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The complete Chinese astrology predictions for 2016, year of the Fire Monkey. 2

The year of the Yang Fire Monkey is about to start on the 4th of February (solar time: lunar date is on the 8th). As a reminder, for this analysis we use the system known as the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny: a form of Chinese astrology that codes the time in Stems (surface’s Chi) and Branches (deeper Chi). The branches are what you know as the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac…

This Yang Fire Monkey is known as Bing Shen. The Stem (Chi on top) is the Yang Fire and the Branch (Chi at the bottom) is, well, the Monkey! Let’s start with the branch then. While the names of the 12 signs were used more for laymen than with a pure analogy with the animals, they do have some aspects of those animals still. And so the Monkey is vibrant, restless, fast and ever changing. One moment here, the other moment jumping into another tree…It is also an animal that is quite close to humans, and so our impact on this planet, populations and their move will be a focus in 2016, as the Monkey is a close reflection of us. We shall remain silent on the Pig as a reflection of some of us then!

Along with this Monkey sign, we have the Yang Fire of the Sun on top. Imagine the restless Monkey: now we have an agitated Fire Monkey! The Fire is already a volatile, fast and every changing element…And so we have a super volatile Element on top of a restless and very energetic animal. In other world, 2016 in the Chinese calendar will be restless, full of surprise, fast and at times hectic. Good and bad will escalate very quickly and the year is very unstable. If you thought that the Goat year of 2015 was eventful and not peaceful, wait to see what the Monkey has in store for us….

Bazi Monkey year 2016.

The Fire Monkey will be an eventful and violent year for the world. Copyright: http://www.flickr.com/photos/katiett/

A look back in time: Fire Monkey 2016 vs Fire Monkey 1956.

Before we get into the deeper analysis of the Stem and Branch on every aspect of society, it’s always good to compare to the previous Yang Fire Monkey year. Each year comes back in the same form every 60 years (12 years cycles and 5 Elements: 5 x 12 = 60). So what was 1956 for the world? Here a compilation of events found online.

  • The Suez crisis brought a diplomatic crisis between Egypt, Israel, the UK and France that could have escalated into a full-blown war. Israel attacked Egypt on that year and so did Britain and France! The UN and USA brought an end to this crisis with Britain, France and Israel withdrawing their forces later on.
  • The Suez Crisis caused petrol rationing in Britain and it is deemed the first financial crisis, post war, of the 20th century, and one in which the IMF emerged as a major player.
  • In other aspects…The Rock and Roll took over the world, lead by Elvis Presley. The 10 commandments, one of the most expensive movie made at the time, was a huge financial and critical success.
  • The Pakistan became an Islamic Republic.
  • In the US, the Alabama Bus segregation laws declared illegal by US Supreme Court: a continuation of the fight initiated by Rosa Park in 1955, a Goat year.
  • Fidel Castro and other revolutionaries started the Cuban Revolution.

There was also…

  • The first bomb H test in the bikini Atoll by the USA.
  • Independence for some UK colonies.
  • Tunisia and Morocco also gained their independence from France
  • The invasion of Hungary by Poland (The Hungarian October Revolution).
  • The videotape format was first demonstrated (advance in telecom)
  • The first soap opera on US TV
  • The election of the first female mayor in Greece, and the United Methodist Church in America decides at its general Conference to grant women full ordained clergy status.
  • Boats sinking and a major liner disappearing in Italy
  • Some earthquakes (business as usual) but above all some typhoons and hurricanes.

