burkina Faso ein June and the suicide bombing killing 183 people in Kabhul on the 26th of August 2021. A new terrorist act was enacted in the UK. Even the cold war with Russia and Ukraine manifested in the last part of the Ox year. And my bold prediction that Covid wouldn’t be over in 2021 also manifested perfectly, while other astrologers claimed it would be over mid year with the V.

Not that I have anything to do with any of this poor state of things, mind you, so please don’t shoot the messenger…

Note: I will have to use code words in this article, simply because a famous search engine can make invisible articles that go against the main narrative pushed…So when I’ll be criticising policies, COCO = the famous illness. V. = the magic juice they want the whole world to take.

And a-holes will stand for governments, needless to say.

And this is with this advance in dictatorship territory for some countries and excessive control all over the world that we now move into the Yang Water Tiger year 2022. And let me tell you, this year is where it gets interesting, because the dynamics really change…So fasten your seatbelts.


The Chi of the Yang Water Tiger year.

Classical Chinese astrology use this notion of time Pillars: they are blocks of time formed by the combination of a Stem – which is the Chi/energy sent by Heaven – and a branch, or Chinese animal sign, that is the Chi sent by Earth. The dialog between both is how predictions can be deciphered and made by good astrologers. Those Pillars are made of primary energies called the 5 Elements, five phases or Wuxing.

And so, what is this year made of? It is a tiger year coupled with water. The Tiger is the Chinese sign or animal/branch of the year and the Yang Water is the Stem of the year. Let’s speak first of this Yang Water energy. Water is a Chi that has been present every year since 2019. I wish to emphasise that none of the 5 elements, or the Yin or Yang polarities, are good or bad by themselves. Those notions just don’t contain morality. We can however analyse the lack or excess of one element in a particular context and that’s what I’ll do so. Just keep in mind that the Coco narrative (see, I did it here) appeared while the Water Chi emerged and that we are seeing Water in this year 2022 again. It’s something I have analysed in last year’s predictions.

Water is present once again and this time under an active Yang form. Yang Water is associated with the ocean; waterfalls, rivers…and its strength can be impressive. It is defined by the idea of movement; a movement that can at times be contained (a lake) but that never totally stops. A movement that has the potential to become torrential: think of a tsunami.

The Tiger is a Wood animal sign that also contains Yang Wood in its roots. The Yang Wood Chi is associated with new beginning, expansion, and growth. In that sense, we can foresee a year where society is to some extent moving forward again. The past two years were characterised by the presence of Metal that feed the authoritarian tendencies all over the world. Metal represents control, rules, and institutions amongst other things. This time this Metal energy is nowhere to be seen and the Wood Chi can now grow!

The lack of Wood and Fire Element were actually some major problems in the past two years, as both the Yang Metal Rat year 2020 and the Yin Metal Ox year 2021 without balancing elements were way too cold to sustain optimism and joy. This time Wood can grown, sustained by both the Tiger sign and by the associated Yang Water Chi of this particular year. Even if, to be honest, Yin Water would feed Wood more. Something that we’ll see in the Yin Water Rabbit year 2023, spoilers.

But that’s not all that the Tiger contains and that’s where it gets very interesting. The Tiger is also known as the inception of the Fire frame. In Bazi and Feng Shui, Fire is seen as born in the Tiger, peaking in the Horse sign and going extinct in the Dog sign. Therefore it’s very important to consider the Tiger as a Fire containing sign too. The Fire it contains is Yang Fire, aka “Fire of the sun”. It’s a form of Fire that can bring joy and warmth and that is life giving. This is excellent news! It is the Fire that I associate as an astrologer with divine justice: keep that in mind, as it’ll become relevant to the analysis.

Finally the Tiger also contains Yang Earth. Yang Earth is the one associated with mountains, large boulders: it is dense and often unmovable. It’s associated with endurance but also conservatism.

And so here we have it. We have in this Yang Water Tiger year 2022 the following elements:

  • Yang Water
  • Yang Wood
  • Yang Fire
  • Yang Earth

It’s a Yang year and that’s good news as this year will be more action and less reaction overall. It will even be agitated…Because in the previous two year we didn’t see any clash of elements. The Yang Metal Stem and the Rat branch were in 2020 working together, Metal feeding Water. Then the Yin Metal and the Earth of the Ox were also working together in 2021, with Earth feeding the Metal and making it harder, translating into stronger restrictions. This year of the Tiger however we see clashes of Elements. And clash means agitation, always. Here are actually all the relations we can see between the Elements of the Tiger year.


