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A tense year for diplomacy and peace

This is the second part of my Tiger year 2022 Chinese astrology predictions. You can find part 1 here:

My world predictions for the Water Tiger year 2022. Part 1: agitation

I’ve mentioned in last year predictions that we were back to a cold war era of some sort…and indeed, this last month of the Ox year, January 2021, is proving us that we are. And we are going to move from a cold war to a bit of a hotter crisis.

The Ukraine crisis that could be entirely staged between big players (including Russia also playing a part) is in my opinion not going to go away easily. First, because of this clash of Elements and strong agitation that I’ve mentioned about the Water Tiger year 2022. And also because Chinese astrology being cyclical, we can learn a lot from looking back at the previous identical year in the cycle.

The same Pillar/year repeat every 60 years. Therefore the previous Yang Water Tiger year was 1962. And what did 1962 bring? Just a “small” crisis: namely the Cuban missile crisis. A crisis where the East and West didn’t want to back up and that has brought the world to the brink of atomic war. Not a small thing…As the same pattern of energy comes back this year, I absolutely expect another East/West conflict to escalate. While I don’t think it will be about atomic war, energy will be a hot topic of the conflict. I’ve also highlighted in this Facebook post that we finished the year of the Ox and start the year of the Tiger with two Fu Yin structures: they are basically “traps” with a repeated Chi that build up tensions. This applies to diplomacy and the tensions building up around Ukraine. The Tiger month of February is therefore really explosive, but there are other to watch out for escalation and conflicts. The Fire Horse month of June 2022 could be a real difficult month. The metal Dog month, October 2022, is also one we’ll observe, as it was in October 1962 that the Cuban missile crisis mounted…

It doesn’t stop here. There is another attack this year that we need to worry about. This is a massive astrology prediction.


THE cyber attack

The cat is out of the bag! It’s my opinion as a professional astrologer that we are much more likey to see a big cyber attack this year. This attack could cripple the banking system, the Internet, or the power grid of some countries. The attack is to me a strong astrological possibility; but the scale and extend of the damages are difficult to predict. It could be global or much more localised…

Why is that? Astrologically, the clash of Fire and Water is what we are looking at here. Yang Fire represents the high velocity of information transmission through the Internet; as well as telecoms and energy production. It can also represents stock markets. With Yang Water opposing, it will necessarily affect the related industries. Moreover, Metal is one of the Element that is in weak position this year. Metal is society infrastructures and another aspect of technology. So if we have Metal weakened by a Fire and Water clash and Fire clashed away, we are bound to see problems arising with either: energy (Fire), banking (Metal), or the power grid (Fire).

Now, not all is what it seems dear Alice, and while fingers will be pointed out to various culprits (the Russians, of course!), pay more attention to whatever “solutions” will be enforced AFTER this cyber attack. I’m betting on a reform of the system toward even less freedoms but under the guise of protection, of course! Therefore it’d be important to ask who are really benefiting from the crime, aka this cyber attack…

I don’t want to start a panic: my naked pics floating on the Internet have done this very well already. I was young and needed money ok? Then I found astrology. Anyway…Joke aside, I’m personally converting some of my saving into investments rather than take the chance to keep everything in a bank. You do you, but I think that in general we cannot take our rights, even accessing our own money at all time, as granted as before. In recent years, citizens of Greece were stopped from taking their savings for example. The access to money but also some basic needs could be affected for a while during this Tiger year 2022.

When is this cyber attack likely to happen? We have several usual suspects to look at.

  1. The first month of the year. Tiger month of February:

The clash of Water and Fire is activated both in the year and in this month. As the next month of the year is however the Yin Water Rabbit that doesn’t show a clash of Elements, I’m thinking that we are going to experience some minimal cyber attacks during the Tiger month but not the big one. They will prepare us psychologically, so nobody will be “surprised” when it happens later on.

2.The Horse month of June and the Goat month of July.

Ah, those two looks like little rascals preparing a cyber attacks as far as I’m concerned! We have a beautiful column of Fire during this 100% fire month of the Horse Fire. Such surge of energy is made even stronger by the fact that the Tiger of this year combines with the Horse of the month to produce MORE Fire! But, problem, we are still under the first part of the year when the Water Stem is active. BAM! A strong surge of Fire opposed by Water could trigger the short-circuit.

The following month is very interesting. It is a Yin Fire Goat month. The Fire and the Goat can work together, no problems…But it gets technical. The Yin Fire Stem of the month forms a combination with the Yang Water Stem of the year. Such combination transforms into Wood, therefore removing the Fire. If Yin Fire also represents energy or electronics, this month is also the perfect astrological storm to “remove” them: translating into an efficient cyber attack. We’ll revisit this combination when speaking about politics later on.