Quite a year wasn’t it? Altogether we had:

  1. A huge diplomatic crisis that could have lead to a war and linked to oil
  2. A major financial crisis that needed to be dealt with internationally
  3. Two revolutions: one in Cuba, one in Hungary
  4. The invasion of two countries (Hungary and Panama)
  5. A new weapon of mass destruction tested
  6. A change of status for several countries: independence for some, the shift to an Islamic republic for another, invasions…
  7. A new musical movement that changed the face of the world and that was upsetting the status quo and see a youthful energy takes over.
  8. Advance for women’s rights

In all those events we see the dynamic nature and excess of the Fire Monkey (revolution, invasion), the Fire/Metal clash (bombing, bomb H testing, invasion, revolution, financial crisis), the Water/Fire clash (women’s right). We luckily also see some of the most cheerful aspects of the Monkey: advance in TV and broadcast, independence of some countries, rock’n roll…

That was for the year 1956, which was in a different Feng Shui period (period 5) and with different Flying Stars influence for the world. Below is the flying stars chart of 1956. Note that the 8 star was in the centre which is much more positive than the 5 especially health-wise. The 5 was in the Southwest, no wonder Cuba and Panama were agitated…

Flying Stars period 5.

The Flying Star chart for the year 1956. Copyright: Laurent Langlais.

So while we shouldn’t expect the same year, similar events will occur due to the same type of Elements being involved. Now for my analysis in details of the Chi of this Yang Fire Monkey year 2016…

Yang Fire: let the sun shines…

The Stem of this year is Bing, Yang Fire. This is, first and foremost, the Fire of the Sun: the one that radiates and gives us life. On his positive side, it is warm, life giving, generous and caring. Of course, if you get too close of the sun, or stay too long in the heat, you’ll get burned…and so the challenging aspect of the Yang Fire is too much Fire that can burn, destroy, and agitate a lot of people. While the anger is related in Chinese medicine and metaphysics to an excess of Wood, an excess of Fire turns the joy brought by this Element into violence and possible destruction. More on this when we see the interaction of the Stem (Yang Fire) and Branch (the Monkey) this year…

We can expect, on appearance, the Fire of this year to support Fire related industries; to create interesting artistic movements, especially with involving dance, visuals and fast music; to bring advance in solar energy and telecom, as well as some new technology. But also, in its challenging aspects, to bring violent conflicts, bloodshed and a lot of war mongering during this year. Still, let’s hope that the benevolent side of the Sun will prevail.

The Monkey: monkey business

The Monkey, Shen in Chinese astrology, is a Metal sign. It also contains a lot of Water, as it is part of the Water Elemental frame: Monkey – Rat – Dragon. In fact, the Monkey is at the origin of the Water Element. The Water Element follows this cycle: born in the Monkey, at its peak within the Rat and stored in the Dragon. The Monkey is where the Water Element starts in Chinese metaphysics. Easy isn’t it? It therefore means that the Monkey year will contain both strong components of Metal but also Water. The Monkey by itself should therefore be helpful for Metal and Water industries and its reactive and fast nature will bring endless changes. Transports will do much better than last year, hospitality and restaurants can benefit from it and science and technologies should see interesting developments.

The Monkey can however be a cunning animal and the money aspect is in trouble this year. We shall expect some scandals such as tax evasion, money stolen and bribery to be exposed. And now for the real story of those two together…

The Yang Fire Monkey year: explosive, eventful and restless.

To understand what will really happen during this Monkey year, we have to look at first the relation between the Stem and Branch and then at the story told what the Roots. The Roots are the other Stems (forms of Chi) contained in every Branch – their potential. So basically each of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac contains more basic “building” blocks that they are made of, their DNA or lego bricks, which also tell a story. And once they interact with the bigger Stem on top of the year a skilled astrologer can make a lot of deduction on what might happen.

