Astrology world forecast for the Water Rabbit year 2023. Part 2 1

Here is the link to the first part of my Rabbit year predictions.

Wood and anger

The Rabbit is a 100% Wood animal in the Chinese zodiac. Here is an interesting thing: Wood rules the liver in Chinese medicine. Do you know which emotion is associated with the liver? Anger! So during a year when Wood is overly strong, powered by Water and unrestrained by Metal or Fire (both missing), anger is bound to erupt in several places. That means the return of protests in several countries and possibly some revolutions – depending on the location and astrological chart of the country. In my home country France, the gilets jaunes movement has already restarted, fuelled by anger against the retirement reform. Although I’d recommend to go for green rather than yellow jacket to be more in synch with the strong Wood! When Wood is so strong, social unrest appears – it’s kind of mathematical. So expect this over the world, with possibly some regime changes. Of course regime changes are often fomented by -cough cough – uncle Sam and this might be the case here too. Question everything. But some will be legitimate. Look at what is happening in Brazil and Peru as I write. People are fed up with corruption…

As mentioned, I also predict strong protests coming from brave farmers against the united nation plan to cease lands and force them into “carbon neutral”, an excuse to deprive us from food sovereignty and give more to corporations.

While I’ve described a more peaceful year in term of shocking world events, rest assured that protests will abound and be strong in many countries.

The anger will be stronger for all of us, so keep that in mind and find way to channel it into something useful. It is a great catalyst to change what’s unfair if we take action. And so I’m hopeful that with vigilance and legitimate anger, we can defeat part of the agenda 2030 this year, like we collectively defeated some of the Covid one! Because I guarantee that the plan was to have us all use a Covid pass that would then have become a citizen carbon pass. Enough people luckily woke up and decline the doses 4, 5 and xxxx of this terrible magic v juice that it didn’t go forward and was scrapped for now. So while I’m not optimistic on the power of regular protests, there are other ways to defeat the agendas and the Rabbit year will fuel anger but also awareness.

Speaking about Covid, what’s happening in regard to this plandemic in 2023? Well new variants with ludicrous names will appear and used by media through the year. To keep in line with the Chinese year, may I suggest the following variants: Rabid rabbit Covid, bonker bunny Covid, or cordero covid? If you want to see what a very angry rabbit can be like, I urge you to watch you the amazing rabbit of Caerbannog from the incredible Monty Pythons on Youtube.

A pause in the insanity

Paradoxically, it remains a year with less aggressiveness than the Tiger year 2022 and less curtailing of freedom that the Rat year 2020 and the Ox year 2021.  I don’t foresee lockdowns or major restrictions as before. There is too much life in this hyper-active Rabbit to be contained.  I also don’t expect a worldwide crisis on the magnitude of Covid or the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. That’s because this Yin year is less agressive and more harmonious by itself, even with the anger fuelled by Wood. It is a year that speaks of better diplomatic relations, as Wood is also used to build networks. It would make sense to see a resolution of the Russia-Ukrainian war. In fact, Putin will this year changes of luck Pillar in his Bazi (this form of Chinese astrology). As  most politicians use astrology, I think he is aware of it and will find a way to end the conflict. It’s not entirely up to him of course, as the US are funnelling billions in Ukraine in order to make it last and destabilise Europe. In the meantime civilians are suffering on both sides, and good intentions and legitimate anger and hijacked as usual. But the anger toward the billions sent to Ukraine will also mount in some countries; as Wood also rules legal procedures, expect some probing and enquiries about this, which could shorten the conflict. I can’t see the Republicans that now have the majority at the senate allowing for endless unmonitored money to be channeled in Ukraine; unless of course they are just controlled opposition…

Legal actions overall is a theme of the year and will be use to fight fire with fire. On that topic: the Yin Water Stem of the year clashing with Fire, that is heart related, and so we will unfortunately see more sudden deaths related to the magic v.juice through the year especially affecting young people (Wood this year) and athletes (Fire clashed away). I have hope that the anger and legal theme of the year will mean accountability and trials on the matter. It is likely.

And  talking about fire, let me tell you about this Element and what it represents…


The energy crisis

Unless you’ve lived on another planet in 2022, you’ll have noticed that Europe has been suffering from an energy crisis with insane prices now hitting most countries, and forcing business to close – or worse putting some at risk of being homeless. This crisis is “attributed” to the war in Ukraine which is morse horse manure and the usual gaslighting. In fact they want to middle class to be bankrupted to accept whatever solutions they’ll offer…but anyway! Are these predictions political enough for you?

Is this energy crisis and inflation going to stop during the Rabbit year 2023? Well it’s not a straightforward answer.

Energy is represented by the Fire Element. This Element is absent from the year’s Stem and Branch; and furthermore the Yin Water attacks and weakens it. It means this energy crisis is likely to continue for a while, as Fire is weak. But we are also transitioning toward period 9 that will start in 2024. Those periods last for 20 years and bring a dominant Element, as well as changes in Feng Shui: especially relating to which landforms, mountains and rivers become auspicious or inauspicious. The period 8 that is finishing was ruled by the Earth Element. The new period 9 will be under the Fire Element. And 2023 is a transition year toward that period; therefore the Fire starts to be more active as the Earth withdraw. On top of it, while there is Water during this year, there is also Wood to buffer that the Fire can use.

