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Astrology march 2016
Here is the second part on the Yin Metal Rabbit month of March 2016, with this time the 12 Chinese signs forecast. We also look at your Bazi daymaster for another type of predictions. Part 1 of this Yin Metal Rabbit month analysis about the world predictions is online here. First, let’s start with your Chinese sign. Remember however that […]

Chinese astrology: 12 signs & Bazi forecast for March 2016 ...

Feng Shui consultant London
My Chinese New Year event with the Virgin Money Lounge London went very well and here are some pics. On the 1st of February was the Feng Shui & Bazi for the year of the Wood Goat event; on the 2nd of February was the Feng Shui for Business 2015 event. We reviewed the auspicious and inauspicious sectors for the […]

Chinese New Year event with Virgin