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Welcome to my Feng Shui & Bazi website: you came here for a reason. You could be looking for a Feng Shui home consultation or a Feng Shui business consultation in London UK, or wherever you live. You want to understand your life mission, know your timing and get the proper guidance through the Four Pillars of destiny and a Bazi consultation, the most advanced form of Chinese astrology. You might be designing your home or company and need help with the right Feng Shui floor plans and blueprints.  Or  you want to know the perfect date to get married or launch your business. For all those reasons you are on the right Feng Shui site.

If you already want to book your Feng Shui or Bazi/Chinese astrology consultation, please email me at:

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla

My name is Laurent Langlais: I am a Feng Shui master, expert and consultant based in London and accredited by the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG). I am consulting in Feng Shui, Chinese astrology: Bazi/Four Pillar of destiny and date selection (Qi Men Dun Jia). My Sifu in Asia is Master GK Ham, 72 Gen of the Han Wu Lineage汉五派 (Grandmaster Lau Kai Chi). As for Western oracles, it comes from my family and from 24 years of practice so far…

You might have heard me speaking on the BBC radio about Chinese astrology or at the Feng Shui Society conference 2015. You might have read my articles or follow my monthly Feng Shui blog. I am glad that we are connecting as my mission is to give you the tools to get an easier life, better relationships and a good career: in other words to help you understand who you are and how to get the life you want.

How to positively change your life? To do so, we have to determine the Who, Where and When of YOU. This is done through understanding your path and timing through the Four Pillars of destiny/Bazi, which give us a complete picture of who you are at a deep level, and where you are heading to. I then use this map to precisel guide and design your perfect home and business environement with classical Feng Shui. Combining Feng Shui and Bazi is a powerful method that produces faster and long lasting results.

How can I help you? I invite you to discover my bio as a Feng Shui expert and astrologer and follow the links to explore how Feng Shui works and how it helps you with your home and business. If you want to know your true self and master your personal timing, please explore my Bazi: the Four Pillars of your destiny page. I give examples of very accurate monthly predictions based on the Four Pillars in my  Feng Shui blog.

Feng Shui expert with Chinese astrology/Bazi

I have years of expertise in both residential and corporate Feng Shui and I have helped countless clients around the world: London, Paris, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Brussel, New Zealand, Vancouver and Montreal, Dubai, Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, both coasts of the USA…to improve their personal life, to get more clients, to make more money and to invite harmony into their relationship. You can be the next one.

You have urgent decisions to make? Then explore the Bazi page. You want to design a fantastic logo for your company by having the right design and colors based on Feng Shui? Then contact me to guide you into designing a Feng Shui logo. You rather need to know the best possible dates to get married based on astrology? I invite you to visit my time selection page.

And finally if you are now ready to change your life for the best, you can contact me on this Feng Shui consultant page.

Our lives have become incredibly cluttered and complicated; we have to handle work, family life, relationship, source of pollution everywhere…It has become a real art to find balance! Equilibrium is what I will help you to achieve: I have done it for many clients in London and worlwide. No matter what your property and situation is, the wisdom contained in Feng Shui and the Chinese astrology of the 4 Pillars can help you. So wait no more and contact me now so I can help you change your life for the better and put you in the flow!

Laurent Langlais offers you home Feng Shui consultation, business Feng Shui consultation, Bazi: Four Pillars of destiny consultations as well as auspicious date for your mariage or business and Tarot guidance with a Feng Shui master, astrologer and expert in London, the UK and worldwide.