Chinese astrology US Election 2020. Part 2: Donald Trump Bazi study

Donald Trump: you’re fired?

Here we are with part 2 of my astrological analysis of the US Election. I am using the system of Chinese astrology called the Bazi or 4 Pillars of destiny. Here is part 1 where I looked at Biden’s fate through astrology.

Mister Trump is certainly a character and force of nature, both in life and astrologically speaking. Egotistic, arrogant, stubborn to the extreme, some will say a bully, and having very borderline business practice…For some he is the dumbest President ever, for others he plays a double game – that even goes into wild conspiracy theories with the QAnon phenomenon. He would then be working in the shadow against the deep state. I don’t think his track record in 4 years at dismantling the deep state has been very impressive so far, and so it’s more likely that QAnon or the recent archbishop’s letter endorsing Trump as a fighter for truth are controlled opposition used to channel more votes toward Trump from people usually reluctant to vote for him. And if this is the strategy he is playing, then the man is everything but dumb; or at the very least has fantastic crafty advisors pulling the strings of those fringe movements in the shadow. So consider here that Trump might be playing a double game all along: as someone who knew that creating an underground movement with spiritual overtones would siphon another category of electors toward him, on top of the Christian right he already has gained the support from. There is also a chance the QAnon is what is says it is and that Trump truly works in the shadow for the greater good…There is also a chance Jeffrey Epstein killed himself, of course. HAHAHA. Nevermind.

Regardless, Trump has achieved what most thought impossible with his personality and track record: to be elected president of the US.

Credit: Reuters

Donald Trump Bazi/4 Pillars of destiny

Here is the Bazi of Donald Trump based on the date of birth found online.

Donald Trump Bazi/4 Pillars of destiny

His chart seems at first like a very straightforward affair for people who know Bazi. An Earth chart with a lot more Earth and Fire. For now we are going to let his time of birth out of the picture.

Donald Trump day master of Yin Earth is well suited to politics, that tends to attract people having a lot of Earth, or using Earth as their supportive Element. That is because Earth is the most materialistic element, that relates to possessions, material power, countries and geopolitics. Barack Obama is also a Yin Earth day (surprise!) and also has the Goat at the heart of his chart, in his month rather than day of birth (surprise again!). Hillary Clinton has a Yang Earth day of birth, with strong Earth and Fire support in her chart. As you see, the US presidential election in recent years is a story involving the Earth Element…

His Day Pillar is the Yin Earth Goat. The doubling of Earth gives him a very stubborn personality, and certainly a bossy nature. The Goat however contains the Wood Element that can control his day Master; and so Trump is not adverse to reversal of fortune (he certainly had a lot through his career) and to be controlled by his relationships with women.

Donal Trump Bazi’s supportive Elements.

The problem here is to determine if he is an extreme Earth chart – one that uses Earth and Fire as supportive Elements – or if he is of another type. We need to get a bit technical here and talk about combinations again. On first sight, and with the time of birth usually found online, he is deemed an extreme Earth chart that needs Earth and Fire as support. But is that the correct picture?

Donald Trump first sees a Stem combination between his day and month of birth. This combination is as follow: Yin Earth and Yang Wood can produce Earth if the conditions support it. The Horse in the month of birth is a Fire Element that actually supports this Earth combination (Fire produces Earth) so it is happening. While the day of birth dynamics see little change (Earth becoming…Earth), it’s not the same for the month of birth that goes from Wood to Earth. And so we have the Element that could have controlled Donald Trump in his month of birth becoming something that makes him stronger.

Guess what this Stem in his month of birth represents in Trump’s life, besides his career? His father! His father has been absolutely instrumental into helping him to make his career and money, but it’s a relation that has rather depleted Trump senior than nourishes it, as he had to financially help his son several times. That’s what we see here.

The other combination is between the Goat in his day of birth and the Horse in this time of birth. This time it’s a Fire combination happening between his spouse palace and his career area, and can also be relating to this mother. Note that the Goat is a benefactor for the Horse in his career sector. And so it translates into some of his wives whom have been attracted to him through his career and stature, rather than look let’s say (cough cough), and whom for some have helped his public image. As for the positive relation between some of them and Trump own mother, I don’t have information on this. If this is the usual mother in law  and step-daugthers relationships, it wasn’t all peachy. Trump once declared that he got his sense of showmanship from his mother, and there is at least a certain…capillary resemblance with the late woman at least.

Trump mother hair

At least we’re sure they are related. Credit:

In his chart we see a strong bond with his father and mother energies at least.

