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Sectors and directions Feng Shui September 2016.
Like every Chinese month, you can find on this blog a free Feng Shui method, easy to implement for a real luck boost every month. I am sharing here a technique to boost your monthly luck by activating a precise sector/direction in your house (or business) with the combination of Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia oracle and monthly Flying stars. To not […]

Feng Shui money & luck boost for the Rooster month, ...

Feng Shui Qi Men Dun Jia Dog month
Welcome back for another Chinese month, and a simple method to boost your Luck at that time. This method works by stimulating a Feng Shui sector of your home, or business at a specific time and day early on during the new Chinese month. Remember, a Chinese astrological month usually starts a week or so after the Western one. For […]

Feng Shui luck boost for the Dog month, October 2015.