The Monkey branch contains: Yang Metal (Geng Stem), Yang Water (Ren Stem) and Yang Earth (Wu Stem). And so we have 3 different interactions here:

  • Fire-Metal clash
  • Water-Fire clash
  • Fire producing Earth

In term of Elements, based on Bing Shen (Stem/Branch of 2016) only, we have:

  • Water is quite strong, strengthened by the Metal but clash with the Fire
  • Wood nowhere to be seen, opposite of 2015
  • Fire under attack, has too much to cope with
  • Earth is doing ok, it is the key balance Element of 2016
  • Metal is under attack too and quite weakened but helped by the Earth still

Which translates into:

  • Water ++
  • Earth +
  • Metal + –
  • Fire – –
  • Wood – – –

Compared to 2015, Yi Wei year (my analysis of 2015 here):

  • Wood ++
  • Earth +
  • Fire + –
  • Metal + –
  • Water – – –

Water was the great absent of 2015, Wood is the great absent of 2016. Wood is about expansion, caring for other, imagination and nature…Which means that this year is more about recession, more individualistic and not so auspicious for mother Earth. The lack of Wood can help keep the anger in control however…Based on these interactions in Chinese astrology, here are now my full predictions and forecast for 2016, year of the Yang Fire Monkey.

Economy & the world

The Fire/Metal/Water clash brings some serious movement in the stock market and worldwide economy. In my opinion, 2016 is very likely to be the year of a new crash and financial crisis as far as Chinese astrology is concerned. Why? While money is related to the Metal Element, the Fire Element rules the fast movements of the stock market. One movement this year is that the Yang Fire is trying to control the Yang Metal – which means apparently, a good reactivity and profits to be made fast in the stock market. However, the Yang Water that is strengthened by the Metal actually takes control of the Yang Fire and severely clashes with it… So, the Yang Fire = stock market and speculation cannot really win this fight. And so we have this dynamics: fast movement of money and sudden panic – Yang Water over Yang Fire means fear taking over the market – and crash. It is written all over 2016 and I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t happen. Add to this that the Monkey will bring revelations and expose hidden facts that will freak out the markets…Many companies and brands will be hit: think along the lines of the Volkswagen scandal of 2015.

In my opinion we are now starting a 3 years downward spiral with stabilization in 2018 and new beginning in 2019. The Euro currency, or any of the weaker countries of the Euro zone, economically speaking, are easy targets here: but the crisis could come from China too. And be careful: there might be a first movement with a false alarm in the first half of 2016, then stabilization, but a more severe crisis could be in the second half. So, I wouldn’t bet on currency and stock options this year. That being said some fast profits could be made some months the Yang Fire is strong enough to take advantage of the Metal contained in the Monkey: but it is volatile and short lived. Of course this blog is for intellectual purpose and I do not endorse any investments, period. To know the real picture for you have to understand your Bazi life analysis.

I however think that the real estate market will be spared to some extent. We have the movement that is Fire feeding the Earth Element contained in the Monkey, even if it is a minor root. Sure, there is much Metal = the Earth “leaking” a bit, which can mean some loss of value in some areas. But there is Water in the Monkey roots and the Fire of the Stem that works feeding the Earth root. The Fire makes it stronger and the Water represents possible profits. So, there is some nice investment and money to be made in real estate this year or generally for the businesses related to the Earth Element. Where, how? You will have to look for both macro and micro Feng Shui. It helps to look into my guide for good Feng Shui in 2016.

2016 Fire Monkey Hanuman

Hanuman the Monkey God. Let’s hope that 2016 will show his compasionate side. Copyright: http://www.flickr.com/photos/runran/

Transports: even if some problems will be seen in transport, the logic here is that the Water ruling transport is strong, with the Metal as resources. The Fire represents wealth for the transport industry. Expect some development in infrastructure, advance in technology, and investments around public transport. However we can also expect some planes crashes or disparitions, due to the Fire and Water clash…

Solar energy: there will be a big push for solar and renewable energy this year. Probably fuelled by a new oil crisis with the Middle East and likely military interventions in this part of the world, again.

