Horoscope for your Chinese sign & Bazi. November 2016, Pig month.

Here is your horoscorpe for the 12 Chinese signs during the Yin Earth Pig month of November 2016. I also add a look at your Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny forecast through your daymaster. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart; contact me to order your chart and to know the whole story about your overall life blueprint and personal tendencies for the year.

I also invite you to read my Chinese astrology world predictions for November,  my Bazi review Dog month of October and to not miss the chance to experience your Feng Shui luck boost for this Pig month.

Horoscope for the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs.

  • The Rats are not having a good time this month. Expect to face stubborn people and to be in a competitive work environment. It seems at first that the “whole world” will be against you. This month you have to go with the flow rather than try swimming upstream and then everything will get better. Focus on friendships that should prove more satisfying at the time. You could actually see a shift during the month and strike some luck, depending of the karma and the quality of relationship that you have established this year.
  • The Oxen reflects on their relationship and love life at this time. It is a bit of a make or break type of month when it comes to love. If you are unhappy in your relationship, you will probably discuss it and change the dynamics. If you are happy, plans could be made to take it further. Overall you’ll be reminded that the person you are with is a mirror of what you like and dislike in yourself, and that you have to make a conscious choice to work on your happiness rather than wait for it. Avoid confrontations and put yourself in your partner’shoes. If you are single and looking, this month could be quite special…
  • Love is also very much the focus for the Tiger. In a year which has been rough for your ego, this month marks a welcome solace. There is actually some magic in the air and depending of your Bazi you could potentially meet someone very special at this time. If you are in a dissatisfying relationship, be careful to not end up in a twisted love triangle however. Avoid situations that would blur the boundaries between friendship and friend with benefits if you were unsure to carry on with such dynamics. At work, while you are likely to interact with clients or colleagues that will dislike some of your ideas, you have much to gain this month by being creative and initiate some projects.
  • The Rabbits have to be clever this month. Work will be competitive and from time to time you might feel in a corner. There is however money to be made and you should go for it, especially if you are an independent. New ideas and demands will get your juices flowing: partnerships formed at this time could prove to be rewarding. Love life or friendship can also be strong, and now is the time to patch things up as people will see you with more benevolent eyes;
  • The Dragons should have an exceptional month. The Pig sign usually brings good opportunities for you, but a Yin Earth Pig is really something quite special. It is a great time to develop your business, network, go for new contacts and try to get some projects off the ground. Money should come to you in unexpected ways. Travels could prove fruitful and you should aim at discovering other cultures, way of thinking and trying something new this month. It is also likely to be a month full of psychoanalysis for you, which will prove to be very useful.
  • The Snakes must take shelter! A Pig month is never good news for you. You are hit by the direct clash. Be cautious in everything you do really. Be especially careful when exercising, when driving and if you travel at this time. Better safe than sorry…Stay focused and get plenty of rest. Expect people to not “get you” during this month of November. Relationships are complicated and you should try to avoid big discussion and conflict. It is ok, just remember that it is not your time to shine. Rest more and let go of the things you can’t control…Any manual hobbies will help you to calm your nerves at this time.
  • The Horses might experience a very transformational month. The Yin Earth Pig will prove to be something quite special for you. If you are trying to build some bridges at work, now is the time to negotiate or even sign a deal. In love, if you are single, it could be a great month to meet someone new. At the very least some people will get your attention and fascinate you by the unusual ideas and wavelength. With money, if you have been through rough time, you should also find ways to improve your situation. Really take advantage of this special month for you as the planets are aligned for you to work wonders in many areas of your life;
  • The Goats should be in the flow this month as well. It is a good time to undo any wrongs done this year, if any. In relationship especially – love or friendship – kind words of solace and a gentle attitude will really make things right at this time. At work, if you keep a low profile but perform when needed, your efforts won’t get unnoticed. It is one of these months when you could be at the right place at the right time. If you are self employed, opportunities to grown your business and get new clients should show up.
  • The Monkeys are likely to be challenged this month. It is not the time to overlook any deadlines, especially with tax or due payments. Likewise if people owe you money, be diligent in reminding them and collect it. Everything will be a bit more tedious during this Pig month: it really is no pain, no gain. On top of it, it’s not the time to go wild with sex, drug and rock’n’roll as excesses could backfire this month. Why won’t you just sit back home and watch Netflix then Monkeys?
  • The Roosters will find this month a bit tiring. You will likely have many responsibilities on your shoulders and must be there for people who count on you. You’ll have to deal with your friends, colleague and family emotions and put yours on the backburner. It’s all a bit draining. Still, with work and money, there will be opportunities to develop your business or take on interesting projects if you are up to the challenge.
  • The Dogs will have a different month depending of their gender. For women, it can be an excellent time to get a promotion, apply for new jobs but also to meet someone interesting if you are single. You interest a lot of people right now and your ideas and personality will be in demand. For men, responsibilities are pilling up at work. Let your male ego on the side: it is not a time to bark and bite really. Do what is asked from you as it could lead to an improvement of your situation later on. If you are self-employed, you will have much to do and must prioritise. Avoid procrastination at all cost!
  • The Pigs have to be cautious this month. A popular belief is that the return of your sign for a year or month means that this is “your month” and that it brings good luck. Rather, it means a month of introspection and “instant karma”. Be mindful of your words and action then. Examine how the year went so far and what needs to be addressed or corrected. You might often be a bit out of your comfort zone during this month, but there will be opportunities to grow then.
November Horoscope Pig month.