The next month after that is the Yang Earth monkey month. It represents Earth locking up Water: Earth on top, Water below in the Monkey. We could therefore have the cyber attack due to the Fire-Water clash in either June or July, and measures to contain it in August. And finally a reboot of the system in September, with a Yin Earth Rooster month representing the structure of society reinstalled with even greater control, as Earth feeds Metal and Metal can be control. Et voila!

3.If it doesn’t happen during those months, there is still a chance it could occur during the complicated month of the Yang Metal Dog in October, or even more likely during the full Water month of the Yang Water Rat in December 2022.

Time will tell if I was right. This cyber attack could also happen next year, still due to a Fire-Water clash but this time between the bigger period we’ll enter (Fire period 9) and the year itself. However the Tiger year speaks for me of energy shortages quite regularly and I’m relating some of those to cyber attacks. The irony is that outside of this episode, the economies of most countries will do much better this year. Cryptos will however be experiencing many up and downs, I prefer to warn you.

Between a tense diplomacy leading to possible conflicts and a staged cyber attack, the challenging side of this Tiger year is a bit Wargames. As a geek, I can’t resist posting a reference to this movie with Matthew Broderick that really hooked me up as a teenager. Here are some Wargames pictures then.



Edit. While I was reading my article again, it has occurred to me that yes, disruption will happen and certainly under the guise of a cyber attack. But it’s not impossible that the cyber attack(s) also come from freedom fighters who will hack and crash a repressive system such as the QR code passes. And that would be a glorious perspective!

Now that we have seen the major events, let’s continue to explore this Tiger year with Chinese astrology. There is some good stuff in it too, I swear!


More Tiger year predictions from the French astrologer

This year I also expect the airlines industry to experience some hiccups due to te clash of elements. Technical hiccups will be plenty, as well as disruption possibly due to the 5G deployment (it already started). But a plane crash is also not out of the question…and it could connect two predictions, with a pilot having a heart attack or stroke connected to medication. Other technical problems could however be the source.

The problems with radiations of all sort will actually be a hot topic this year. It is another expression of this Fire-Water-Earth battle that I foresee. Anything relating to energy y in all its form will be a hot topic (see what I did here?) during this Tiger year. Expect stories about: problems with 5G, stories about shortage of energy, conflicts around energy production and problems or controversy around nuclear power.

Again, don’t shoot the messenger but I foresee an important oil spill, as the mix of Yang Water and Yang Fire is very evocative of oil on the sea or on a lake or river. The Goat and Rat months, aka July and December, look again like possible offenders.

Talking about nature, what kind of natural disasters are more likely to occur this year? Anything involving the sea, such are: underwater or island volcanoes erupting, tidal waves, tsunami (less likely but not unlikely). Volcanoes are becoming more active overall: watch out for the Tiger, Horse and Dog months. Hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones will appear and be strong, possibly devastating. Problems with a dams or flooding are also likely…The month of September is a likely candidate for a stronger earthquake or mudslide.

Another major prediction is a migrant crisis, or at the very least a border crisis. Ren the Yang Water represents movement, immigration and possibly exodus, with flow of migrants crossing by land and, even more likely, by sea. There is however Yang Earth contains in the root of the Tiger that will wants to stop this movement, hence the border crisis. Let’s not forget that the Tiger is a travel star in Bazi, and therefore all aspects of travels/migration/movements will be explored this year. And talking about transport, there will be disruption in the food supply and transport this year. They will probably be engineered, but regardless this year with its Earth partly blocking Water and Water fighting Fire will bring shortages on specific months. August, the Monkey month is a likely candidate. Therefore expect supplies, food and energy shortages to make the news this year.

In politics, the fate of Biden will be interesting this year. He has a Yin Fire day master and this is where we talk again of this combination with the Yang Water Stem of the year. Both can combine into Wood. It happens for Biden as the Tiger also combines into Wood with the Pig in his month of birth. He therefore sees two major Wood combinations happening within his Bazi: one is transforming his self Element from Fire to Wood, and another acting in his career palace, the month of birth. The Tiger also combines into Fire with his year of birth, the Horse. Finally he is going at 80 into the second part of his current Luck Pillar and will enter the Goat, clashing his day of birth. With a combination removing his self Element and a clash on his day Pillar sign, it is either an opportunity to rise up to the occasion and impress or, quite the contrary, to do very poorly this year and even, possibly, being removed from the white house! A Stem combination is not always a good thing and the fate of Biden is uncertain during the Tiger year 2022.

