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Feng Shui 2016: good & bad directions for the Monkey year. 2

2016 is the year of the Yang Fire Monkey and now is the time to review the good and bad directions for this year. By directions I actually mean sectors in your  house and business. The annual afflictions and Flying Stars determine which of the 8 sectors are auspicious or challenging every year. The year of the Yang Fire Monkey actually start on the 4th of February, during the Rooster Hour. If you have heard of the date of the 8th of February, this is the start of the year based on the lunar calendar. For Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, Qi Men Dun Jia and Chinese metaphysics in general, we always take the solar calendar which starts 2016 on the 4th of February.

Weather vane of Culzean Castle, Ayrshire. Scotland. U.K.

The Monkey year 2016 and its good & bad directions in Feng Shui. Copyright:

Like every year, the Chi of the year brings different sectors and directions that are better left undisturbed, while some other can be very beneficial. How are the annual afflictions determined? To understand, you have to see that Feng Shui and Chinese astrology are connected: one speaks about space, the other time. They constantly interact together. For example, our living spaces are influenced by the time events. In Feng Shui for example, the same landforms such as mountains and rivers become auspicious or challenging depending of the period we are in (currently period 8 until 2023 for the nerds). This is the reason why the combination of Feng Shui and Bazi (Chinese astrology of the Four Pillars) is so efficient as it accounts for time, space and the person.

And so the Monkey sign and its specific Chi will stay with us for 12 months: the period that goes from the 4th of February 2016 to the 2nd of February 2017. Logically, the Monkey sign is also a precise location. On the Chinese compass, the Monkey is actually located in the SW3 sector (232.6 – 247). What it means is that the Southwest is where the energy of this specific year “resides” in 2016.

A bit of history then: how were those locations determined? Originally, by studying the orbit of Jupiter that takes 12 years = 12 different positions in the sky on a circular axis. Jupiter is considered to be a divinity in Chinese cosmology, called the Great Duke Jupiter = Tai Sui. And so in 2016 the Tai Sui is located in Southwest 3 sector, the sign of the Monkey. This is the sector and direction under by the Tai Sui affliction. It basically means that it should be left undisturbed the whole year. To be on the safe side, we extend this logic to the whole SW sector rather than just SW3. Easy isn’t it?

Then we have the location directly opposite to it, known as the Sui Po or “Year breaker”. Quite logically, it is located in the Tiger, that is the opposite on the compass of the Monkey. The Tiger is in NE 3 (52.6 – 67.5) and the Sui Po is located in the Northeast 3 sector in 2016. By extension, the whole Northeast sector is best left undisturbed, like during the year 2015 (because of the Ox location for the Sui Po, also in NE, in 2015).

Then we move to the next affliction known as the 3 Killings or San Sha in Chinese. This sector is determined by something a bit more technical. Fist, we have to identify to which of the 5 Elements formation belong the Monkey. While the Monkey is a Yang Metal sign, it is also the birth of the Water Element. As such, it belongs to the Water Elemental frame that is made of:

  1. Monkey
  2. Rat
  3. Dragon

The San Sha is in the sector directly opposite to this frame. Look at the drawing below and you’ll see that the San Sha is in the South sector for the Yang Fire Monkey year of 2016. 

3 Killings Monkey year

The San Sha is in South in 2016. Copyright: Laurent Langlais.

And finally, we have the location of the Flying stars. While technically all 9 Flying stars have their influence, the two major ones we look at are the 8 and the 5 first and foremost. The 5 Flying Star falls in the Northeast sector in 2016. The Northeast is therefore this year affected by both the Sui Po and the 5 Flying star. It is not considered an auspicious sector to activate at all.

Altogether we have in 2016, year of the Yang Fire Monkey:

  • Tai Sui in Southwest
  • Sui Po in Northeast
  • San Sha in South
  • 5 Flying Star in Northeast
Annual afflictions Fire Monkey year.

Tai Sui, Sui Po, San Sha & 5 Flying star 2016. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

Where and when not to travel to avoid bad luck in 2016.

Besides not activating this sector, ideally you would in 2016 not travel on the axis Northeast-Southwest. One example would be a return trip London-Mexico for example, or Los Angeles-Sydney. If you do so, do it preferably during the months that do not also have the monthly flying star 5 in either the Northeast or Southwest. Such months will be:

  • The Tiger month: 4th of February to 4th of March (included)
  • The Snake month: 5th of May to the 4th of June (included)
  • The Pig month: 7th of November to the 6th of December (included)

We can also expect some negative events in the NE areas of the world, and countries, during those three months that are negatively affected by 3 afflictions: yearly Sui Po, yearly 5 Flying Star and the monthly 5 Flying Star. The upper East Coast of the US and Montreal in Canada are area where we’ll look at during those month…

Annual Feng Shui afflictions: what to do at home?

What should we do to respect the annual afflictions? Well, mostly left them undisturbed: it is as simple as that…So ideally, do NOT renovate in those areas in 2016. If you have to, avoid the Northeast the most and choose a good month to do the renovation when the negative energies are less active in those sectors. If a building next to your home or companies is situated in the South, Northeast or Southwest sector and has work done on it this year, it is not ideal and you might not be away with some nasty effects if you stay in your home, or business, at the time.