Who’s going to take some money during the Yin Earth Pig month? Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/h_is_for_home/

Your Bazi day master forecast.

Now we move to the Bazi tendency if you know your day master. If not, now would be a good time to order your personalised Bazi analysis and report then!

  • For the Yang Wood (Jia), it is an odd month that pushes you in different directions. Expect a lot of introspection. The focus is on relationships and where you want to go with them. While you might not have all the solutions right now, it is still a good time to discuss openly. If you are self-employed, some unexpected money opportunities might come your way;
  • For the Yin Wood (Yi), it is a great time to develop your projects. At work you might see some openings: if you are up to the task, you could really benefit from this month. If you are looking for work, try to apply for new position at this time. If you are independent, now is an excellent time to establish some collaborations and to push forward your ideas. For your love life, Yin Wood men should see that their charisma is high at this time of the year;
  • For the Yang Fire (Bing), it’s a draining month. You won’t have it your way right now, so best is to surrender to others will and advice and let go. There are some fights that don’t need to be lead really…You can be productive at this time and will actually feel an urge to “do” things, but be careful to respect your limits as a possible burnout is around the corner otherwise. Relationships could get a bit tense and here again just let go for now…
  • For the Yin Fire (Ding), it is an inspirational month. In your work, collaborations will be very meaningful. With the right people, your team work is more than the sum of its parts really…Try to build some bridges at this time and even reach out to people you’d like to work with. You will find new ways to do things and it should open some doors. Money would then come from where you don’t expect it. For love, if you are single, you are likely to come across someone interesting this month. Where you will want to take this new connection is uncertain: take your time then;
  • For the Yang Earth (Wu), it is an exhausting month. You will be under attack and will find that a lot of people don’t share your views of the world. It’s a karmic month and one when you are exposed: if you are righteous then you will get through it unscathed, but if you are not you could feel that you’re on the grill. If you act as a control freak, which you often do, you will waste your energy and achieve very little…Surrender to fate for now. As a Yang Earth, you can recover from almost anything!
  • The Yin Earth (Zi) are having a better time than the Yang Earth. What seems like opposition at first will soon become opportunities to grow. It is a month that could be very transformational for you: rise to the occasion. There is also money to be made and now is not the time to procrastinate. Finally there is love in the air for both men and women…And so if you are single keep your eyes opened!
  • The Yang Metal (Geng) have to work a bit harder this month. If you have procrastinated earlier this year, you might feel the burn and the urge to complete the work you haven’t yet done. You are likely to be a bit more emotional and a bit more frustrated at this time. Rather than look for escapism, channel this frustration into some productive work: it will be very efficient. Money can be made if you are clever and prepared;
  • The Yin Metal (Xin) can make some serious money this month. It can be a good time to apply for new jobs or find some extra work, if you need to. Be careful however to not become bossy or a bit emotional as the month go by: focus on doing what you do well, now is not a time to get depressed with your current situation. For men, opportunities to meet could be around you. Women could feel a bit isolated at times, but anything creative or involving your hands, such as painting, writing, gardening, will take the worries of your mind;
  • The Yang Water (Ren) are feeling conflicted this month. It is one of this time when apparently “nothing work”. Your projects might come to a standstill for now: use this time to rethink them and see how you could do things differently and maybe more efficiently. Likewise, if you are dealing with paperwork and the administration, you might find that you are not heard at this time. Don’t get too worked up by the situation: as a Water person you know that there are more than one way to get what you want.
  • The Yin Water (Gui) will probably lack some clarity this month. It is a time of doubt and self-analysis. You are unsure on where to go and what to do next. Now is not the time to take big decisions, and if you are managing a team at work, rely on the advice of your collaborators. You need to a bit of escapism and anything that can stop you from overthinking is welcomed right now. Isolation would not be good for you right now: look for the company of your friends and socialize whenever you can.

Here are for a broad, general forecast. But what is in store for YOU until for the months and years to come? When should you make your business move? What is the best profession you could do? When can you meet a good partner at last? If you want to master your destiny and get much more out of your life, get in touch now so we can analyse your unique Bazi chart and then improve your life through a Feng Shui consultation in London, Paris, Budapest or wherever you are at the moment and contact me now through laurent@laurentlanglais.com

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