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My world predictions for the year of the Yin Metal Ox 2021. Part 2 1

Part 2: covid, predictions and alternative timeline

Part 1 of my 2021 Ox year predictions can be found here.

The astrology of Covid-19: is the Metal Ox year 2021 the end of the corona crisis?

As everyone reading this website has a sharp mind (I have precise statistics on this), you already have guessed. This year of the Ox 2021 is unlikely to be see the end of the Covid-19 pandemics and narrative. I say narrative, as there is the virus; and there is what is done under the guise of the virus to transform our societies.

Here are some astrological facts relating to Covid-19.

  1. It started at the end of the 2019: the year of the Yin Earth Pig, Ji Hai, brought an astrological mix of Earth and Water that can create turbid water into which epidemics can grown.
  2. Then the year of the Yang Metal Rat allowed this epidemics to become pandemics, by circulating the virus worldwide. The unrestrained Water was about the virus circulating and the combination of Metal and Water brought excessive fear as the dominant emotion.
  3. In 2021, we have again a possibility turbid water with the Ox that contains Yin Water and Yin Earth. It is a “astrological muddy soil” into which virus and bacteria can still grow.

We have to consider that the Pig, Rat and Ox are a trio of signs: together they form the Chinese astrology’s winter season. Which means that an epidemic born at the end of the Pig year is unlikely to stop early on during the year of the Ox, as the astrological season is not over yet. The excessive restrictions that I foresee during this Ox year means that governments keep reacting to an ongoing crisis and therefore that it’s not over…

The million dollar questions is: when will it be over? Astrologically, we have different two main scenarios possible…

First possibility. It stops when the great winter (Pig-Rat-Ox) is over. Therefore 2022, year of the Tiger, sees the end of Covid. I’ll cheer to that! In the immortal words of Bubbles Devere: champagne, champagne for everyone!

Champagne for everyone! Bubbles Devere from Little Britain

However, let me introduce a second hypothesis. One that you might like a bit less…but which astrologically makes sense to me.

Here, we need to consider that possibly this crisis is not entirely naturally occurring and might serve other agendas. Cough, cough (don’t worry it’s not Covid). For example the system of finance used worldwide was becoming more and more unsustainable.  Other analysts more versed in finances than I have talked about how this year 2020 was a blessing in disguise to reorganise the entire world economy and transition into a new system. There are others agendas that are now out in the open and pretend that we have to cease such opportunity and crisis to change our whole world forever. And those people keep telling us that the new normal is here to stay.

Here is the thing. If I namedrop those agendas and people, some search engines could lower my ranking. Yes, this is the stage we are at. So you’ll have to look into this by yourself. But the main motto of some of them, now ushered by some governments worldwide, is to Build-Back-Better and I’ve mentioned that the year of the Ox is about rebuilding . The problem is, those people want to build a very different world than the one we like. One excessively technocratic and controlled.  Themes that are also very well aligned with this year of the Metal Ox.

If we consider that this crisis is used for other agendas, then we have to look at the different timeline. I can’t help but notice that the World Bank started to propose pandemics bonds in 2016. And that a pandemic exercise, based on influenca (a covid virus) also took place this year. You can search all of this easily. In other words: some had the idea that they could speculate and make money based on countries behaviour during pandemics and also to rehearse for an airborne pandemics in 2016. I’m not saying more.

So, the inception of this crisis could be 2016. 2016 was a Monkey year; in Chinese astrology, the Monkey is the start of the Water Element. Water is in my opinion the Element to track to know when the Covid crisis will end, something I’ve touched upon in my 2020, year of the Rat predictions. Here is how it evolves:

  1. The inception that a pandemics could occur is the Monkey year of 2016
  2. The virus is then “born” in the turbid water of the the Earth Pig year of 2019.
  3. The real crisis is 2020, when the Water reaches its peak unrestrained during the year of the Metal Rat.
  4. It continues in 2021, year of the Ox as we have again some turbid water/mud here and Metal feeding Water
  5. The Yang Water Tiger year of 2022 brings a new wave (variant, or whatever they’ll come up with)
  6. It is followed by the Yin Water Rabbit year of 2023, more Water carrying an epidemics…
  7. We finally have Water withdrawing and a new beginning with the Yang Wood Dragon year of 2024.