Even more so as Kamala Harris day Pillar is Ren Yin: the same energy as this year, the Yang Water Tiger! Which means that 2022 is a Fu Yin structure for her, repeating one of her pillars. In Chinese astrology is both a “trap” by having a situation where energy builds up and that is hard to escape while at the same time putting the spotlight on you. Both Biden and Harris Bazi therefore resonates very strongly with this Water Tiger year 2022 and their fate will change during this year that is not a regular one for them…

As for Trump, he is seeing a Fire combination within his chart with the Tiger. Trump chart and time of birth in particular are still a bit hard to decipher, as his life doesn’t always match his astrology for some period. So it’s hard to know if this Fire combination will give me a clear advantage, which can happen if he has an extreme Earth chart (using Earth and Fire) or if it puts more pressure on him. Regardless, this year is very special for all 3 players and that can’t be a coincidence…

And now for some other good news.

During this Tiger year, we will be craving holidays and distractions. This is what the return of Fire brings. Anything related to entertainment and escapism should do rather well during this year. That includes travelling, and so we have this weird situation where airlines might experience troubles but the holiday industry on a whole will do much better. As I’ve mentioned, this Tiger doesn’t want to be caged, and people will enjoy some renewed freedom. Or so called freedom as everything can be depending on a digital pass these days…

The movie and entertainment industry should do very well and I expect new form of innovative entertainment to be pushed: holographic experiences, interactive concerts, virtual reality and all the metaverse BS. I’m all for dreaming, but remember to stay embodied as the seduction of the virtual world will become stronger from this year onward. There’ll be some cool visuals still! I actually expect innovations in the field of special effects too.

We can also look forward to some space exploration. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say we will this year have evidence of some extra-terrestrial life in form of bacteria: possibly on comets or on Mars. For the revelations about aliens, I don’t think it’s coming before a few years time still, with 2026 – the Fire Horse year – being likely. The exploration of oceans, with interesting underwater and biological discoveries, is also likely to make the news.

In term of real science, we can expect breakthrough in the field of energy production, hormones and neurotransmitters biology, super conductors and quantum computing. It is a year that invite exploration and discoveries all over, and that in general carries a sense of adventure and wonders which, if Coco wouldn’t have reshaped the world, could greatly benefit us all much more.


Tiger year 2022: a new hope

The aspect I’m most hopeful about during this year is…hope actually. The Wood growing and Fire/Water agitation are also representing new possibilities, a new system that is more joyful. It’s obviously not gonna come from the A-holes, but from grassroots activism and people having their heart in the good place. Here are some of the initiatives that are likely to spring out this year:

  • An alternative medicine system that actually care and is not based on profit
  • Eco villages all over and self-sustainability, both as reaction and empowerment
  • New tribes of friends that some of us will meet under magical circumstances
  • Spontaneous festivals, underground raves
  • All art forms are thriving
  • New network emerges, including new online platform that are freer
  • True spirituality and the connection with God is easier to find
  • An awakening of consciousness that is stronger and faster than before

Fear is just not the flavour of the day this year; freedom and fighting for it are. It is one of the best years to plant the seeds of a new world in reaction to the existing paradigm. However, it requires from us to become resilient and independent, even possibly for food and energy as the system will also partly break this year. This is what this Wood growing is all about. If you start taking steps in that direction, you are likely to find your tribe this year and go much further. The spiritual Fire that shines again will expose corruption and manipulation to some extent, and it will guide those who wish to follow integrity and truth higher.

Therefore this is one of the best year to start your new life if you wish to follow independence, sustainability and joy rather than the grim digital serfdom some will keep offering us as possible future…So be joyful and go on an adventure to meet kindred spirit and build a fairer world during this Tiger year!

The Goddess Durga is associated with the tiger in Hinduism. This is what Wikipedia says about Durga: ” She is associated with protection, strength, motherhood, destruction and wars. Her legend centres around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity, and Dharma the power of good over evil. Durga is believed to unleash her divine wrath against the wicked for the liberation of the oppressed, and entails destruction to empower creation”. Let’s place this year under the protection of Durga to fight the wicked and liberate the oppressed. This is the year during which we can get rid of the system enslaving humanity. And as a French astrologer, I have to finish by stating that this is the best year to start a revolution! So I’m wishing you a good revolution during this Yang Water Tiger year 2022.

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Durga Tiger year

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