Aeronautics: this form of transport in particular will be much talked about, with new mode of transports closer to become a reality. The strong Fire helps to propel those space shifts further and faster in 2016

Science: great advance in technologies are to be witnessed. Like in 1956, I expect broadcasting and tech around cinema, television and telecom to see innovations and new products on the market. The combination of Fire and Metal is very favorable to that type of tech. It is also very auspicious for cinema and television, both in tech and box office. Here, the Water Element is not so much of a problem, compared to the stock market. Why? Because the Fire-Metal relation benefit the glamour of Hollywood and the Water-Fire clash makes some steam, which is ok and even beneficial for short-lived events and entertainment products. So, while the general worldwide economy will take a serious hit in 2016, the entertainment industry should thrive…

There will be a lot of discoveries relating to space, planets, probably a comet (Fire-Water in the Sky, plus very fast like a Monkey is), asteroids etc. Advance in tech will be talked about in regard to space colonisation. And, let’s be honest, at the rate we are screwing the planet up (pardon my French but I am French so it is OK), we better move soon to a dead rock in space indeed! Mars, here we come. But is it really dead? Will we have news of life in space and the big announcement that were are not alone after all? What’s for sure is that Mars will make the news in 2016. Bing Shen is Yang Fire + Yang Earth + Yang Metal and possibly dried Water…All of this looks like Mars and the secrets of its water, maybe still running underground.

Expect some spectacular new products in high tech, probably based around holograms, optical fibers and advance in optics and screen. The tech will also help generate a leap in computer tech that could get much faster. But there is the shadow of a major bug for a famous brand with the mischievous side of the Monkey at work and the Fire clashed away. My bet? Microsoft will be in hot water. But hey, no need to be psychic or an astrologer to see that any Microsoft release will be full of bugs!

Politics. Well, it’s going to be eventful I am telling you! First and foremost we obviously have the president race in the U.S. How will it pan out? I still have to write my predictions on who might end up being the next US president, but surprises are in store. With the Fire-Metal clash and the hectic energy of the Monkey, the race is ever changing, full of tricks and surprises. The outsiders might end up winning…What the tendency is, in my opinion, is that both Democrats and Republican will likely have to endorse the candidates that they don’t want to endorse: Bernie Sanders vs Trump is a more likely scenario during this crazy Monkey year and for the astrology forecast that I can see than Hillary-Ted Cruz for example. Thoese 2 candidates could also become independants, as the year is full of surprises. More on this pretty soon…

What can be said overall is that a Fire Monkey year is NOT a stable year politically. Look at 1956 with all the changes, revolts, country becoming independent etc. We can expect, astrologically, some military coup and take over in some part of the world; some unexpected changes in dictatorship, such as North Korea; and some changes in geopolitics with alliances formed and dissolved. The exit of the Euro zones for some countries will be much talked about, especially in regard of the financial crisis that is likely to happen. In other world and if I want to be very technical: the shit is going to hit the fan before it gets better folks! Pardon my French again.

Oil crisis: We will also see a major crisis around oil. A new intervention in the Middle East is likely, due to the war-mongering nature of this year. There will also be some move and agitation in South America actually. The economy of oil and its extraction (fracking, offshore etc.) are all over 2016. Why? Think about it: Yang Fire + Yang Water = oil, and with the Yang Earth and Yang Metal involved, it is about oil extraction and economy as well. An oil spill is not unlikely…

We could even see a resurgence of the old dynamics East/West block and the tensions of the cold war, between Putin and the US. Imagine for a moment what the geopolitical situation would be if Donald Trump were elected and its foreign policy with Putin…With Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann in the oval office too. Judge Dred meets Idiocracy! Either way, we can expect new conflicts, military interventions and situations to escalate in many countries. The US and UN will play the world police, but it will backfire. So, geo-politically speaking, it is all very unstable, full of conflicts and changes and not at all peaceful.

