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London astrologer & tarot reader

In full Tarot reading mode! Picture by Harry Leonard Imagery.

So, here we are. You have read my blog, discovered my approach, and like what you read. You resonate with what my insights, my integrity, the work I can do for you. You want to experience authentic home and business Feng Shui in London or elsewhere; accurate Bazi profiling to get to know your own timing and take your life and career to a higher level. Or you have questions for the Tarot; or maybe you want a powerful Feng Shui logo for your company. Eventually what you really want is a life coach with a French accent, because who wouldn’t really?

Either way, here is the list of all my services for you.  As there are 3 Lucks, there are 3 different levels for you…


All the following services can be combined. For example my clients often take their Feng shui consultation with their Bazi reports, to understand the where and the when of their life. The Feng Shui informed on your place, the Bazi on your timing.

Feng Shui

  • Home Feng Shui consultation in London and internationally
  • Business Feng Shui consultation in London and internationally


  • Bazi profiling report of your personality
  • Bazi yearly predictions report
  • Bazi compatibility report
  • Those readings are either face to face in London, Paris or Berlin or by ordering your full written report. Skype readings are also an option.

Date selection

  • Date selection for your business opening in London or internationally
  • Date selection for personal life, such as gay and straight marriage
  • Combo: best dates for marriage + compatibility report


  • Tarot, Bazi or Numerology consultation by Skype or face to face in London, Paris or Berlin.

Graphic design

  • Design of a logo that is Feng Shui compliant to boost your company


Graphic design and personal evolution

  • The personal blason: the creation of your personal emblem, designed by myself after a deep analysis of your Bazi and numerology charts and a tarot session, using a powerful symbolism. Due to the nature of this work that needs a dialog over a few week,  I take a limited amount of clients for such service.


The following packages are exclusive for you, who want a tailored service that redesigns your home to be supportive and your business to be prosperous; guide your life choices with ethics and good karma; support your nutrition and overall healing; boost your Luck and put you in the flow. 

This is a unique concept that includes all my services with coaching in Feng Shui, Bazi, tarot, numerology, nutrition and holistic life in one package, with weekly or monthly options for the consultations. If you want to empower yourself and evolve faster, this is the perfect solution for you. Due to the nature of this work, I can only take a selected amount of clients every year for such packages.

The 3 months Renaissance life package

Holistic transformation for your personal life:

  • Feng Shui home consultation,
  • Bazi profiling and yearly predictions,
  • 3 Tarot + Numerology+ Bazi consultations ,
  • 3 nutrition consultations
  • 3 dates selection for  personal use

Holistic transformation for your business:

  • Feng Shui business consultation,
  • Bazi profiling and yearly predictions,
  • 3 Tarot+ Numerology+ Bazi consultations ,
  • 3 dates selection for professional use  
  • 3 trips to boost your business luck.

For both, there is the option to have weekly rather than monthly consultations if you need more.

If you wish to go at a different pace and have constant supporte, this package also exists as an exclusive all-in-one yearly Renaissance program: everything that is listed, with weekly or monthly consultation,  over a full year.

You have the option to add a unique service only available at this level:

  • The holistic food and shopping experience: we spend half a day together every month, or every week to review your nutrition and lifestyle choices, shop for the right products and have a private cooking class and degustation!

That’s right: on top of teaching you proper nutrition and healing, I will teach you how to cook!  A unique skill by a real French foodie and cook…A unique experience tailored to your needs, taste and health, with insight on your true self and how to sustain your life. Ypu’ll discover that food is also a spiritual process, when it tastes great!

As you see, my services offer you a great range of beautiful transformative process wherever you are. My three bases are London, Berlin and Paris but I work with an international clientele and can fly over. It is now up to you to contact me now and start your journey into reaching your full potential.