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Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK: astrology of the hollywood sex offenders. 3

It has been a while since I looked at celebrities’ charts. Right now we are going through an unprecedented time for the entertainment industry. The disclosure of Harvey Weinstein sexual misconducts over the years has prompted a LOT of victims to come forward. Not just against mister Weinstein, but toward many other stars. It is an amazing (and healthy) domino effect. You can see the impressive list of stars currently accused of sexual misconducts here. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it?!

Today we are going to look at the Bazi of 3 of those stars and see why their reputation is under attack right now. In order we’ll look at Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and Louis CK. We are using the Bazi or Four Pillar of destiny as Chinese astrology to analyse their destiny.

Sexual harassment in Hollywood: why is it revealed in 2017?

First, let’s stop for a while and understand why it is all happening in 2017. This year is the Yin Fire Rooster: at its heart is the clash between the Fire and Metal energies. It doesn’t end well for the Metal, as the Fire melts and controls it. The entertainment industry, be cinema, television or live performance, use both Fire and Metal Element. Fire needs to be in small proportion (performing) and Metal in greater proportions (the glamour of the star system). So a year mixing both Yin Fire and Yin Metal was bound to speak about the entertainment industry, especially cinema and television.

Now the Yin Fire nature is to show what is hidden in the shadows: to expose, reveal and show us the way. So we end up with a year that reveals what was hidden in the entertainment industry. Note that it happens during the Rooster part of the year, when the Yin Metal associated with the stars is stronger.

Besides those aspects, there is a greater arc that will takes us to the period 9 in Feng Shui, starting in 2024. Both classical Feng Shui and Mexican shamanism (nahualism) see a new era coming for society and human relationships. Before it happens, the ugliness of what we do must be exposed in plain sight to be destroyed. This is exactly the reason why the egotistic Trump was elected, and exactly why more and more scandal will be revealed. The next era will belong more to the feminine; therefore men and their ego are now the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Now let’s move to those sex offenders stars…(All charts were produced unsing Joey Yap free application).

Harvey Weinstein

Here is mister Weinstein Bazi, based on his date of birth found on the Internet. His time of birth is not available: which is a shame as his time Pillar is now very active and informing us on his late career (he is in his 60ies).

Star astrology Weinstein

The Bazi of Harvey Weinstein.

Without the time of birth, we see a special type of Bazi – made entirely of Wood and Water. Harvey Weinstein day of birth is actually the Jia Bazi, the Yang Wood Rat. In Bazi it is the first stem: one that initiates and leads the way. It is well in line with the work of an influential producer. The ultra strong Wood/Water nature makes Weinstein’s personality very inflexible. He is egotistic and doesn’t question his behaviour, as his Bazi is characterised by the rigidity of the Yang Wood supported by more Wood and Water. The expansion of the Wood is also obvious as the Weinstein company became very successful in Hollywood. Weinstein succeeded in a Fire and Metal industry (the cinema) but he is more working on the logistic aspect of producing, which is more Earth related (his wealth element). He can also handle the Fire of this industry quite well with so much Water, and Fire is his output Element. The Metal is however less favourable to him.

While not all Bazi having a lot of Water are sex addicts, luckily, having strong Water is usually a sign of a strong libido. It is definitely presents in Weinstein’s Bazi; keep in mind that there is apparently no limit in his Bazi (we don’t know his time of birth). Now the second striking aspect is the Rat next to the Rabbit: this is called an uncivilised punishment. The Rat being Weinstein’s spouse palace, he was bound to experience problems affecting his marriage or relationship (unless he corrected his behaviour in time, of course). Finally see that the spouse Element of mister Weinstein, the Yin Earth, is nowhere to be seen in his Bazi (again, no time of birth), showing a weaker affinity with his marriage…

He is at the end of his current Luck Pillar, the Yin Earth Rooster. The Yin Metal of the Rooster is the nemesis of his day of birth, the Yang Wood. Furthermore the Rooster attacks the Rabbit in his month of birth – a sector that relates to his long-term career. Basically all the Wood in his Bazi is under attack until the age of 66. As he has a Wood Bazi, this means people leaving him and his support system being destroyed…It doesn’t get any better after that, as the Yang Metal Luck Pillar follow. The Yang Metal will keep attacking his Yang Wood personality until it is totally “chopped down”. The Dog will finish the job by breaking the supportive Dragon-Rat combination in his Bazi. The clash with his year of birth means a karmic payback in that case.

Now why is this scandal happening for him in 2017? It is the Yin Fire Rooster year, so two Roosters are at this time attacking his Bazi. His Wood nature is strong, but this is too much. The Yin Fire is something he can still handle, as the Yin and Yang Water in his Bazi takes care of it. Reason why the scandal didn’t occur in the first half of the year.

Next year is a Dog year and the change of Luck Pillar. With both the clash on his year of birth (the Dragon) and the Yang Metal of his LP attacking, Weinstein is not out of the wood…Furthermore, his month of Dog will be totally gone next year, offering him no support. The Yang Earth Dog year will combine with the Yin Water Rabbit into a full Fire combination. This is a sign that Weinstein might see legal action to be taken against him and that his mental health will be under attack. Karma is a bitch…

Kevin Spacey

For mister Spacey, the case is different. I think that most of us enjoyed this actor and are surprised to see him fall this way, and discover the mind behind such talent. His Bazi however shows clearly the troubles in his into.


