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Today I have invited Alex Kolaczynski, doctor in Chinese medicine, to explain how we can all better balance our health and the energy of this Yang Fire Monkey year 2016 through Chinese medicine. Alex and I sometimes work together for clients who wants a complete package: Feng Shui, Bazi & Chinese medicine. While Alex is the medical expert, the Bazi […]

Fire Monkey 2016: the right Chinese medicine for a better ...

Bazi Chinese astrology snake.
This Goat year is full of surprises and dramatic events and for those of us who know about the astrology of the 4 pillars of destiny or Bazi, it is not unexpected. The Dragon month that has just wrapped up has been intense and in line with my world predictions really. Let us review what happened and why then… The […]

Bazi predictions for the month of the Snake May 2015: ...