Normally, those two combinations should make him a special chart: one that uses Fire AND Earth as supportive Element and fear Wood the most. However, this seems to be contradicted when looking at his life story so far. If he would use the Earth Element, then the period from age 37 to 42, under the Yang Earth in his Luck Pillars, should have been very successful. It was actually one of the worse for his businesses. The Dog period that followed in the same Luck Pillar brought another Fire combination (Dog-Horse, already presents in his chart) and 1990, a Yang Metal Horse year (Geng Wu), was the year of one of his greatest and most severe bankruptcy to date –the Altantic casinos. So the Fire combinations didn’t bring him good luck either. That seems to rule out that Trump has an extreme chart that can use Fire and Earth: those are not his favourable Elements. I don’t explain his 2016 election through the support of the Yang Fire that year, but more on this later on.

Donald Trump real time of birth

Therefore his time of birth is likely to be wrong. The Yin Earth Snake always given as his time of birth would make him an extreme chart using Fire and Earth, which is not the case here. I have looked more into his life – marriage, divorce, birth of children etc. and I’m inclined to think his time of birth is actually between 15h-17h/3pm-5pm. That would give a Yang Water Monkey time of birth. This has the advantage to show his direct wealth in his time of birth, which would be consistent with a man becoming much more influent in his 70ies. The Monkey also give him the seasonal combination of Metal/autumn every time the Rooster shows up: Monkey-Rooster-Dog. There is little doubt that Rooster years have been significant in his personal life: 1981, 1993, 2005 have been year when he either married or had some children.

Sure, the previous Snake time of birth also gives him a combination with Rooster years. But if the combination sometimes translate into marriage (1993 and 2005), it’s more logical to see his spouse Element (Water) also involved, which happens when he sees the Rooster year and IF he has the Water Monkey in his time of birth.

There is at least another Bazi astrologer who shares this views, so credit to Sean Chan and his blog (the presentation of the Bazi Pillars in reverse order is weird, but his analysis is otherwise very valid).

So here is Donald Trump Bazi with a correct time of birth, according to my explanation.

Donald Trump with a corrected time of birth

While I am not into weak/strong Bazi classification anymore, Trump can use Metal, Water and Wood, depending on the period of his life. Earth and Fire are not his friends actually. See how he got Covid-19 (did he?) in October 2020, a Yang Fire Dog month…So if that makes your life easier, you can consider him a “strong Earth Bazi that needs Metal, Water and Wood”, because end of the day it’s going to be the same supportive Elements (even if I have another explanation for this).

I hope that it wasn’t too technical for you. It was necessary however to move further in the analysis and see his possible chances at winning…

Trump’s Luck Pillar and the 2016 Election

Is Trump in a good LP? Since 67, or mid 2013, he first went into the Yin Metal in his LP. The Yin Metal is one energy under which he was elected, and elected President of the USofA. Not a small job. So we can say for sure that Yin Metal has not been detrimental to him! You remember that I’ve said it’s not the direct support of the Yang Fire that helped Trump in the 2016 election. That year was a Yang Fire Monkey year, and some argue it’s the Yang Fire that helped him be elected. It actually works in another way: combinations, again.  In 2016 the Yin Metal of his Luck Period formed an auspicious combination with this Yang Fire of the year. A combination that can form Water, which happened as the Monkey of that year supported it (the Monkey contains Water). This auspicious combination is the real astrological story of his first Election, as it produced his auspicious money Element on that year.

This is another reason why I ask you to pay great attention to the Luck Pillar for someone who wish to be elected, at an old age, president of the US. See how it is significant in my Chinese astrology analysis of Joe Biden’s possible fate.

Since mid 2018, he is however under the Ox in his Luck Pillar. That is certainly since this period that his popularity has tanked. The Ox is problematic for him as it clashes away the Goat in his day of birth. And mister Trump loves the combination formed between his day and month of birth: both Stem and Branches combining into Earth on top and Fire at the bottom, making him a very hard “crust”, shell, or bully, as you see fit. However, a clash of Earth signs produce…more Earth. And therefore while his protection and shell is cracked, the clash still produces Earth which is something he is used too with his chart. Not a supportive Element, but something he knows. He is left with the same energy after being clashed away and don’t move. That is the reason why he was impeached, but not removed from office eventually…

Still, he is currently under a Luck Pillar that shake him and affects his popularity. This Luck Pillar doesn’t bring him a supportive Element, at all. If he is reelected, the first year of his new mandate- 2021 aka the Yin Metal Ox – will be a difficult one when his decisions will be seen as brash and unpopular. That would be another way to see that he actually doesn’t like/use Earth as a supportive Element…

Trump vs the year 2020 and election day

There is now the small matter of this year. 2020 is a Yang Metal Rat year: the exact opposite of his month of birth, a Yang Wood Horse. It is a total clash, and therefore on the surface it cannot be good right? Except that Trump already went through this clash: the same energy was his Luck Pillar for 10 years between 57 and 67 years old. And it was actually not a bad period for him at all, with his return on TV through The apprentice and a surge in popularity again. He also launched Trump University at that time which was successful…until a lawsuit was launched against it in 2013, but that’s when he was transitioning into his new Luck Pillar.