Chinese astrology Spacey

Kevin Spacey Bazi.

Kevin Spacey has a Yin Earth chart. His output Element is well represented in form of Meta, which explains his ease at acting. Look at his day of birth: with a Yin Earth Rooster, he is literally sitting on his output Element! However it doesn’t bod so well for his relationship as his spouse Element, the Yang Water, is not in spouse palace. It is actually only seen in his year of birth roots, showing a weak affinity for strong commitments.

The Metal in Kevin Spacey’s Bazi is made quite strong due to the Earth support. A strong Metal or Water Element are usually signs of a strong libido, furthermore if they are the output Element of the person. The Yin Earth can also be egotistic and not question its ways, especially when made stronger by more Earth. This is the case with the Goat sign in his month of birth. If you want another example of a Yin Earth + Goat Bazi with a strong ego and sexual misconduct, look no further than president Donald Trump…

Currently Kevin Spacey has entered the Yin Wood Ox Luck Pillar since last year. It is the first time that his Bazi sees a Wood stem openly on top of his Luck Period. This allows the sleeping Wood combination in his Bazi to come to life: Pig-Rabbit-Goat and Yin Wood on top. He has therefore no control over his destiny anymore, as his Power Element is now in control…For a man, this is a more challenging dynamics than for a woman.

Now there is another problem happening. The Ox in his Luck Pillar, while active mostly during the incoming period 61-66, is nevertheless combining with his spouse palace the Rooster. This forms a Metal combination that fight with the Power Element. Therefore this Luck Pillar is exactly the image of a troubled destiny: its power element wants to control him, but his output Element fight against it. Isn’t it exactly the illustration of “damage control” and P.R to try to mitigate the disaster unfolding? You get it is! Furthermore the Rooster of 2017 is bringing more Metal in and an emphasis on his spouse palace, which is a Rooster too. There is a competition for combination with the Ox in his day of birth…It gets really messy for mister Spacey and his relationships!

Mister Spacey main problem in his Bazi is that his chart is at this time controlled by the Wood Element and its output Element the Metal is against it. Metal and Wood are directly fighting each other inside his Earth chart. He has become an uneasy Follow the Power with no control over his destiny. At this time, his karma is unfolding…When the output Element was winning he was much more in control of his image and could keep his actions hidden.

The Dog-Rabbit Fire combination in his time of birth next year brings him no support at all, but rather more pressure. And the Pig in 2019 is likely to bring out more revelation…Mister Spacey has very little control over his destiny for now and his likely to see more revelations unfolding. His career seems to be toast…

Louis CK

Surprise! We find a very similar structure and problem with the comedian Louis CK. He has also been accused of sexual misconduct (this time toward women) and has acknowledged some of the allegations.

Bazi Chinese astrology Louis CK

Louis CK Bazi

There is no need here to redo the whole analysis, as the problem is very similar: a Yin Earth Bazi, that has the potential to both follow its Power and output Element. The similarity between the two Bazi is actually uncanny! See by yourself…(we don’t have the time of birth for Louis CK).

Louis CK is however in a different type of luck period. He is at the end of the Yang Wood Dragon Luck Pillar. The Dragon combines with the Rooster in his month of birth, and this Metal combination goes against his spouse palace and therefore relationship. The second Rooster of this year brings a competition for combination with his Luck Pillar, and further attacks his relationships. Keep in mind that Louis divorced his wife in 2008, when his marriage was under an ungrateful punishment (Rat-Rabbit). This year his relationship sector, the Rabbit, is gone…The Yin Water of his new Luck Pillar next year is not good news, as the Yin Water is confusing to a Yin Earth person (Yin Earth + Yin Water = mud…). A depression could therefore occur for mister CK. His Luck Period is however more supportive than in the case of mister Spacey and he is likely to rebounce at some point…

The Rooster-Rabbit clash at the heart of all 3 sex scandals!

Look carefully: the Rooster-Rabbit clash is at the heart of all these three cases of sex scandals. For Harvey Weinstein, the Rabbit is his month of birth that relates to this long term career. For Kevin Spacey, it is in his time of birth that relates to this career in his 60ies (reason why his career is probably gone for years to come). For Louis CK, it is his spouse palace that affects his relationship. Louis CK has the best chance at damage control of all three, but as you can see a direct clash of sign is not to be overlooked! Seeing events and patterns in the Bazi is one thing: but what is much more interesting is to adapt your behaviour to prevent problems and become the best version of you. All those stars, regardless of their inappropriate behaviour and karma, could have predicted when their luck was changing and their reputation would be gone by looking into the right astrology.

If you are not a sex offender, you are more than welcome to contact now me to finally understand your Bazi. If youThe Dog year is around the corner and best for you it to know what’s in store, so you can adapt and be happier. Contact me by email here:


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