Bazi astrology predictions for the Water Rabbit year 2023. Part 1 1

Welcome back. Here we are, with a new Chinese year that truly starts a whole natural cycle. The lunar date for the Chinese year of the Rabbit 2023 is the 22nd of January, while the solar date is the 4th of February. Time for us to look into the Elements involved in the Chinese astrology of the Water Rabbit year 2023 and see which predictions your favourite French astrologer can make (while still travelling in beautiful Argentina).

To see if I was accurate last year, here is the link to my  Yang Water Tiger 2022 predictions. Chance are I was, or I wouldn’t link back to the article (laughing in French).

The Chi of the Yin Water Rabbit year 2023.

Classical Chinese astrology use this notion of Pillars: they are blocks of time formed by the combination of a Stem – which is the Chi/energy sent by Heaven – and a branch, or Chinese animal sign, that is the Chi sent by Earth. Each year is in Chinese astrology a dialog between those two types of energy, one coming from the cosmos and one coming from our planet. To understand their relation we have to go back to the cycles of the 5 Elements, which is the foundation of Bazi (Chinese astrology), Feng Shui, as well as Chinese medicine. The dialog between both is how predictions can be deciphered and made by good astrologers.

Those Pillars are made of primary energies called the 5 Elements, five phases or Wuxing. And so, what is this year made of? This year the Stem is Yin Water and the Branch is the Rabbit. The Stem is the energy “on top”, sent by “the Heaven”. The Branch is the animal of each year and is sent by the Earth.

And so this year we have Water on top of Wood. The Water of the Stem is Yin Water, akin to light rain or the morning dew. The Rabbit as a zodiac sign is the peak of the Wood frame; it is made of Yin Wood, akin to the wood of grass, shrubs and plants that can bend (as opposed to large trees). The only relation in this Water Rabbit year is therefore Water and Wood and both in their Yin form.

Let’s comment on the Yin first. A Yin year is a year that tend to be a bit less eventful, with an energy more receptive and less forward than a Yang year. Compare 2020 (Yang, peak of the crisis) to 2021 (reaction and adaptation). I can therefore says that 2023 has less potential to be world shattering than 2020 or to a lesser extent 2022, both Yang years. And that is GOOD news !

The two Elements at work are also into harmonious relation. Water directly feeds the Wood and help it to grow in the cycle of the 5 Elements. This is another good news astrologically; years with clashes of Elements have more potential fo drama and chaos. Look no further than 2022, year of the Yang Water Tiger, which had a hidden Water and Fire clash: it manifested the new phase of the war between Ukraine and Russia (as this war really started in 2014 in Donbass) and the insane energy crisis all over Europe. That’s without even speaking about the excess mortality in most countries, relating to heart problems I exposed in my prediction last year. It was not an easy year by any means…

That being said, having two Elements working together like in 2023 is not an absolute guarantee of an easy year. 2020, the year of the Yang Metal Rabit, had the Metal Stem feeding the Water of the Rat and no clash. 2021, year of the Yin Metal Ox, had the Earth of the Ox supporting the Metal Stem and no clash either. We all have seen that they were far from being easy years…This year of the Rabbit however shows real vitality and removes the potential for disruption that clashes of Elements always carry. So there is that.

I also like that Water and Wood works together to create life. Those previous years 2020 (Rat) and 2021 (Ox) were more sterile in term of the Elements. The Metal-Water combo of 2020 didn’t have Wood or Fire to spark life. And the Earth-Metal combo of 2021 was too cold and dry to also sustain life well. 2022 marked a return to life with both Wood and Fire showing up in the Tiger. 2023 is another year that, astrologically, “sustains more life” with the gentle Water nourishing the growth of Wood.

The strength of the Elements during the Water Rabbit year

Before we go any further, let’s access the strength of each Element. It’s only Water and Wood at play this year. Therefore:

  1. Wood is the great winner, without opposition and nourished by its ressource Element Water
  2. Water is present, and therefore not lacking. It strength is average as it used by its output Element, Wood
  3. Fire is lacking. It can be supported by the Wood of the Rabbit, but is clashed away by the Water Stem
  4. Earth is missing too. The strong Wood is weakening this Element, but Water represents its wealth Element
  5. Metal is nowhere to be seen either. Water depletes it, but the Wood is its wealth Element.