Arts: present and past. I have already mentioned that this Fire Monkey year will bring interesting development for the music industry – with maybe a new trend or popular dance, or cultural phenomenon. The movie and TV industry will also perform well. Visual arts, music and dance are all promoted with the Fire and the bouncing Monkey. It is less conductive to design, painting and writing as the Wood is missing. In term of archeology and artifacts from the past, the year is less spectacular than 2015 that was very auspicious for digging and discoveries that were buried in the earth. However, we can expect advance in the methods used to restore old artifacts and in methods used to explore the ground and date the past. The discoveries in 2016 are more likely to be around the Metal Element that is abundant. Think in term of treasures, jewels, but also a lot of weapons – bombs, landmines etc. I also expect great finding in the mining industry: spectacular gems and metal will be excavated, that is for sure.

Natural disasters. Ah! The favorite topic of astrologers isn’t it? What can we expect in 2016, in regard to the unstable Monkey energy as well as the Fire-Metal-Water clash? Well, like in 1956, typhoons, hurricanes and flooding will be legion. The Fire brings the heat but the Water clashes, and so it is all about hot/cold air and water emerging. Also the Fire is against the Metal and Metal is more about human infrastructures. Coastal cities will be the first to be hit in 2016. Underwater volcanoes that would create tsunamis are possible as well. Earthquakes are less likely to be significant in a Monkey year, but can still be created by the volcanic activity in 2016. It is a different logic than a clash with an Earth sign. In term of transports, we will have some problems with boats and planes in 2016, guarantee. Some boats will sink or disappear…Of course, all of those events might not affect most of us: it is really a case of individual Bazi and karma to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. I am afraid that we will also see a problem related to fracking and pollution of water sources (what is happening in Flint, Michigan, will unveil a lot of corruption) and an oil spill is also unfortunately likely. Fire and Water don’t mix very well you see…And the lack of Wood means that we will see some ecological disasters.

One major aspect that I haven’t discussed yet is a new possible epidemic in 2016. What fun news! Well, don’t shoot the messenger…And anyway I was in Singapore during the SARS epidemics and I am still here to write about it. So don’t let the media blow things out of proportions. Still, I expect a nasty bug and possible pandemics in 2016. Why? In my experience of Chinese metaphysics, such problems can be brought by:

  • Turbid water: mix of Earth and Water
  • Excess of Wood that carries illnesses
  • Excess of Fire that bring fever

Here is how I interpret it. The excess of Fire will attack the Metal of the Monkey: it is a symbol of fever related to a lung and airborne disease. The Water will fight the Fire, and so this illness move around (Water) and can be also be carried by either contained water or the air. This brings the image of the excess of factory farming contaminating some stream, or a new strain of pig/bird flu for example. The situation could carry on into 2017, that presents another Fire/Metal clash, and only be resolved in 2018 that brings the Fire down. While it’s not a zombie apocalypse yet, I can bet that we’ll hear about such an epidemic in 2016. This analysis is also reinforced by the fact that the 2 Flying star is in the center during the Monkey year, so we have Water in Earth, another symbol of epidemics (note: this article was written before the news of the Zika virus, my bad for not publishing it earlier. Anyway there will be ANOTHER type of epidemics too).

Want more fun? I shall also add that new strain of STD/IST is likely to appear. The Monkey is a sexual animal (of course it can’t compete with the hectic Rabbit…Just kidding) and the mix of Fire/Metal/Water also brings the idea of infections in sexual organs (fever in kidneys for example). So, boys and girls, wear your condoms in 2016 and monogamy can be a good thing too!


For the rest of society evolution, what can we expect? The Fire/Metal clash is a recipe for violent repression and a fairly bloody year, let’s be honest. More bombing and clash of ideologies will be seen and if you thought that the year of the Goat, 2015. We might reach a breaking point in term of conflict of ideologies in 2016: especially in regard of religions, as the Yang Fire agitates spirits and has to do with spirituality. Expect some reform of religious system but also a LOT of conflicts between different religions and vision of the world. Southeast Asia could be the place where violent religious feuds appear.

