12 signs astrology April 2016

Chinese astrology: the 12 signs & Bazi forecast for April 2016 (Dragon month).

Finally, here are the predictions for your Bazi and Chinese signs. Part 1 of this Yang Water Dragon month analysis for April 2016 can be found here and part 2, about world predictions for this month can be found here. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart; contact me to order your chart and to know the whole story about your overall life blueprint and personal tendencies for the year.

12 signs astrology April 2016

The Dragon month is a bit fierce this year for the 12 signs. Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dystopos/

Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. We’ll then move to the Bazi tendency if you know the nature of your chart; if you don’t, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Nope, you’re going to call Laurent Langlais, Bazi expert: that’s who you gonna call…

  • The weak Wood Bazi should absolutely thrive this month. With such Water plus and Earth sign to grow in, it could be the right time to make your move and negotiate about your work, Weak Wood;
  • The strong Wood Bazi are in the opposite position and feeling an increased pressure on their shoulder. Don’t bite more than you can chew and pace yourself, strong Wood
  • The weak Fire Bazi are going to be drawn a bit. You have no leverage and must absolutely keep a low profile and go with the flow. If you have a Yin Fire Day Master, you can however work on your personal development. The month can be good for romance if you are a woman;
  • The strong Fire Bazi also see oppositions but can use this current climate to get organized, focused on their goals and make the necessary changes in their life;
  • The weak Earth Bazi are in a weird position. The Dragon helps you a bit, being an Earth sign, but there is too much Water. Expect a lot of frustration: money opportunities that could vanish if you are not reactive enough, flirts that go nowhere for males…Avoid being a control freak and take it easy then;
  • The strong Earth Bazi feel the urge to do more and can actually make good money this month: it can be excellent for the self-employed and entrepreneurs. Men can also go on dates this month;
  • The Weak Metal Bazi are drawning in their own emotions. On one side you can be very productive but on the other you are likely to lose perspective and feel depressed. Are your worrying for a reason or is it all in your mind, weak Metal? Meditate and keep your ground;
  • The strong Metal Bazi will feel a certain amount of pressure but can channel this into producing a lot of work without being mentally exhausted like the Weak Metal. It’s excellent for writers, for example;
  • The weak Water Bazi are felling unstoppable this month and somehow they are. It’s time to get on with everything that you have to do, network and find new friends;
  • To the contrary, the strong Water Bazi could feel on the verge of a burnout. Everyone could be on your back, and it’s actually the perfect time for a getaway of some sort with a travel and a break, if possible.

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Remember that likewise, it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar, not the year only.

  • The Rats have an affinity with the Dragon and Water is their Element. It’s excellent for networking and restructure your work; less to make money and except some completion. You are however seeing a instrumental into mediating problems this month, so use your clever Rat mind to be a good Samaritan;
  • The Oxen will find this month rather tiring, but if you think carefully about your move you can make money at this time, Oxen. The month can bring interesting romance for males;
  • The Tigers are in a weird situation. You could advance your career and undergo interesting personal development, but must remember to keep a low and humble profile: people would otherwise bruise your ego. Can you do this, Tiger?
  • The Rabbits are having a better time than last month. This time of the year support your growth and it’s excellent for networking, structuring your work and make useful contact. Romance can also be good for males;
  • The Dragons don’t know what to do of this month. It’s quite karmic: you are likely to be in demand but will have to account for your work and past actions, and must be willing to serve others for the greater good;
  • The Snakes have one of their most interesting months inside a very transformative year. You could lose a bit of steam and feel spread thin: expect however blessings in disguise, very interesting people coming to you and possibilities to meet someone new, both for men and women Snake!
  • The Horses must accept that they are not in control whatsoever this month. You will be way out of your comfort zone, but could see an exceptional opportunity to grow and get rid of some of your emotional baggage. Are you ready for it?
  • The Goat are a bit uncomfortable this month. You won’t always have it your way and should show humility. If you are an entrepreneur, expect some competitions but eventually you’ll make money. Romance can be good for women this month;
  • The Monkeys can be smart and get much out of this month. Go where the wind blows, but avoid being cunning or manipulative or it would backfire. It’s excellent to make new friends;
  • The Roosters have an affinity with the Dragon. It’s a great month to build foundations for your work or with your home (real estate for example), be productive and network; money wise it will be good too if you are willing to work hard for it;
  • The Dogs must be very careful: it is the month of all dangers. They are hit by the direct clash of the Dragon, plus the extra Water wipe out their inner Fire. Surrender to your fate and be on the cautious side in everything you do this month Dogs. It’s a make-or-break type of month, so rather be safe than sorry…
  • The Pigs are going through self-introspection this month, due to words from their friends and family and possible new encounter. Your emotions are a bit raw this month Pigs, so avoid to take impulsive decisions for now.

As you can see, a lot can be said and predicted from just a Stem and Branch of the month and its interaction with the current year. But what is in store for YOU until for the years to come? When should you make your business move? What is the best profession for you? When can you meet a good partner at last?

If you want to master your destiny and get much more out of your life, get in touch now so we can analyse your unique Bazi chart and then improve your life through a Feng Shui consultation in London, Paris, Budapest or wherever you are at the moment.