So I foresee that the energy crisis is not resolved instantly but get better than in 2022, year of the Tiger, that had energy crisis written all over.

You might ask: what about this massive cyber attack that I foresaw during the Tiger year 2022? Well it manifested and paralysed one country entirely: this country is Costa Rica. It happened in April 2022.

Costa Rica State of Emergency Declared After Ransomware Attacks

It didn’t however happen on a global scale as I thought it would. Keep in mind that the Fire rising for the new period 9 is this year opposed by Water. So technically it could manifest in 2023.

By the way, nothing in this year speaks about food shortages (expect of course for places affected by hurricanes or flooding). So if this story starts to be spun, it is organised again…Quite the contrary, the Water-Wood harmonious combo is auspicious to farming and plants. And as I’ve mentioned farming and food productions are a focus this year. Talking about fertility…


Fertility, sex and sex scandals

The Rabbit is an animal associated with fertility in many cultures and for a reason. This is the reason why rabbit and easter are connected for example.  Have you heard of the expression “fucking like a rabbit”? So a Rabbit year brings a focus on the topic of sex and fertility, for sure. On top of it Water is this year present: an Element associated with strong libido in Bazi. We therefore have a combination that will bring into focus:

-fertility issues: infertility, fertility treatment etc.

-sex and gender issues (even more so than before!)

-sex scandal

You can see in my article: Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK: astrology of the hollywood sex offenders  how the Rabbit is often present into the charts of famous sex offenders, including Weinstein. Now if you have a Rabbit within your chart, chill…It doesn’t instantly makes you someone obsessed with sex. The Rabbit can also expresses itself as an animal of great creativity, especially with artistic skills. My observation remains on this animal being often associated with fantasies and sex without limits. I guarantee that the association of Water and the Rabbit will bring us one or more important sex scandals and that they are likely to trigger a movement (think along the lines of “me too”) as Water also associates and power the feminine energy. Keep in mind that Water naturally clashes Fire away, and that Fire is associated with Hollywood fame but also religion. Therefore it’s not unlikely that those scandals will be about the entertainment industry but also, quite possibly, the Church or another organised religion.

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Another challenging aspect of this combination is the gender theory that will keep being pushed forward to the expense of women, but there will be a fightback. Expect this debate to become very animated during 2023.

The better aspect of this combination is the focus on fertility treatments with some possible breakthrough. Depending on your Bazi chart, the Water Rabbit year is overall a good year to try get pregnant, as this is one that Universally speaks about fertility and blossoming.

Let see other expression of this sheer fertility…


Art and fashion

Wood is in Bazi astrology associated with textiles, fabrics and by extension fashion. I easily predict that fashion will be a focus this year and make waves. Moreover, innovation in textile will be in the spotlight. We expect new type of materials that could change the textile industry, or be connected to other applications such as diving, space exploration, but yes also the army or the police…

The unrestrained nature of the Wood, well supported by Water, will also benefit the arts. In another era, such year could have sparked a new movement, like impressionism. In this modern era, it will be good enough to invigorate painters, and anyone who expresses themselves through some kind of canvas. Drawing but also writing are also encouraged; in fact, if the Rabbit connects within your chat to form a Wood combination, it can be an excellent year for you to write this book you’ve been thinking of for ages. I did mine last year, for now available in French:  Astrologie Chinoise: à la découverte du Bazi.


Let’s look back at the previous Water Rabbit year of 1963

1963 was marked by the assassination of Kennedy, an event that had long lasting consequences on America and therefore worldwide politics. The direct involvement of the CIA was declassified last year, but the quality of journalism we get these days nobody cared! Chinese astrology tends to repeat patterns when the same Pillar – aka block of time – comes back. Will we therefore see the disappearance of a major political figure in 2023, like in 1963? I am betting on it. The Yin Water is also an energy that brings the idea of mourning and a certain sadness. This mourning could very well, like in 1963, be about the loss of a major world player. The involvement of the CIA in 1963 is not surprising, but is also explained astrologically by the secretive nature of Gui, Yin Water, that allow for undercover operations. So we are likely to witness a coup of some sort this year, that will take the world into a different direction politically…

Don’t forget however that the vigorous Wood of the Rabbit also allow for dreaming and manifesting dreams. Rather than focusing on the loss, see the possibilities of what new and the counter-proposal we can collectively offer against the system various coups…We are seeing the last grip of an old system but there are reason to be hopeful. Light and love will eventually prevail, if we are vigilant.

If you want to know what this year of the Water Rabbit has in store for you, why don’t you contact me now for a Bazi consultation? Knowing your chart and its interaction with the year will give you a wealth of info to navigate the year better!

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So I wish you all a Rabbit year full of dreams and solidarity, of new connections and fun. Go follow the white rabbit and see where it takes you!


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