The best advice that I can give you in 2016 is to not get too caught up in the media frenzy and fear induced and focus on creating good karma and benevolent deeds around you. It is hard to change a system we have little or none control over, but it is possible and enjoyable to create beautiful and peaceful lives for ourselves. There is still joy in the Monkey, a cheeky animal, and in the Yang Fire of the year. Focus on spreading the joy and celebrate at your own level and you will be well in line with the benevolent aspects that exist in this year still. Politics and people that are not aligned with the greater good could temporarily take over, but will eventually be exposed by the compassion of the Monkey and the Fire of the Sun at work…If you want to successed in 2016, develop compassion, generosity, solidarity and put your ego on the side. This is what the challenges of this Monkey year call for, as spiritual measures and solutions.

Other positives aspect will be for women’s rights. With the Water contained in the Monkey taking over the Fire, and assisted by the Metal, the feminine aspects (Moon, watery Element) will gain some strength. Don’t hold your breath for Hilary, but in other areas women’s rights and equality will advance: in the Middle East for example. With religions, it is not unlikely to see some reforms that put women more in power. Expect some rebellious movements to be lead by women as well that will be a force of change this year. I expect an important feminine figure such as Malala Yousafzai to be heard or to appear this year. As for LGBT people, queer women and lesbians should be more in the spotlight, as well as transgender – the nature of the Fire Monkey is such a gender bender that such dynamics are bound to be much talked about.

The major predictions for 2016

And so to wrap up and summarize my world predictions for 2016, Chinese year of the Yang Fire Monkey, we have:

Challenging aspects

  1. Stock market crash/financial crisis. Possibly affecting the Euro first and foremost.
  2. A new epidemics linked to water or airbone
  3. Crisis around oil. Possible oil spill too, fracking problems.
  4. Geopolitical instability: uprising, rebellions, military coup
  5. East/West tensions as well as between Western and middle East values
  6. Religious conflicts
  7. More bombings and blooshell
  8. Crash of planes and boats sinking
  9. Military intervention, possible start of a new war in the middle East

Positive aspects

  1. Advance for women rights and transgender issues
  2. Reform of some religions
  3. Spectacular development in space exploration, space discoveries, aeronautics
  4. New around Mars and possible alien life (bacteria)
  5. Development of transports infrastructure
  6. Advance in telecom and new technology
  7. Major push for solar energy
  8. Treasures and war artifact found
  9. Exposing corruption, citizen movements changing things, some beneficial political changes
  10. Strong year for movie and TV industry
  11. New trend in music
  12. Good year for the arts

I hope that you will follow this blog every month as well as my Facebook and Twitter  pages:



To check that those predictions do indeed come true!

To finish on a ligther node, what is another image that we could use for this year that is fast, very active, with a lot of military intervention, want to change the world order, has a compassionate side and mix Fire and Metal? Well the perfect representation in personality and look is actually the two sides of Iron Man and Tony Stark! If you want to understand the Fire Monkey year visually, just think of the cocky Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man and he fits all the bills: both with his troubled past (war-mongering: geopolitical instability),mistakes of judgment (creating Ultron: terrorism?) but also vibrant energy that aims at changing things with a bang (stock market crash, reforms) and combine high tech, fire-power and metal (space exploration, solar energy, new technologies, Metal and Fire clash…). Plus some compassion still: the changes are not diplomatic or subtle, but some good comes out of it. Iron Man in his classic gold and yellow armour is the perfect visual for the Fire Monkey year!

Fire Monkey Iron Man

Gold, red, violent and flying around: Iron Man is the perfect Monkey year visual! Copyright: http://d.ibtimes.co.uk/en/full/417977/mit-designed-iron-man-suit-protect-us-soldiers.jpg

For the Bazi nerds:Bing Shen year, the full chart, does it make sense?

