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Chinese astrology May
Welcome back to your monthly Chinese Horoscope 2017! This time we take a look at the horoscope for the Chinese Snake month/May. The Yin Wood Snake month goes from the 5th of May 2017 to to the 4th of June included. Below are your Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny forecast, as well as your 12 Chinese signs tendencies for this Snake month. To […]

Chinese horoscope for the Snake month, May 2017.

Dog Bazi october 2016
Earth Dog month in a Fire Monkey year: October 2016 As the new solar month of the Dog is about to start, it is time to see what we can foresee for the world through astrological predictions. As a reminder, the system that I use is the Four Pillars of Destiny, also called the Bazi. Each time period such as […]

Bazi world predictions for October 2016, Dog month.