If we therefore track Water as the carrier of this whole narrative, then the Covid story could truly finish in 2023 the earliest or 2024 when Water withdraws…which makes sense as 2023, the Rabbit year is also the end of period 8. In Chinese metaphysic, we use those greater periods for Feng Shui and astrology. The period 8 is ruled by Earth and Water and Earth don’t mix well, they can create a muddy situation. The period 9, ruled by Fire, starts in 2024. It would be more logical to consider this crisis as a transition crisis between the two periods. See for example how the end of period 7, from 2000 to 2003 included, brought an economic recession and numerous crisis. End of periods can do this. In 2044 we’ll restart a great cycle of 180 year with a new period 1…But we are not quite there yet!

I’ve told you would wouldn’t like that hypothesis too much. In that case, we have 2.5 to 3 more years of this BS. Well, don’t shoot the messenger! Drink some champagne to option number 1 then…and pray for it to happen. The thing is, timelines are also flexible and the future is always in flux. The problem now is that billions of people focus on Covid, every day, and give strength to this idea. It’s a wetiko, a mind-virus, that become real in the energy field BECAUSE we keep giving it energy daily. If we focus on a different timeline and outcome, collectively, this can change much quicker and this virus can disappear. My theory is a mix between the morphogenetic field theory of Rupert Sheldrake and the laws of manifestation. Remember that in Chinese metaphysics there are 3 realms and 3 lucks: Heaven, Human and Earth. I am here giving you a forecast of the Heaven’s part, NOT the endgame. We can collectively manifest something else, but we have to believe we can first. That’s the problem currently: we are somehow castrated and our energy fields are constantly lowered and I’d argue on purpose. Remember that you have the power to manifest a different outcome.

Never miss an opportunity to use a He-Man meme.

The Wood that starts to emerges next year in the Tiger is giving me hope too. This Wood is also in the Rabbit year (a Wood animal) and in the Stem of the Dragon’s year (2024) and after that Snake’s year (2025). It shows growth and new possibilities and possibly a counter system growing despite or because of the restrictions imposed on us. Think about a seed that sprouts, cracks the pavement and then grows into a tree against all odds. This is what we are looking at here too: a new system that emerge out of the fear carried by Water. And this Wood started to grown in the Pig of 2019 and is again in the Tiger year 2022! It just that in between we have those two Metal years that stop the growth.

In fact, the Yang Water Tiger year 2022  is one of the most exciting of the cycle. It has a revolutionary potential, that could translate into people being so fed up that it triggers worldwide revolutions. It has a strong cathartic potential. So even IF the Covid narrative doesn’t go away for a couple more years, it seems obvious that alternative ways will develop. We’ll reach a breaking point in human consciousness before that and the breaking point is in my opinion the Tiger year.

Back to the year of the Metal Ox. And so what about the Vak-seen then? First, I write it this way for again not going lower in ranking. Well, the image of the Yin Metal Ox with Xin and Chou certainly looks like a syringue! See by yourself. And Xin is associated with needles.

Xin Chou year

The Xin Chou year looks like a syringe. Graphic: Laurent Langlais

So yes, it is a year during which this solution is heavily promoted and pushed. It is meant to be the year of the Vak-seen. But if you think it’s enough to give our lives back, you have not been paying attention…As we are told that it doesn’t stop people from catching la corona and it doesn’t stop from transmitting it. In what is truly a first in the history of Vak-seen, we have one that is openly marketed as not stopping the disease transmission at all! And that is using, for some of them, an entirely novel method of action, far different from the classical vak-seen…The mind boggles doesn’t it? They keep telling us that the new normal is here to stay…And so this solution doesn’t equate the end of the crisis basically. Listen and you will hear exactly this. The vaccine passport idea is not going away unfortunately and it will make a comeback as something deemed “essential” for some.

