Astrology march 2016

Chinese astrology: 12 signs & Bazi forecast for March 2016 (Rabbit month).

Here is the second part on the Yin Metal Rabbit month of March 2016, with this time the 12 Chinese signs forecast. We also look at your Bazi daymaster for another type of predictions. Part 1 of this Yin Metal Rabbit month analysis about the world predictions is online here.

Astrology march 2016

Rabbit month: March 2016 is an odd bunny. Credits:

First, let’s start with your Chinese sign. Remember however that your year pillar is only ¼ of your chart, and not the most revealing part. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar, rather than the year only and give a much different picture, more refined and precise. What follows is just a general vibe…

  • The Rats receive some support this month and can also communicate well. It can be a very productive month, less tiring than the usual Rabbit month for you Rats: take advantage of it;
  • The Oxen are usually feeling a bit drained by a Rabbit month and must be willing to serve others rather than being selfish, as they have less control. However, this year, the Yin Metal helps you and you can receive help when you least expect it. Ladies, you are the centre of interest this month;
  • The Tigers: after a rough Tiger month due to the Monkey year clash, you can be the winners this month Tigers. There is however a trick: make sure you are adaptable to circumstances and willing to evolve. Amazing new contacts or friendships can happen this month but don’t try to be forceful and go with the flow;
  • The Rabbits are in a submissive position this month. It is an odd month when you don’t have it your way and better keep a low profile; a cocky attitude would surely backfire. You can find solace in your friendship however;
  • The Dragons shall also have a good time and can benefit from the month in many ways. Sit back and observe and make your move when people turn to you. You shall be seen as knowledgeable and in control this month;
  • The Snakes feel that they are losing control a bit and do not known what to do with the contrarian vibe of this month. Do not force anything…Romances can be good for the ladies, but overall you are not in control whatsoever;
  • The Horses can make money and benefit from the added charisma from their Peach Blossom star, the Rabbit. It is a good time for public speeches, to go out and to meet people. Communicate and be productive;
  • The Goats have an affinity with the Rabbit and are likely to be in demand this month. It is good if you are a business owner. The Metal of the month however means that surprises can happen and so you need plans B just in case. Be careful when exercising as well;
  • The Monkeys shall focus on romance this month, as they can either meet or improve their current relationship, if improvement is needed. You have a need to communicate and get things out of your chest and the ability to see others points of view at this time, which is the right thing to do;
  • The Roosters are in opposition with the Rabbit. You will feel very argumentative and want to have it your way: try to mellow a bit when possible and put yourself in others’ shoes. There are money prospects for you this month but also competition and the same goes for love –men especially could meet but end up in a weird situation, such as a love triangle;
  • The Dogs shall have a good month overall. You might encounter blessings in disguise but blessings there will be. It is especially good for family issues and to build a network; less for money making. Love shall on the bright side however;
  • The Pigs form an harmonious combination with the Rabbit but do not like the Metal stem too much. It is good for partnerships, friendship and possible business deal, but be wary of people trying to cunningly control you.

Now, if you know your Bazi/4 Pillars chart day master, here is the vibe for this Chinese month. If you don’t, you can order your Bazi analysis and report:

  • The Yang Wood sees both competition and unfair attacks this month. It can be a rough month at work and best is to keep a low profile to avoid arguments. Diplomacy will go a long way. If you are a single woman however, it can be an excellent time to go out;
  • The Yin Wood is in between the anvil and the hammer this month. While the month can be good to focus on friendship, family and introspection, you are also likely to be under a lot of pressure. Like the Yang Wood, try to stay away from arguments. Be also mindful of your joins, especially neck, shoulders and back;
  • The Yang Fire sees both resources and wealth this month and undergoes a special combination (Yang Fire-Yin Metal = Water). It can be an exceptional month to build on your existing strength, network, travel and meet new people. It is even better for men than women this time. Be careful however to lay low on stimulants and recreative substances as your heart could be under stress;
  • The Yin Fire is in a less favourable situation. You have a lot to do and feel pressured. You could however generate good money, but shall be sure you don’t bite more than you can chew. The more you do, the more you’ll have to do this month so pace yourself and know when to say no if you are overworked;
  • The Yang Earth is stressed out this month and could feel tired, even depleted by the end of this Rabbit month. Don’t overestimate your strengths and stamina, Yang Earth people. That being said, you can be productive and strike some luck with extra income for some of you. Single women have more chances to meet during this Rabbit month;
  • The Yin Earth is in an even trickier situation. No matter what you do, it seems that people are nit-picking and on your back this month. Be realistic: you can’t please everyone at this time, so just make sure you do your work well enough. Your digestion might give you some trouble so be moderate when eating;
  • The Yang Metal sees some competitions and nit-pickers. There is electricity in the air and expect the unexpected. Loss of income or surprising expenses are likely…However for love, it can be very good and you could meet someone quite special;
  • The Yin Metal does not like this month too much. You can find support between your friends and family, but don’t try being a control freak as it would surely backfire. Be careful when exercising, accidents could happen. In relationships the tendency could be to argue. On the plus side, you can probably improve your income a bit this month;
  • The Yang Water can be productive and find support this month. Both Metal and Wood are supportive to you as you act as a bridge/missing link between the two Elements. You are likely to be in demand and find new fans: it can be excellent for sole traders. For relationships it is rather quiet however;
  • The Yin Water has less support than the Yang one, but can still make the best out of this month. People will help you as well, if you don’t take advantage of the situation. Avoid ego trips and unfair attitude…and pace yourself when working, as you could get quite tired, the month is intense somehow.

Both your year of birth Chinese sign and your day master are only a fraction of your Four Pillars dynamics. The Bazi really is your blueprint in life that contains your strengths and points to work on, your possible life mission, your affinity for some careers, environment and type of people and above all your unique timing…Best of all this personal map can be accurately deciphered by a skilled astrologer to discover who you are and what will make your life much, much easier. It can even be used to tailor your best home Feng Shui ever!

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