  • Yang Water partly feeds Yang Wood
  • Yang Wood and Yang Fire working together
  • Yang Fire strengthen Yang Earth

In opposition:

  • Yang Earth blocks Yang Water
  • Yang Water clashes with Yang Fire
  • Yang Wood takes from the Earth

And finally in term of strength of the 5 Elements, they are as follow:

  • Wood is the winner of the year ++
  • Fire is present but opposed ++-
  • Water is strong but lack support +
  • Earth is weakened by Wood but still supported by Fire +-
  • Metal is lacking and under attack —

We now have everything to make predictions on this Yang Water Tiger year. And of course I’m sure that you’ll first want to know about miss rona…

Year of the Tiger astrology

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The astrology of Covid: is it over during in the Tiger year 2022?

First, I want to state something important for you to understand my predictions. I am into the “there is a worldwide technocratic network of lunatic billionaires who are shaping up the world as they see fit, pulls the strings and are manipulating humanity” club. It’s not a theory for me: I’m entirely sure it’s the case. I’ve seen enough. And therefore my vision of what has been unleashed in the past two years is that:

  • It was anything BUT naturally occurring
  • The media narrative and constant fear porn is not for our benefit

That doesn’t mean I don’t believe there is a virus. I’m open to the idea that it could be a wetiko (a shamanic mind virus that can then become physical, to be short) but that’s a conversation for another time. Therefore to know if the Covid narrative is astrologically over, we need to understand that is a controlled, engineered narrative. There is a certain Claus (not Santa) who has exposed his ideology of “grand relaunch”: I’m sure you can read between the lines. This man and other cut of the same clothe think our future should be digital everything: digital money and a digital citizen I.D that can be deactivated if you don’t walk straight. Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Ireland and my home country France are some of the unfortunate pilot countries for this initiative. Praise our leaders!

I’ve seen this narrative emerging with the Water Element in 2019, but the project was already there in 2016, year that starts the Water cycle.  Water is still present in this year 2022 and I’ve theorised in my predictions of last year that the Coco narrative could be playing until mid or even late 2023 due to the presence of Water Element in both the Tiger year 2022 and the Rabbit year 2023. That is still a real possibility. There will be at least one new variant this year (real or bogus, does it matter anymore?) and the clash of Fire and Water can manifest fever and some infections. Metal is the Element ruling the lungs and is weakened by such clash.

Furthermore there is now a very lucrative business build around this narrative with masks, testing, magic juice V. and so from which some are making obscene amount of money of. If Water is linked to the Coco crisis (we talk about waves for a reason), this Water sees Fire in the Tiger year. While they are both clashing, Fire is also the money Element for Water in Bazi, Chinese astrology. It translates into: there is plenty of money to be made by pushing the narrative Covid a bit further this year. However, due to the clash of Elements and the fact that Wood can also use some of the Water to growth, there is also a “coming back to life” energy and desire this year.

What I foresee is that some countries will push the fear factor further and extend the crisis way beyond its shelf life. Of course all those who have now entered the totalitarian world of QR code will push for more fear to sell those “solutions”. While some other countries will decide that enough is enough and use the Fire and Wood Chi emerging to bring back some hope, joy and reject part of those agendas. We are already seeing this split: compare England that is scrapping most measures including the passe, and France that has decided that it was nostalgic of the time it was occupied and that creating an apartheid would be a good way to continue the story. That’s it, we have reached the Goldwin’s point of this article. Those are fact still: in France you are not able to do much without the V. pass anymore and to get one you need to get V regularly.

Here are my astrological predictions in regard to the Covid crisis then

  1. Some countries drop it as we enter the Tiger year
  2. Some countries drop it when the Water withdraw, in Summer 2022
  3. Some are not turning back and want the world of QR code to be permanent.

Regardless, the month of December 2022 is a Yang Water Rat month, 100% Water and perfect for a new “wave” out of the blue. I really foresee that the puppeteers will reactivate this fear and a waves next winter.