An interesting fact is that the Ox image brings the image of herd. Putting everything together: we have a strong push for the vak-seen during the first half of the year (as the Metal then push to enforce medical procedures). Then during the second part, herd immunity will be heavily discussed, due to the Ox being more active. However getting some part of our lives back – travelling more easily, restaurants and cinemas open etc. will be more during the Tiger year 0f 2022; when the Fire comes back and when the clash of Elements could also trigger civil unrests and riots…This Metal Ox year is still a year of recession. And that’s for my astrological take on Covid.

Complete world predictions for the year of the Metal Ox 2021

This article could go on and on, but if you read it on your cellphone you’re going to find it too long. Plus there is the new episode of Wandavision coming soon and  I want to watch it. So, here are my full predictions.

The bad

  • Covid doesn’t end this year
  • Military coups likely.
  • Martial law in some countries.
  • Governments overall way too authoritarians
  • Restrictions all over, especially during the first half of the year. Lockdown, curfews, travel restricted
  • New laws on free speech and against terrorism
  • The economy remains in recession for everyday folks
  • Terrorist acts make a comeback – likely to occur in June, August or September
  • New cold war and tense geopolitics
  • Major earthquakes or mudslides
  • Invasive technology
  • A new illness but only touching livestock

Could go either way

  • New financial laws
  • Advance in robotics
  • Some herd immunity during the second half of the year
  • Universal basic income on trial in some parts

The Good

  • A year a bit more stable overall
  • Medical breakthroughs
  • New treatments against Covid
  • Discoveries in microbiology
  • Discoveries in soil regeneration
  • Advance in space exploration
  • Major archeological discoveries: treasures and new sites
  • Some industries bounce back: cinema and the entertainment industry are evolving through new medias
  • Real estate is doing well
  • Lot of creativity in music

A calendar of the Yin Metal Ox year 2021

Here are the months of special astrological interest:

The Yin Metal Rabbit month (5th of March to 3rd of April): legal fights launched against some institutions. New lockdowns but some riots. Very tense month due to the Metal-Wood clash

The Dragon month (4th of April to 4th of May): earthquake or mudslide and possibly an illness touching livestock. Some travel restrictions partially lifted in specific countries.

We have a challenging summer ahead of us…

The Wood Horse month (5th of June to 6th of July): riots and terrorist acts possible. Lot of agitation. Some music festivals could happen, silver lining.

The Yin Wood Goat month (7th of July to 6th of August): the year breaker. Unstable, governmental or constitutional crisis possible

The Yang Fire Monkey month (7th of August to 6th of September): THE game changer of the year. Anything could happen, but: a stock exchange crash, a military coup, a terrorist act, a diplomatic crisis, some major scandals including on the vak-seen and a new variant restarting the crisis are all possible. On the plus side I expect some major scientific discovery (possibly relating to the brain) and that some corruption will be exposed. It is a fascinating month, astrologically speaking, but one that changes the narrative and will see major revelations.

The Yin Fire Rooster month (7th of September to 7th of October). Clash of Fire and Metal, strong indication of military action or terrorist act, or a possible assassination. But beneficial to the entertainment industry.

Note that we’ll finish this Yin Metal Ox year with a Yin Metal Ox month and this is known as a Fu Yin/trap structure, when things are stuck. The interesting aspect is that we finish the Ox year with a Fu Yin structure and start the Tiger year with one, as the first month will be a Yang Water Tiger month. It’s therefore the month of March 2022, the Yin Water Rabbit month, that will really restart things more freely in my opinion and be when the real dynamic potential of the Tiger years will kick in. Even if it’s a Yin month…

Yang Water Tiger year 2022

The real game changer is the Yang Tiger year 2022. Pic:

How can I make this Metal Ox year better?

As you’ve seen, my opinion as a Bazi astrologer is that it’s not fun overall and we are not quite there yet. And so what can you do to make this year much better? First, let see how we can use the dynamics of the 5 Elements to our advantage.

