Embracing change leads to vitality, the alternative is stagnation.*


During this incertain time when we are asked to stay at home, it is now vital to create the nurturing environment that will help you to thrive no matter what the world has in store for you. The knowledge of your personal timing is also a great asset to understand your opportunities. A Feng Shui and a Bazi consultation can strengthen the foundations of your life and help you to navigate those difficult time better. I now offer remote consultations and will guide you through the whole process, so don’t hesitate to contact me wherever you are at the moment.

If you are on this site, it might be because you are looking for a Feng Shui home consultation or a business Feng Shui consultation in London, the UK, or worldwide.

You feel that it will  help you improving your life; but might wonder what Feng Shui is and how Feng Shui works.

Or you are at a crossroad and need the guidance of Chinese astrology, through a Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny consultation.

And you are also probably unsure on which London Feng Shui consultant, expert, master or astrologer to choose (well, I have an idea about that!).

And so, a warm welcome to my site. My name is Laurent Langlais and I am feng shui expert and consultant based in London and Paris. I am also an astrologer, specialised in BAZI: the Chinese astrology known as the Four Pillars of destiny.

I have been featured as a Feng Shui master and expert in Chinese astrology on: the BBC radio (The Why Factor), Yahoo Expert UK, Bustle, Romper, Mother.ly, Radio Canada, XpatLoop, Kindred Spirits, Medicinal Roots magazine.

I have also given conferences for Virgin Money, The Feng Shui Society, The UK Tarot conference, Ozora festival, Connection festival, Occulture.

My question for you is simple. Do you believe in invisible forces?

  • Do you believe in a world beyond what you can see or touch?
  • Do you feel that this other world can influence and shape your life?
  • Are you excited about tapping into this  world of energy and use its power to change your life?
  • Are you also curious about how your life’s blueprint can guide you into happiness and be in the flow?

If so, you are where you should be on this site: because this is what Feng Shui and Bazi are all about!

If you know that these unseen forces and blueprint shape your world and our reality, then you are ready to use them to prosper. You’ve found my site because you are ready to use this form of magic to change your life here and now. It’s a simple and beautiful equation really. By understanding your fate and timing and transforming your space to blossom, you are going to follow your best destiny and unlock your full potential.

Ready? Then contact me now to see how we can take you to the next level of your life and happiness.

You can also read further to understand how this work with my article on the Cosmic trinity that creates your life and by also reading how combining Feng Shui and Bazi astrology is a key to success and harmony.

You can also read some of my clients testimonials on Feng Shui and Bazi and check my bio and credentials as a Feng Shui master and astrologer trained in Asia

Thank you for finding me and for trusting your intuition. I am very excited about the work that we are going to do together to unlock your full potential in life. It is to be a beautiful adventure and it starts now.

Laurent Langlais

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Nikola Tesla

*The first quote is adapted from Jan Spiller and her astrology book: North mode in Scorpio.

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