The clash between Donald Trump’s month of birth and the year 2020

You see, this clash CAN benefit Trump is he has the Monkey in his time of birth. It actually then is just a clash of Stem  – Yang Metal vs Yang Wood. Then even with his month of birth is partially clashed away, the Monkey connects with the Rat into forming an auspicious Water combination, representing possible money and influence that he can gain. That seems to be the real picture at work here…Again, if Trump would use Fire and Earth, his 37-47 Luck Pillar would have been fantastic, and his 57-67 LP problematic. What we see is the other way around…

Still this year 2020 is again a story of clashes, and both Biden and Trump see the same clash of Stems. The Yang Metal clashes away the Yin Earth-Yang Wood combo between Joe Biden’s Luck Pillar and time of birth. It also clashes away the same combination happening for Donald Trump between his Day and month of birth. The differences are however paragon. For Biden it happens in his time of birth, which relates to his current age and future as a president. For Trump it happens on his month of birth – which relates to career (and parents), but less on his current age and future as a president as a Pillar (timing wise). The time of birth Pillar is the one ruling old age, and Biden sees a Water combination with it that destabilise him, while Trump sees a Water combination too that gives him more power, potentially.

Trump correct time of birth would give him an auspicious Water combination with 2020.

If Trump hour of birth is the Monkey, he now sees an auspicious combination of Water with the year 2020 itself. He was elected during a Monkey year, and in my opinion has chances to be re-elected during a Rat year because he likes to see those two animals part of the Water frame. In fact, and despite the clash of his month of birth, if Trump currently uses Metal and Water (my current theory), he sees both in this year to be reelected…

Election day: astrology of the 3rd of November 2020

Here I put it again.

Bazi for the 3rd of November 2020, election day.

Granted, this day is not so auspicious for Trump. There is another Geng/Yang Metal – clashing away his month of birth but that he can use as Metal still. And there are two Dogs: he doesn’t like to see more Fire combination with the Dog, as previously illustrated with his 37-47  Luck Pillar. But remember that Biden is clashed away by the Dog, twice, with his Dragon in his time of birth which to me is worse for his age.

The next day however is a Yin Metal Pig day. It doesn’t give a special advantage to Trump at first sight but it doesn’t bring the trap structure either which happens for Biden. However, the Pig can actually form a Water seasonal combination with this year and Trump luck period, the Ox. Pig(day)-Rat(year)-Ox(Luck Pillar) = Water forming. Biden has the same combination internally, as his day master is an Ox. The difference however is that for Trump it is his wealth Element forming, and it does with his Luck Pillar. For Biden it’s an internal combination forming the Element controlling him – and less auspicious for a Yin Fire person. Again, both benefits from the same dynamics but it doesn’t mean the same thing.

I’ve talked of muddled results and possible recount with Biden. So obviously this is affecting both candidates. On any other day, the Rat combines with Trump current Luck Pillar, the Ox, to form Earth which makes for a muddy situation when meeting his Monkey-Rat combination in his time of birth. On the 5th of November, it will form Water with the seasonal frame, for both candidates. But the Earth will be there too. We have again an Earth/Water mix that is found everywhere during this election, and that makes me predict this uncertain result. Mud is anything but clear!

Eventually we see that this time both candidates have a more uncertain fate and nobody has a very clear upper hand. What is fascinating is that both candidates have this year the clash with Geng/Yang Metal that breaks auspicious combination of Yin Earth-Yang Wood. Both also have “mud” forming with a mix of Water and Earth. However I am giving an advantage to Trump because, with his corrected time of birth, he would see his supportive Element formed this year and the day after the election. It is all about what is happening in the times of birth and Luck Pillars. Eventually Trump has a chart full of Earth that can withstand a lot of blow, while Biden’s chart, being a Yin Fire day master, can be blown away more easily. I acknowledge that I put faith into Joe Biden time of birth found online as it seems to correlate his life story at the moment but had to correct Trump. A part of my analysis rely on those time of birth.

I am also relaying on my psychic hunch for the result, and we only have a few more days to know. My full astrology prediction is therefore a win for Trump in the 2020 Election but after a recount, or something along those lines – that doesn’t make the victory immediate or triumphant.

Don’t shoot the messenger…Rather, shoot a message to the messenger to order your own Bazi analysis!