With the excessive Metal, our brains and minds are very stimulated. Put this to good use. It is an excellent year to learn or perfect some Metal-related skills: language being the most obvious. Learn a new language this year, it is great year to do so. The same goes for practising, learning or creating music. Music is actually a balancing aspect for this year and sound therapy will be hype. The detail-oriented Xin is also suitable for arts and craft, especially making miniatures and jewellery but also any metal work. The combination of an Earth animal and the Metal representing the mind also makes it an ideal year to practice meditation. Its Yin nature asks use to turn inward and find answers within. Finally training or reprogramming our minds through hypnosis or neuro linguistic programming are activities that will work very well this year.

In short, channel this excessive Metal and mental energy into learning and training your mind. And I cannot emphasise enough how music is a key balancing activity this year. Listen, practice and create music…

Then, we have to brings in the Elements that are lacking. Fire is nowhere to be seen: bring it back to tame the excess of Metal. Fire is related to sports, outdoors and the sun. Try to go out whenever you can, especially when sunny, and walk or practise sports outdoor. The Metal and Earth Chi would have us lazy at home or always on our computers. Do the opposite, as much as possible. Fire is the spontaneous Element: refrain from planning everything and introduce some variety in your planning. Fire is relating to entertainment and so you’ll want to have enough fun times: it is especially important when working from home. Cooking is also a Fire activity, but I’m sure nobody needs to be told to cook more: we all baked our fair share of banana bread last year! Still, with the Ox there is an emphasis on nourishment and so cooking from scratch can be a way to reclaim your health too.

Finally the Fire connects with spirituality. This year you’ll want to have a spiritual practice to keep faith and get through the next level of bullshit the technocrats will usher on us. Even 15 minutes of daily mantras will help. My favorite God is Lord Ganesh, but you can find which one you have an affinity to. Always create a safe space first and ask to connect to the real essence of the God: there are in the spirit worlds opportunistic shapeshifter that can channel your good intents…Yep, it’s a wild world out there! Finally psychedelics are a fire type of plants and medicine…

Wood is also lacking. Wood represents our contact with nature. Spend time in parks and forests whenever you can. Again, you need to get out, in nature, to counter the cold and mind centred energy of this year. Wood is about creativity and arts, especially painting and drawing. The year will be so much about numbers that you want to counter this by creating through arts. Wood is also about teaching and helping others to grow: mentoring people or trading skills is a good way to go against the system.

Finally the Earth of the Ox that is stronger in the second half can help us to reconnect to our roots. Praying and honouring our ancestors is always a powerful practice. The vibe of this year brings a special emphasis on our homes, even more than last year. And so it is a good year to renovate (please check my Feng Shui annual guide for the sensitive sectors), restore and of course use Feng Shui. During time like this, it is essential to create our safe havens in our homes…The Ox can also help us find our tribe: this year, I invite you to start form yours by connecting with like minded people in real life and create achievable projects together. Maybe a communal garden if they are local, or the idea of buying  a piece of land together…Or even work toward food sovereignty. Trust me, it will be a topic in years to come. See your friends this year, they are the treasure and grounding we all need.

Health-wise, the strong Metal and lack of Wood and Fire means that you’d want to support the wood organs: liver and gallbladder. It could be as easy as using Swedish Bitters or bitter food more often (not coffee!), but I’d rather recommend that you turn to a good practitioner in Chinese medicine. The year is cold overall, so you want to bring warmth through regular use of warming spices; avoid excessive dairy, and have enough movement during the day. Remember that the excess of Metal and mental activity would have us spending much time on screens. Refrain from it in the evening…

And finally laugh at the stupidity of all of this: this is the best remedy against the excessive control this year will try on us. When you can laugh at something, it stops having a power on you…and so maybe we can all transcend this years by having a good laugh at the absurdity of our situations. It’s worth a try at least! Gong Xi Fa Cai: happy Chinese New year of the Ox. You can make this year better. Find your inner power.

You can contact me for your personalised Bazi predictions and to create your perfect Feng Shui home environment.

Ganesha protector

May Lord Ganesh removes all obstacles on your path this year. Pic by


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