A brief section on the full 2016 chart. Personally, when it comes to Bazi, I do not use the full “date of birth” of a year to make predictions but simply the Stem and Branch of the year. Why? Well if we do a full chart for a year, with the year but also the month, day and time of birth of when it starts, we have a few issues. First, what gender is the year to determine the harmony or disharmony of the Day Master? Then, what are the Luck Pillars of this year? Those notions don’t apply as it is not a person.

If we use this chart as a Bazi blueprint rergardless, then we have to consider that the lifespan of this year is…One year (mind blowing I know). So surely the Time Pillar and even Day Pillar don’t come in action much as the full life is one year right? If they do, at which point during they year do they come into play? Consider that a baby born might start to feel the vibe of his own chart at age 3, 4, up to 10 year old…The logic for some in Bazi is to consider that the chart of a year, with the day and time marking the change – that is the 4th of February 2016, Rooster hour for this year – is the static chart for the full year. What we have here is actually the chart of the 4th of February 2016; and the 5th of February is a different one, and so is the 12th of March etc. To consider that this is the chart for the full year because it is the time of the change is to make of a year a living and breathing person: this is not logical.

If we consider that this 4th of February is the chart of the year 2016, then surely we must apply the same logic to each month of 2016 then and do their chart based on their first day, rather then analyse the Stem and Branch of the months only right? Why is the logic applied to the year and not month? To me, such chart informs on the vibe of the first day, maybe the first week, but not the full year therefore…

Anyway, as some of you are big on such chart, here it is.

Chart year 2016 Chinese astrology

Bazi for the Bing Shen year, born on the 4th of February, Rooster hour. Produced with the Joey Yap software: www.joeyyap.com

Let’s draw some conclusions from it as an intellectual exercise then.

We see that there is now two Yang Fire vs Yang Metal, which means that this aspect is even more severe than in the Year Stem and Branch only. That would translate into more conflicts and bloodshed, with war and terrorism.

The Tiger is now added to the mix and has a direct clash with the Monkey. There is here a symbol of power abuse, cunning people and manipulation. It can also translate into a sex/drug/rockn’roll attitude and lot of excess. We’ll surely hear about famous people partying a bit too much and scandals with politicians. The Dragon is interesting. Along with the Tiger, it adds some Wood that was missing and that can feed the Fire. There is also more Fire in the day and time of birth. We now have a strong Fire chart, well supported, with plenty if weatlh Element: Metal in the Monkey, plus a Metal combination between the Dragon and the Rooster. Metal here appears both in the year and as a result of the work of this chart (time of birth). Here we have a great test actually: such chart should NOT bring a financial crisis but to the contrary high profits as the Fire is now well supported (Day Master born in Tiger month + Yin Fire) and the Metal, wealth of the Fire, abound too (Dragon-Rooster combination). However the Year Stem/Branch analysis of the year alone bring such crisis due to the Fire/Water clash in my opinion. This is therefore a good test to see what logic prevails. If we have the stock market crash/financial crisis in 2016, then it would mean that analysing the year Stem and Branch only is more accurate that the full chart of the 4th of February 2016.

Altogether this chart shows more strength and less weakness than the year alone: the bloodshed situations and violence still appear all over (Bing Shen, Ding You) but the wealth is not affected and this is the chart of a strong individual, someone in power, who can commend and make profits – although not a peaceful man (Donald Trump?). The chart is also a bit of a womanizer, if applied to a man, or a bossy woman: Hilary Clinton could benefit from such a yearly chart, as it could show a  strong woman in charge, but looking at her own Bazi I think she is out of the race actually! Another good test for the analysis…

And this conclude our predictions for the world in 2016. Stay tuned for your sign predictions and a guest post on what to do in term of health and wellbeing for the Monkey year.

If you are wondering what this year will have in store for YOU in term of love life, wellbeing, business and career, house move etc? Contact me now for your complete Four Pillars consultation to understand your Bazi and luck period and the dynamics of 2016 for you and your whole family.

Despite the crazy energy of 2016, I wish you a happy New Year and a prosperous one!

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