Outside of this, avoid making loud noises in those sectors: loud music, slamming doors, banging on the walls with a hammer etc. What if you sleep or work in those sectors? While it is not ideal, you can still get away with it if you respect the same rules and if those sectors have been determined to be excellent for your personal Feng Shui based on your Bazi. As for not facing them, in all honesty, not a big deal and at some point you will face them in your home anyway…

When you have disturbed them by mistake, the best is to leave your place for a couple of hours just after you did, or even better go on holiday until the effect dissipate…But once activated, it is random luck to know if it going to hit you or not. So try to respect them, but don’t obsess either: technically we offend some sectors one in while during the year. If you can’t avoid disturbing them, we can select a good day to start the renovation, and I can also calculate some Qi Men Dun Jia luck boost for you to balance out those effects. Contact me if you are renovating your house or business in 2016 for a Feng Shui consultation and date selection.

Buying properties with the right Feng Shui in 2016

How do these annual afflictions: Tai Sui, Sui Po, San Sha and Flying stars affect a property that you could buy during the Monkey year? Ideally, you would avoid in this order:

  • A property directly facing one of those directions
  • A property with the main door located in one of those sector

Those are the main two ones to avoid, if possible. Additionally you might want to avoid:

  • A property with the main bedroom in those sectors, unless it is excellent for your Bazi
  • A property that will need renovation in those sectors, if you live in it at the same time

It is of course advanced knowledge to assess the quality of a new property and the pros and cons that it will bring for you, even if the façade or main door could be in the inauspicious 2016 sectors. So you know who to call if you are buying in 2016! Investing into the proper Feng Shui setup can manifest a better luck and tremendous opportunities for decades to come…

Keep in mind that if you buy such a property this year – let’s see with the façade in the Northeast and main door in South – you will still avoid the potential negative effects if you do not move in during this Monkey year. 2017 is another story altogether…

The auspicious sectors & directions for 2016.

Now, what about the auspicious sectors for 2016? Well yes there are some! There is a Yin to every Yang, and vice-versa. Or recto-verso. Whatever suits you best.

To determine the auspicious directions and sectors, we are interested into the combination of the annual Flying Stars and the Men Dun Jia plate/chart for this year.

A note for the Feng Shui nerds here. I do not use the Flying stars for corrective purpose when doing Feng Shui consultation, as the Han Wu San Yuan lineage is based on the Bazi of the occupants and dominant Element. However, it is useful to see which transient influences they bring on top of the rest.

The 8 Flying Star that boost wealth and money falls into the Southwest sector. It mitigates the challenging aspect of the Tai Sui/Grand duke Jupiter over there; but it remains a tricky sector to activate. However, in my book, it makes it easier to sleep or work in this area in 2016 if you need to.

What about the Qi Men Dun Jia then? Well the irony is that there is also an excellent Door and formation in the Southwest this year. It is therefore a sector that remain interesting and if one can do precise silent activation on some months and days while remaining in Southwest 1 or 2, and avoid Southwest 3 (with a fan or water feature) the effects could be spectacular. You know which blog to read for your monthly Feng Shui luck boost:

As far as the Qi Men Dun Jia is concerned, the other good sectors are: the Northwest that is also very good and the East sector that is average. The East is better to meditate and ground ourselves, but not spectacular to make money.

For the rest of the Flying stars: the harmonious 6 will be in the South. Likewise, it mitigates the effects of the San Sha affliction, or 3 Killings, in the South sector. This means that the Northeast remains the worse sectors of all in 2016 as it has no positive aspects.

The other harmonious Flying Stars for the year 2016 period are as follow: 1 in the Southeast, 4 in the West, 9 in the East.

So when combining all aspects: annual afflictions and flying stars, we end up with this ranking from best to worse:

  1. East +++
  2. West ++
  3. Northwest +
  4. Southwest + –
  5. South + –
  6. Southeast –
  7. North –
  8. Northeast – –

The East sector is actually the best as it combines : good Qi Men Dun Jia + good flying star + no affliction, followed by the West. Northeast is the worse. The Southwest direction is a very interesting mix of good and challenging Chi this year.

Good and bad directions Feng Shui 2016

The auspicious sectors & afflictions for the Feng Shui of the Monkey year 2016. Copyright: Laurent Langlais.

In the following articles we will look at the Feng Shui & Qi Men Dun Jia luck boost for the start of the Yang Fire Monkey year, as well as your 12 signs and the world predictions for 2016 with the Four Pillars of Destiny or Bazi. So come back to visit this blog and follow me on Facebook and Twitter to be sure you get all the updates in time:

If you are buying or renovating a property in 2016, following those guidelines will greatly help you to avoid problems. Having a Feng Shui consultation and audit will then take you the next level this year, not in 10! If you stay living in the same place, then we can tailor your environment to generate some financial, love and luck opportunities coming for you within the Monkey year and avoid the challenges. Now is the ideal time to book your business and home Feng Shui consultation (in London, Paris, Budapest and worldwide). It is also the best time of the year to have your destiny analysis done through the Four Pillars and see your personal forecast for finance, career and love for the whole year. In 2016, take control of your destiny 2016 to get an easier life and a prosperous year. Contact me now to achieve more in London, Paris, Budapest or wherever you live.

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