Feng Shui Qi Men Dun Jia Dog month

Feng Shui luck boost for the Dog month, October 2015.

Welcome back for another Chinese month, and a simple method to boost your Luck at that time. This method works by stimulating a Feng Shui sector of your home, or business at a specific time and day early on during the new Chinese month. Remember, a Chinese astrological month usually starts a week or so after the Western one.

For the new followers of my blog, how do I determine which sector to boost and the appropriate time? This is done through the use of the Qi Men Dun Jia oracle. The QMDJ is a method that determines the state of the Chi for any given year, month, day and time in the 8 different sectors/directions. Therefore, by stimulating a good location at the right time and right location, we get a boost of luck. This is done either by using a fan or a small water feature. Alternatively, we can sometimes also travel in that direction at the specific time and day.

For the complete explanation on this Chinese oracle that used to be a military technique and is nowadays used to boost your business, health or your relationships, I refer you to the first article here:

How to boost your love and money luck with Qi Men Dun Jia

The Yang Fire Dog month (Bing Xu) is starting on the 8th of October. We have to account for the monthly Flying stars, which are another form of transient energy in Feng Shui. For this Dog month, the negative 5 Yellow star flies in the Southeast sector. We therefore should avoid stimulating the Southeast or Northwest location and ideally avoiding travelling along this axis. The auspicious 8 flying star that can bring wealth is now in the West sector. The West sector could be a good one to stimulate; however, it is also the location of this year San Sha or 3 Killings, a negative energy that shouldn’t be disturbed.

Flying stars Year Wood Goat

Flying stars, Qi Men Dun Jia and annual afflictions 2015. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

The QMDJ monthly plate does not show any great sectors to stimulate for the whole month. So, as it sometimes happen, we are going to use only a day + time structure; or if not possible a time structure only. We are going to avoid SE and NW sector, and only use the W for a short burst of time if we find a great structure for the day.

I put below both the Dog month QMDJ and flying stars charts in order to show you the different challenging sectors. Remember, Chinese place the South on top!

Feng Shui Qi Men Dun Jia Dog month. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

The QMDJ and Flying star for the Dog month, October 2015.

Luckily we have some good time structures in the coming days and an exceptional Day + Time structure in about a week.

On Friday the 9th of October, we have an excellent timeframe between 9h to 11h in the South sector. This one is good for everything.

On Saturday the 10th,   women can use the timeframe 15h-17h in the East to help with relationships;

I have kept the best for the end. On Tuesday the 13th, we have a very good formation in the Northeast sector for the whole day. We also have two timeframe that are very good for that sector! I really recommend that you get up early to use 5h to 7h in the Northeast. Then, you can also use 9h to 11h in the same area. By activating this QMDJ structure known as a Bird falls into the cave, you could make more money, get great contact and solve some problems in the following days. It will also help with legal matters. So do not miss it.

So! An easy summary for you:

  • Friday 9/10/2015: South, 9h to 11h;
  • Saturday 10/10/2015: East, 15h to 17h for women only;
  • Tuesday 13/10/2015: Northeast, 5h to 7h and/or 9h to 11h

As a reminder on how the home activation works:

Find the center of your house, apartment and business. Go there with a compass. Let’s say we do this in an apartment located in Canary Wharf in London. I am standing in the living room that is at the center of the premises. Then I look on the compass that I am holding. The South and Southwest directions and therefore sectors of this flat are what I am looking for. From where I am standing, South is the kitchen and Southwest in the spare bedroom. So for the 9th of October for example, I’ll put my fan or small water feature for the activation in the South located kitchen and turn it on between 9h and 11h only; and I’ll put it in on in the spare bedroom between 15h and 17h on Saturday the 10th. You might have to negotiate with your flat mates, move the cat or Booby the goldfish, but do it! And tell me what you see in the next days (usually 3 to 7 days after the activation).

Of course this is just an example, it might be different rooms than those in your home or business premises! And remember to use a small fan or water feature to activate, but no loud noises to avoid disturbing the afflictions…

Fascinating isn’t it? What if, on top of those monthly luck boost, you could benefit from a space that supports you day after day, year after year, and manifest for you more luck, better opportunities and an easier career and love life? Well this is what tailoring your home with my Feng Shui consultation can do for you, right here, right now! Ready to go to the next level? Then please contact me now for home Feng Shui or business consultation as well as your complete Bazi analysis and change your life for the better.