Feng Shui Tiger month

Feng Shui luck boost for the Tiger month, February 2017.

Welcome back: here is your January Feng Shui luck boost. On my blog www.laurentlanglais.com, I invite you every month to find a free Feng Shui method, easy to implement to boost your own luck. I am sharing here a technique to activate a precise sector/direction in your house (or business) that combines Feng Shui, the monthly Flying stars and the Qi Men Dun Jia oracle.

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The Yang Tiger month started on the 3rd of February 2017 in the solar calendar. Let’s see which directions and sectors have a good Feng Shui influence this month.

Flying Stars and Qimen Dun Jia for the Tiger month of February 2017.

This month by looking at the monthly Flying Stars and combining them with the annual stars, we find that:

  • East
  • North
  • West

are the best sectors. Northeast receives mixed influences.

The monthly 8 Flying Star that is linked to prosperity is this month in the centre. It’s good if you sleep or have your office in the centre of your property. However the centre is not to be activated, this is a golden rule in Feng Shui.

The negative 5 yellow is in this time in the Southwest sector. The Southwest should not be activated this month by: loud music, slamming a door or renovating in this sector. Just keep this area quiet.

By then adding the monthly Qimen analysis, we find that:

  • Southeast is an excellent sector
  • Northeast is good
  • East is usable.

Southeast is not great as far as the flying stars are concerned. East is the Sui Po (year breaker) AND the San Sha (3 killings) location this year. So it’s really not a great idea to activate it. For the good and challenging directions and sectors for this year Feng Shui, you can read my article Good Feng Shui 2017: the annual afflictions for the Rooster year. So we should focus on Northeast by combining the analysis of the Flying Stars to the annual afflictions and the Qi Men. However it is opposite the 5 in Southwest: therefore it is a good sector to activate at home, but not a direction to travel too.  It’s also good as I have analysed that Northeast is the best sector for the Fire Rooster year.

In the diagram below, the left top corner represents the annual flying stars. The bottom right represents the monthly ones. Blue = good sector. Green = average. Red= inauspicious.

Feng Shui Tiger month

Flying Stars, Qimen and Feng Shui for the Tiger month of February 2017. Copyright: Laurent Langlais 2017.

The dilemma is then to find a Feng Shui activation early enough in the Chinese month. Ideally this activation should combine the good sectors of the month, day and time. Luckily I found an excellent structure for you this month that meets all the requirements.And so here it is.

Feng Shui activation for the Yang Water Tiger month

Wednesday 8th of February 2017

Northeast sector

Time: 21h-23h (9pm to 11pm)

This month activation will help you achieving more with your career and boost a bit your income. It should have long lasting effects.

ALWAYS take your local time. We are now in winter and do not have the DST problem anymore in the Northern hemisphere. However, if you live in the Southern hemisphere you are under the DST/daylight saving time. Use instead the following hours: 20h to 22h/8 pm to 10pm.

How to do the Feng Shui & Qimen activation?

Put your fan or water feature in the Northeast sector of your home, or business premises. Start it between 21h and 21h30; leave it on and then turn it off after 23h (Northern hemisphere time).

As a reminder for some important rules:

  • The activations are done with a small fan in movement or a small indoor water fountain. If using a fan, combine it with a bowl of water (careful with the water and safety hazard).
  • Either shall be fairly active in the movement but not too noisy.
  • No need to activate another way.
  • Finally we are not talking about FACING the direction with the feature but rather having the feature inside the room located in this sector.

Feng Shui: finding the centre, sectors and directions at home.

Let’s say we do this in a flat located in London and you want to experience the Feng Shui effects with this method. Look at the layout on the floor plan: find the centre of the flat. Go there with your compass. The compass indicates that the Northeast direction and sector is in the living room. So you’ll use a fan or water feature in the living room on the 8th of February 2017 at the time listed: not before, not after.

Of course this is an example and your flat, home or apartment plan might differ in term of rooms placement and directions.

By now those who followed me know how efficient are those luck boost. The trick is, they are not a permanent solution. A lasting solution to stabilize your up and downs in life and thrive is to have a Feng Shui consultation for your home and business, as well as having a Bazi consultation to know what is happening to you during 2017, Rooster year. Contact me know to book yours.

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