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Bazi world predictions for June 2016, Horse month. 2

Welcome to the Chinese astrology predictions for this new month of the Horse, starting on the 5th of June 2016. As a reminder, I use the Bazi system to analyse the month branch and stem, their interaction with the Monkey year and then make predictions on what I see. The first part is the analysis of what happened with the Bazi of the Snake month of May 2016.

This month has an identical energy to the year 2014, which was also Jia Wu, the Yang Wood Horse. So some similar type of events could occur, but we also have to analyse the interaction of the Bazi Stem and Branch of the month with the ones from the Monkey year. Regardless, you can have a look at this old article of mine on what I was foreseeing during the Horse Wood year of 2014 here:

If you want to listen to my prediction with a soothing and slighty confused French accent, it’s here on Youtube: Bazi Chinese astrology: predictions for the Horse month, June 2016.

The Bazi predictions for June 2016, Horse month.

Bazi Wood Horse

The Wood Horse month is going to be intense. Copyright:


Natural disasters:

  • The main news: one major earthquake, or more
  • One major volcano erupting
  • Uncontrolled fire and wildfires, along the lines of Fort McMurray
  • Droughts in several areas, affecting animals and agriculture

The Brexit. The astrological tendency is for an exit of the UK from EU. If it doesn’t happen, it will be a close call and will have repercussion on the Euro currency, the European system and the UK government.

  • Scandals affecting high figures, especially politicians. Prominent figures put under trial, or exposed. Some governments in hot water, the UK one comes to mind. Clinton and Trump could be in trouble this month.
  • A lot of opposition between governments and people, with police violence and armed repression. Expect escalation in France but also strikes and protest with severe government repression in several countries.
  • One coup possible
  • Terrorist attack in one form or another. A bombing, shooting and assassinations are all likely events this month.
  • Probable military intervention of the West that snowball into more problems.
  • Some high-tech companies will be in trouble. Expect a product recall or bug most likely for a phone or computer company
  • More problem with oil at sea – consequences of last month oil spill or another source of pollution involving oil
  • Generally, expect news about contaminated water, pollution in water
  • Opposition around the oil industry – environmental issues and protests around along the lines of Pipeline Keystone.
  • High fever scenario through tainted food, some epidemics or contaminants. Most likely involving vegetable food or farming.
  • Depressing news around global warming and oceans.
  • One or more ship/boat in trouble – possible crash and sinking.
  • Problems with immigration crisis and difficult negotiations. The issue of relocating migrants will come up. This problem might also have with new migrants drowning this month…And involve the Greek border or islands, or Turkey.


  • Spectacular month for Hollywood industry: strong returns at the box office during a year that has seen many blockbusters flop.
  • News around cinema/TV developments. New partnerships signed. Technological development around sounds or pictures, such as 3D.
  • Fights won for some environmental groups, class actions in regard to pollution, opposition to the destruction of natural land etc. Think along the line of native Indians vs government for a sacred land, in the US, the Amazon etc.
  • Generally, good news around native people and traditional lifestyles, winning over excessive capitalism
  • Spectacular photography and discoveries made in space, probably by Hubble;
  • Development around the technology of solar and renewable energy. Push for solar power in Africa, the middle East and Australia are all likely this month. Giant technological leap possible for the solar.
  • Spectacular month for design, architecture, fashion innovation and creativity
  • News around eco-building and natural fibers. Good push for organic agriculture, permaculture. Generally expect advance in ecology and a more natural urbanism and agriculture this month.
  • Advance in rights of LGBT or transgender people
  • Major development around education, possibly charity relating to education in poorer countries. The news could involve some high-tech for distance learning.
  • Possible ways of trapping the Co2 through traditional farming. Expect interesting news around the soil, soil life, bacteria in the soil etc.
  • Science: discoveries and development around nanotech, bacteria and virus. Another strong month for advance in computer technology or electronics. Possible major news for a new form of electricity production involving nanotech or quantum physics: how’s that for a precise prediction! Expect also news around technology storage, optical fibers and high-tech ways to transport information and date.
  • Medical treatments targeting the heart and the eyes.
  • Major discovery in archeology: possibly a tomb, whole city or layers of complex buildings. I expect this discovery to be around Egypt or the Middle East.
  • Stock market staying strong for now

For the Bazi students and nerds: the logic of the predictions.

While I can’t go into all the intricacy of my methods and way of predicting, I’d like to share with you some interesting facts on this month Stem, Branch, and the interaction with the year.

  • The month by itself is Jia Wu, Yang Wood over the Horse. Here we have the Wood feeding the Horse, hence a weakened Wood and overly strong Fire. Please note that the movement Fire-Wood is from the bottom up: it is the image of a fire burning trees and forests, not the image of a piece of wood put into a controlled bonfire. Reason why we can expect a volcano eruption, wildfire and some violence to erupt.
  • Then we have the interaction with the Roots, or hidden Stems in the Horse. Those roots are: Ding, the Yin Fire and Ji, the Yin Earth. Ji + Jia = union of stem into Earth. So we have an overly strong Earth element here, also fed by the Fire. It can help organic agriculture, native people, natural ecology etc.

The trouble comes with the interaction with the Yang Fire Monkey year, Bing Shen. First, we now have a competition with the two forms of Fire: Yang and Yin, one in the year, one in the Horse. While it can brings good development in astronomy and space exploration, and discoveries in science, it will also be an excess of Fire Element that will bring possible coup, military intervention and act of terrorism.

We then have the Roots/Hidden stems of the Monkey that interact with this month. Here it get complex so follow me:

  • The Yang Metal, Geng, try to chop down the Yang Wood, Jia;
  • Geng is also attacked by the Yin Fire, Ding

This interaction explains while some politicians and governments will be in hot water and while some MAJOR protests with violence will take place in different countries. Wood = young people and progressive force. Yang Metal = governments, politicians. Yin Fire = force of change, possible violence.

  • We then have the Yin Fire-Yang Water union of Stems: Ding-Ren = Wood. So the Wood, while weakened by the Fire and the Metal, is also gaining some supports. Consequences, the strikes and opposition is not going down easily…Hence my prediction about the Brexit.
  • Finally we have the Yang Earth, Wu, which comes into play with the Yin Earth. We now have two Earth, a Fire overly active and a Wood that struggle but put too much pressure on the Earth. In my opinion, this is the reason why I predict through the Bazi both a major earthquake and a volcano eruption this month.
  • Finally do note that the Water Element is the great loser of this month, hence problems with boats and immigration.

There is much more to a Bazi analysis and I hope that those explanations give you the desire to discover more. I bring the same level of accuracy to the analysis that I’ll do of your own Bazi chart through a Skype or written Bazi consultation, so why don’t you contact me now to book your, understand your life mission and now what the next years have in store for you?

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