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Chinese horoscope 2016: the Monkey year’s forecast for the Dog. 1

The Yang Fire Monkey year started on the 4th of February for the solar calendar: the 8th of February is for the lunar start. It is therefore the right time to see what the year has in store for your sign of birth, based on the Chinese Zodiac. In this series of 12 articles I will explore with you the forecast and predictions that are based on your birth sign for your 2016 horoscope. This is different from analyzing your complete Bazi.

The Yang Fire Monkey year will be agitated and eventful. For my analysis of the 5 Elements at work, the economic and society forecast, please read this article : The complete Chinese astrology predictions for 2016, year of the Fire Monkey. To know the auspicious and challenging Feng Shui sectors of the year, please read: Feng Shui 2016: good & bad directions for the Monkey year.

For the 12 Signs of Chinese astrology, it is a very different year from 2015 that was the Yin Wood Goat year. While 2015 was all about Earth and Wood Elements, 2016 is a clash between Fire, Metal and Water. These energies represent money opportunities for some and good prospect for single people of some signs. For others, it is all about professional changes and duties and not a very fun year. Let’s see what the situation is sign by sign.

Before reading your predictions, keep in mind that the animal of your year is not the whole picture. Your full chart can balance those influences and in some case reverse them or make them worse. For a start, all of us have 4 animals rather than one: year, month, day and time of birth…and after our 40ies the year is of milder influence. The sign of your year of birth is a very general weather forecast, and your Bazi is your very own local climate and tendencies. And so I invite you to now order a Skype, face to face or written Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny consultation to get to know your personal dynamics for the whole year and month by month and have an easier year that will manifest better opportunities for work, money and love.

The eleventh sign that we review today is the Dog.

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In this article, the years refer to the Chinese ones. So 2016 = 4th of February 2016 to the 3rd of February 2017.

The Dog

The Dog sign is in an interesting situation this year. Usually, Monkey years are rather supportive to your sign, especially for career advancement and to gain new friendships. It should also be true for this Monkey year 2016, but with a sizeable difference. The Fire Monkey year contains, wait for it…Some Fire. And this Fire awakens the Dogs. A year that activates the Fire Element shaken you a bit and so you should expect to be a bit all over the place. The Dog still has an ace in his deck this year and will aim at appease its life and other people.


In this area, meeting are possible both for men and women born under the Dog sign. Male Dogs, you have an advantage this year. You could suddenly be seen as more attractive and your strong and soothing energy will be in demand during this hectic year. If you are single, go out…But expect some competition still. Female Dogs, be confident and let the Universe decides for you this year, rather than being pushy to meet. For both genders, the year is also good for new friendships. For couples, it is a good year to focus on your relationship, talk a lot less reasons to disagree on than in 2015.


It is an interesting area that is favourable, but comes with some stress. Financially, you should do well especially if you are an entrepreneur. The year will bring opportunities to expand your business and new clients and you shall be in demand, and maybe a bit too much actually. You will feel some pressure with deadlines and demanding clients and should aim at relaxing a lot on your days off. More than anything know when to say no. If you are looking for work, you should find some but will need to adapt to your new position and environment. You could feel out of your comfort zone at first, but you will prove yourself. Your patience and dedication will be tested this year, but keep your cool and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.


It is a rather solid year during which you can take care of yourself. A house move or improvement of your living place is not unexpected. There will be a bit of stress still: you will have a lot of demanding people around you either at work or in your private life. It is flattering to be in demand somehow, but you could be subject to mood swing and have little patience in 2016. Know how to protect yourself from the psychic vampires and people who listen to themselves too much, as your wellbeing is at stake. The Fire agitates your deep emotions and you could have anger outbursts during the Monkey year: if they are short lived, it can be very liberating. It is a good year to transform some of your limiting beliefs, to let some burden behind (maybe acquired during the Goat year) and to explore new methods to be at ease in your own skin.

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