Therefore we can classify the strength of the Elements as such:

  1. Wood +++
  2. Water +-
  3. Fire –
  4. Metal –
  5. Earth —

Wood is the great winner, Earth the great loser of this year. So for now lets’ move to the predictions.

The good, the bad and the ugly of the Water Rabbit year 2023

In my opinion, this year won’t be as hard for the world as the previous three. In fact I foresee a bit of a break. While not devoid of tumult, it should be seen as a bit of a break in the madness we’ve been through since 2020. 2024, the Dragon year and 2025, the Snake year, will be another story altogether, but let’s not spoil it. The Rabbit year 2023 is also a transition as this is the last year of period 8 in Feng Shui. More of this later . This transition might not entirely be smooth, but it’s not as dramatic as before. Astrologically, at least as far as the Bazi form is concerned, this year should be easier.

The harmonious relation with Water feeding the Wood encourage growth, even during this Yin year. Wood is actually THE Element of growth, expansion, development and it benefits here from its ressource Element, Water. That means that economies can better cope overall than in the previous years and can for some develop in interesting directions. For the few countries whom are genuinely into sustainability and supporting their citizens sovereignty, this year is perfect to encourage communes, eco-community, sustainability…In a perfect world it would be THE year of sustainable development. Finding ways to work with nature rather than exploit it.

And in some local areas, some places, it will be. There will be the emergence of new systems, new form of economy. The rebirth started last year and will continue, as the oppression of the old world (Metal ruling in the Rat and Ox year) has been too overbearing for some. This Rabbit year will bring a resurgence of a hippy lifestyle or ideas, but with the added flavour of new technology. As Water also brings the idea of mobility, and the desire for freedom and travelling has re-emerged strongly, I foresee nomadic lifestyles, modern camper-van and solidarity networks to flourish. Get involved and dare to join in, as the temporary break given by the Rabbit year is, well, temporary…

Climate and the carbon neutral system

I don’t like to get political (hahah, yeah right), but hear me out. I know that the demented-satanist-possessed-rotten-to-the-core-class-of-people whom currently govern worldwide use the occult to keep, well, on ruling. They therefore launch the new phases of their demented plans to take us further away from the light in line with cosmic influences. The point is always to highjack those invisible forces to shove their plan down our throat, rather than let humanity grow and evolve organically. They use astrology against us.

As this year is focus about the environment, that’s what they’ll also focus on. But their take is very different take than true sustainability.

One major new system that they will aim at being implemented is the carbon neutral economy. Coming right under the pressure and “guidance” of the WEF and its bunch of demented souls. You see, this bogus crisis they now call climate change has been brewing for long and is covering for something else. Remember the acid rains? The ozone layer hole? The rising of sea levels? We should all be dead already. And yet…They always have another doomsday scenario to maintain us in fear and suck on our energy and power of evolution.

The “climate crisis” is a cover for another very real crisis. The current capitalistic system is dead and they don’t want to let it go. Because it means they’d lose their wealth and power. This is as simple as that. The current system of FIAT currencies – or money as we know it – is doomed and has been on life support for years. It is done for since 2008 and the subprime crisis at least (and was already not in good shape prior to that).

Inflation is here to stay. The growth of Wood that is unrestrained during this Chinese year is also an image of inflation that will keep spiralling out of control, unfortunately. Every coin has indeed two sides. So with this Wood we’ll have inflation that keep being up (no Metal here so no restrain) but also a new system being implemented, or shall I say planted…

It is the right astrological year for such system to take roots and “they” know it. The agenda at work has a deadline in 2030; look into the agenda  20230 of the United Nation. 2030 will be a Yin Metal Pig year: the “perfect” year for the implementation of the new system, as it shows the iron fist in a velvet glove (the Yin Metal) curtailing freedom and the birth of a new system; the seeds of a new wood cycle as initiated by the Pig. In 2023 we are into another Wood cycle, the Rabbit being the peak of the current Wood frame started with 2019, year if the Yin Earth Pig. This Wood cycle is used by the puppeteers (I can’t call them “elites” really) to implement the frame work of the new system that must be operational in 2030.

This system is based on the idea that we will now have to evaluate all our expenses, purchases and lifestyle in regard to our carbon imprint. It goes on par with the introduction of digital currencies aimed to replace the current ones.  The catch: that money will be programmable. So when you receive it, it will have been programmed on what you can spend it. The end of financial freedom and of the concept of money as we know it.

