Chinese Horoscope Tiger year

2022 Water Tiger year horoscope for the 12 Chinese signs 1

Here is the horoscope for this year of the Water Tiger 2022 whose energy is very different from the two previous years. I’ll let you in on my global predictions soon. In the meantime, I give you this overview of the Chinese zodiac and the influence of the year of the Tiger on the 12 signs which are: the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Serpent, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig. Remember, however, that each of us has four animals in our Bazi chart: one for the year, month, day and hour of birth. It is really your 4 Pillars of Destiny through the Bazi theme that will give you a precise understanding of your destiny. This important point made, let’s dive into this horoscope of the year of the Water Tiger!

Chinese Horoscope Tiger year


For the Rat, it is a year that blows hot and cold. You are ambitious and eager to act. Access to property is particularly present in your mind, as is the desire to “fix” yourself somewhere. All of this should be possible if you know your astrological timing perfectly; because at times this year pushes you forward and offers you financial opportunities, and at times it generates unforeseen obstacles to force you to review your plans. Be flexible and think things through rather than acting on impulse. It is a favorable year for romantic encounters if you are single. If you are in a relationship, a common project is what you need to find a certain complicity.

For you Ox, this year is a unique opportunity to transform yourselves. I advise you to be proactive: this is the ideal year to leave behind bad habits, false friends and a toxic work environment. Go from victim to winner, after this past year of the Ox that has bit challenging for you. In fact, you have no other choice than to evolve… Do not see this as a constraint but on the contrary an opportunity. If you have a philosophical approach and are ready to evolve, you will benefit from this year. IF you are conservative and want to keep your status quo at all costs, you will like it way less…

The Tiger is the sign of this year. If you like being in the spotlight or if you are a business owner, that’s pretty good as this year pushes your ambition. If, on the other hand, you want to be left in your corner, this year will be uncomfortable for you. In any case, it is also a year of introspection and questioning. The Tigers who put their dreams aside will experience this year as a midlife crisis, but it’s a good time to move forward. Whatever you do, you will be subject to more criticism this year. If you are in a relationship, be open to dialogue otherwise you will experience real tensions.

For the Rabbits, this year favours you if you work as a team. It is more difficult for the independents who will have to find a place in the sun at the cost of more effort. Artists, on the other hand, are also favoured and find the inspiration they may have missed last year. Technically the worst is behind you and there is no more violent opposition during this year of the Water Tiger like last year. I advise you to get more involved in the world and to express your voice, because your message will now be better received. It is a good year to do therapeutic work because it frees your speech. On the other hand, it is rather calm in terms of love.

For you Dragons, it’s really God helps only those who help themselves this year. You have to go to the contacts and be proactive, and put your ego aside for a moment. You’re likely to feel out of place or left behind for part of the year; but if you take the initiative to change your environment or your beliefs, it will get better. It is on the friendly level that you have the most to gain if you manage to become social again – because you have holed up a little in 2021. There are beautiful encounters on your way this year, especially in March, but for that you need to get out…

For you Snake, it’s not a party. The year generates enemies or incessant fights and you will have to be patient and take it upon yourself. Legal trouble can arise, so avoid buying second-hand or taking risks. You will also have ups and downs in your energy, so you will have to take care of yourself. Your slogan for this year is that not all battles are worth fighting for, especially if it’s a late night internet forum…Look for inner solutions rather than waiting for someone to tell you. Safe. If you are open to what life wants to teach you, it will go better.

The Horse is one of the most favoured signs this year, as it receives support from the Tiger. You have the means for your ambitions and should experience a good phase of expansion in your work, and be able to invest. It is also a year where your health returns after a year of the Rat (2020) which had put you to the test and a lacklustre year of the Ox. The stars are on your side and if you can focus on your goals and stay focused, there should be no stopping you this year. And it is not impossible that you will find someone to accompany you in your gallop.

If you are of the sign of the Goat, this year of the Tiger is rich in promise. For your love life first of all: this is a year that could very well bring you a soul mate, love with a capital A. If you are in a relationship, you can also reconnect with passion. It is also a good year for your career, and you should have prospects for development. It’s exactly the opposite of the year of the Ox 2021 which has shaken you up quite a bit… It may be that you need to change aspects of your lifestyle and take better care of yourself, to be ready to move on to top speed.

The Monkey is the most disadvantaged sign of the year. By taking the full brunt of the collision with the Tiger, you really find yourself on shifting ground. The risk of accident is real, so I advise against extreme sports this year. Have the reflex to take out insurance and be particularly vigilant in the event of placement or investment. Some turmoil is inevitable, but you will live better this year if you show humility and dedication to others. Remember that it is in the discomfort that we discover ourselves the most. Make your health a priority and try to minimise sources of stress.

If you are of the sign of the Dog, you are also favoured this year. The energy of the Tiger awakens you and allows you to discover hidden talents or a new vocation. Your friendly and social life should also wake up. You will also benefit from investment opportunities, but don’t bite more than you can chew still… It’s a year that stimulates you, but modesty is better than excessive ambition. Your well-being and your interior will concern you.

If you are of the sign of the Rooster, the year will be different depending on your gender. For women, it can be a year that brings you luck in the job and allows you to increase your income, possibly by changing companies or jobs. For men, the relationship with your boss is more tense and you are going to have to keep a low profile; but if you accept the deal, you should be fine. In either case, this year is good for dating new people and is also likely to help you move – maybe even to another country.

Finally for the sign of the Pig, it is a year of a priori positive evolution. You benefit from support in your career. It’s a good year for a retraining or to go back to school. Pigs with an artistic temperament will find themselves inspired and could have great opportunities to make their art known. Your friendship life is certainly the most positive aspect of the year, but a romantic encounter could also take place – precisely in the mode of romantic friendship.

I wish you a great year of the Water Tiger 2022, hoping that this will be the year of liberation!


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