The Tiger year is one of scandals

And while we are on the Covid case, let’s talk another prediction linked to this. This year, I foresee that there will be one or more medical scandals exposed. And that a LOT of people will be very angry about it. This scandal (possibly plural) will most likely be about some drugs that induce heart, brain, kidneys or lung problems (possibly all of this), most likely with strokes or heart attacks. It’s not unlikely that such drug would be one that has been pushed as solution in the past two years: the V. juices are possible candidates, but not only. If those scandals arise it will be a game changer for public opinion. Those stories can emerge this year but also next year. This year, the Yang Fire contained in the Tiger wants to expose all facts as this is the divine justice in action. And the Tiger feeds the anger in reaction. We’ll revisit those predictions in due time.

Speaking about scandals, this year other affairs will be exposed and trials will move forward. Expect shocking revelations in politics such as collusion between politician and private companies, bribes and corruption. The Tiger is an animal that supports legal action with its Wood, relating to legislation, and Yang Fire that brings divine justice. There is in particular certain german lawyer moving forward with a trial of big players for their handling of the Coco crisis that we’ll be in the spotlight. His initials are R.F and I can’t write more to stay in a good spot in search engines…

Let’s now move to the agitation that the Tiger year brings…


Tiger year 2022: a year of social unrest

The Tiger is a noble but fierce animal. If there is something that it doesn’t like, it is being caged and told what to do. With the Dragon and the impetuous Horse, they form the fiercest animals of the Chinese zodiac. It’s really important to not see the Tiger “just” as a Wood sign, but as a Wood-Fire sign. And this year we have a clash with the Fire within the roots of the Tiger and Water Stem: this clash is making the Tiger MORE agitated. And that translates into a year of social unrest.

It’s an easy prediction for me to say that this year will be anything but quiet. The Tiger year 2022 is a year of protests, social movements and riots all over. The puppeteers now that they had control in 2020 and 2021 and that this control was gained through fear. But with this Water Tiger year of 2022, it’s much harder to contain the agitation, the social revolt and the desire for freedom. The Water trying to control the Fire could be seen as another tentative to cage us…but every coins has two sides and we can also see this Water and the Tiger both in movement representing a momentum that cannot be stopped anymore, as the Wood of the Tiger can still use some of the Water. Remember that this Water can become tsunami and remember that the Tiger wants to move.

There is just too much movement and Fire in this year to tell people to do as they are told and not revolt. It doesn’t work anymore.

The “bad” news is: there will be riots, possible revolutions and it’s a year of conflicts and social movements.

The excellent news is: there will be riots, possible revolutions and it’s a year of conflicts and social movements.

In fact, this is the best year to try to take back democracies. Are you listening at the back? It is NOW.

Freedom fighters of the whole world: the future is never set in stone. The controllers want us to believe it is. We can always change things. Mark my words: this year is the BEST year in a long time to win this fight. If we let pass this chance, then we could have another one in 2026, the spectacular year of the Fire Horse. But the Rabbit year 2023, the Dragon year 2024 and the Snake year 2025 look less optimal to overturn the takeover of democracies. So GO to those protests, be an activist, educate people and don’t give up! If you care about freedom, you cannot sit this year of the Tiger out…We have to give it our best shot.

Remember: what is an ocean but a multitude of drops? to quote my beloved cloud Atlas.

Some of this anger will take the shape of terrorism. Terrorism is like earthquake: there is some every year in some part of the world. But this year the chances are high that more impressive outburst of violence will occur in the West: and this is when it happens to the West that it’s labelled “proper terrorism”, of course. Sarcasm aside, the  Tiger (February), Snake (May), Horse (June) and Dog (October) months are all more likely for terrorist attacks, stabbing or shooting.

The revolt movement could even go as far as some countries demanding to be independent from other entities. I’m talking about another country possibly getting out of the EU: Poland is a likely candidate as I’ve mentioned in my Feng Shui analysis of the year. Islands or small nations might also ask for some independence, and it’s not impossible to see a fight for a change of status in some formers colonies still attached to the fate of their former coloniser. For example Guadeloupe, Martinique or the Reunion island for France . Some countries might also express a desire to get out of the UN or Nato.

Year of the Tiger predictions

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For part 2 of my predictions it’s here:

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