There will be a major push in both these directions during the Rabbit year. A lot of policies will be enacted toward “protecting the environment” and pretending to save the planet and reduce human impact through the filter of carbon neutral economy.  C02 is however a smoke screen and the least of our problems, and I invite you watch this video of the great James Corbett to understand why…

Interview 1761 – James Corbett Separates Climate Fact From Fiction


Climate evolution does occur naturally and we are actually entering a solar minima (it’s gonna get colder, not warmer). But those demented souls are engineering localised, spectacular climate changes through cloud seeding, chemtrails and so on. Have you noticed how the sun if often bleached out, natural light hyper contrasted and the heat very unpleasant these days? It’s because the sky is full of sprayed metallic particules, used to manipulate weather and probably more. During the Rabbit year,  some of the major disasters will be engineered and will be used to sell us the urgency of the carbon neutral economy. There is no C02 driven climate change, but there is a strong desire to enslave us through this proposal.

Truth to be told, we will also witness some major climate events, especially stronger hurricanes that will be powered with this Water-Wood combination. Wood also rules the wind in Chinese metaphysics. Flooding is also likely as this is a watery year. And at least one major earthquake, due to the weakening of the Earth Element. Those will be natural occurrences due to the force at work.

Here, you have it. That was me not being political.


Smart city and new networks

The concept of smart cities will also be pushed forward, as the Water Rabbit year represents the development of new network with the Wood expansion; an “ideal” energy to develop the new grid of smart cities. Smart cities and their new iteration, the 15 minute cities, are sold under the guise to save us but are just a way to enslave us further. To get accustomed to the idea of being parked like cattle through geo-fencing. That’s also one of the reason they make travelling freely so much more difficult. To accustom us to stay where we are, do as we told.

Oxford is one of the pilot project for the 15 minute city, of course without democratic process. Luckily the inhabitants have already being fighting back as you can see here. Expect more of this during the Rabbit year that fuel anger (more on this very soon).

During the Rabbit year, they will aim at implementing much more. So expect news about:

  1. “protection” of nature through ceasing private properties. Communism is good for the environment folks!
  2. limitation of personal transport especially cars. Push for public transport but along with punishing car use
  3. next phase of smart cities development
  4. carbon neutral initiative and the idea of a carbon citizen pass
  5. step toward new digital currencies that will be programmable
  6. grooming of citizens into “rewarded” carbon neutral behaviour
  7. ceasing and limiting farming

Farming, food production and management will actually be a MAJOR focus this year, along with the carbon neutral plan. Check what has happened to farmer in the Netherlands and the plan implemented over there. The UN basically decided they must become “carbon neutral” and that to meet this new goal well…a lot of farms must be ceased. Isn’t it convenient? Do you trust that governments have our best interest at heart and should hold all the means of food production? I let you ponder on this. This is what’s in store for the rest of the Western world and this plan will move forward this year and next one. The push for new fangled food – especially insects will also be strong. Bon appétit!

Here I can resist sharing those incredible memes by Jimbob.














The idea that this year is good for the development of network and infrastructure can be used differently. To build up resistance networks, such as the one initiated by Derrick Broze (I let you research him). It will also take the form of new social media. In fact, I believe that a new form of social media, or a new apps will take the world by storm this year. Some of the tech can be used and hijacked to develop counter-agendas, and it is a good year to do so!

Among other and more joyful tendencies connected to the environment and nature, we will this year hear more about the exploration but also colonisation of the oceans (marin cities possibly), as well as the discovery of new species, especially relating to marine life, fungi and plants.

In an ideal world this would be the year of sustainability, ecology, and restoration of nature as this is what this combo of Wood and Water invite us to do. I however foresee the agenda 2030 and carbon neutral scam moving forward. Both initiatives will exist in parallel however and it remains a good year to form and develop your sustainability. Don’t be too dependent on the system, as the system is planning on curtailing your freedoms big time…The Covid lockdowns were just appetisers if they have it their way. It is a good year to think about your network for survival, especially in regard to food, and take steps to become less dependant on the system. Another aspect of the year give me hope their plan will fail miserably…Discover why in part 2 of my Rabbit year predictions.



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