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Chinese astrology: the 12 signs & Bazi forecast for September 2016, Rooster month. 1

Finally, here are your Bazi and Chinese signs predictions for the Yin Fire Rooster month of September 2016. I invite you to read my monthly september Bazi forecast for the word and to not miss the chance to experience your free Feng Shui luck boost for this September/Rooster month.

Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart; contact me to order your chart and to know the whole story about your overall life blueprint and personal tendencies for the year.

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Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. Remember that likewise, it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar, not the year only.

Chinese astrology Rooster

Is the Yin Fire Rooster a roasted chicken period for your sign? Find out! Photo credits:

  • The Rats can benefits from a good support in their career and, if you are self-employed, you can increase your income. The Rooster adds to your charisma so now is a good time for job interviews and to go out. Be mindful however of the two Fire at play this month, don’t overestimate your limits or you will be spread thin;
  • The Oxen should have a good month in term of social life. People come to you and gather around your personality and projects. For women, the timing is excellent to find a new partner or improve your current relationship. Men however must be more mindful of other imposing their will on you, especially in business deals;
  • The Tigers might feel under attacks in both their work environment and personal life, but the month can still be good for you if you focus on improving your relationships and take things more lightly. Be mindful when exercising this month;
  • The Rabbits must be very careful as the month is opposite their Chi and sectors. It is a time when caution is advised in everything: be careful to not enter arguments and avoid dealing with legal aspects. Be also on the safe side with your body, no excess!
  • The Dragons can be outspoken this month and improve all their relationships: at work, with friendships and love. In fact it is an excellent time for you to try meeting someone, and single people shall give it a try. Your money situation is also likely to improve and generally you seem to gather good energies around you;
  • The Snakes are some of the most auspicious signs this month, along with the Oxen and Dragons. The energy is great for business partnership and you shall be in control of your career evolution. It is also a good energy to make new friends and generally to seal a commercial deal, such as buying a property (check your Bazi still);
  • The Horses serve other people this month. It is a competitive atmosphere and you should be humble and willing to help. Avoid arguments and heated situation. Your money situation can improve, but first and foremost focus on good deeds at this time and keep a lower profile then usual;
  • The Goats are likely to feel stressed and edgy. It is a month when caution is advised, but avoid feeling paranoid as not everyone is after you. You can still voice your opinion and be heard, so speak out;
  • The Monkeys can focus on networking and looking for work opportunities. You are having a better month than the last one and shall take advantage of the good energy you can trigger by your sole presence: people are likely to turn to you this month;
  • The Roosters shall be cautious as their relationships are a minefield this month. Try to be humble and to avoid arguing; your pride is often your Achilles’ heel. If you are willing to learn and see other points of view, as well as try new experiences, you can learn a lot this month;
  • The Dogs are a key sign this month. It is rare to have a month that works both for Dragons and Dogs, but it is the case at this time. You seem to be the problem solver everyone needs, and your quality of compassion and practical mind will be much sought after this month. It can be excellent to negotiate at work or find a new job. The love life is a bit withdrawn however;
  • The Pigs can have a good time with their social and love life, and the vibe is actually working well for men in particular. Your finances can also improve. A word of caution however: your advice and point of view will not always be welcomed, so know when to not speak. If you practice sports, take it easy as well.

Now we move to the Bazi tendency if you know your day master. If not, time to order your Bazi analysis and report!

  • For the Yang Wood (Jia), the month is a bit against you. You can communicate at this time and get things out of your chest, but expect that some won’t like it. Be cautious when exercising and driving or biking; love prospects can be good for women however;
  • For the Yin Wood (Yi), the month is tedious. The Chi is against you and best is for you to wait it gets better. Be mindful to not go over your limits, and avoid entering any arguments. It is not a good month to sign a new contract, if it can be postponed;
  • For the Yang Fire (Bing), the month blows hot and cold. While your love life and finances can be strong this September, you will feel competition at work and some people will be on your back. Try to avoid the trap of anger this month, and focus on those who appreciate you. The energy can still be good to enter a business deal actually;
  • For the Yin Fire (Ding), the month is tedious. You are likely to often find yourself in the middle of arguments and it seems that no one is willing to listen to you at this time. Take it easy…It is a good month to take some distance and meditate. Plan little and rest more if possible;
  • For the Yang Earth (Wu), the month put some pressure over your shoulders. Everyone seems to be pressuring you, but you can deliver if you are willing to get on with the work you have to do. It is not the time to procrastinate, as you are under scrutiny. Finances and love life can be a bit dry, better times are coming so don’t get upset;
  • The Yin Earth (Zi) also feel some pressure but see how they can be in the flow and even take advantage of most situations. Just wait for the right time and be there when needed. Wait for your competitors to make their mistakes, such as speaking too fast and too much, and you can rip some benefits. In other words, don’t initiate but go with the flow of things, Wu-Wei this month!
  • The Yang Metal (Geng) can feel under attack. Everyone is watching you and every mistake can snowball, especially if you have a public image. The pressure and competition are real in your work environment…However if you are careful and double check your work, you can also impress the right people this month. Love life is better for women than for men this month;
  • The Yin Metal (Xin) are having a difficult time this month, like the Yin Fire. You shall avoid imposing your will and just see where things go. It is not the time yet to exert leverage, wait and see. You could feel that the whole world is against you at time, but actually your love life could bring you a good surprise if you are a single woman;
  • The Yang Water (Ren) can actually make the best out of this month. Financial opportunities and work collaborations can develop this month, especially if you are self-employed. You benefit both for a good support and from apparent strikes of luck, take advantage of it. For single men, the Chi is good for meeting someone new;
  • The Yin Water (Gui) are in a very different situation. You can benefit from a good social life, but shall be cautious with your finances. Arguments are likely to occur when you feel under pressure, mind your words and action and take it slow if possible.

Here are for the general forecast. But what is in store for YOU until for the years to come? When should you make your business move? What is the best profession for you? When can you meet a good partner at last? If you want to master your destiny and get much more out of your life, get in touch now so we can analyse your unique Bazi chart and then improve your life through a Feng Shui consultation in London, Paris, Budapest or wherever you are at the moment and contact me now through


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