5 easy Feng Shui luck boosts in May!

Welcome back! Here are my Feng Shui luck boosts, so we can all keep rise our energy at home, increase our luck, and generate more opportunities even during these times of crisis!

To do so, you simply create some movement with water (a fan + water in a plastic basin or using a water/aquarium pump) at the right time and the right sector/room of your home. Everything is perfectly explained in the file and manual included. As we are all home this month, it is the perfect time to try this super easy method to see how it helps you raise your vibrations and luck! (For the technical aspect: those Feng Shui luck boost are calculated using the Qi men Dun Jia oracle combined with the monthly Feng Shui influences).

Those 5 Feng Shui Luck boosts are between the 2nd and 15th of May.  The effects are cumulative so the more you do, the more positive effects on your life. Everyone living in your home also benefit from them. And we can all use more work, money and overall good luck right now! The payment is made through Paypal and then you can download the PDF with all the instructions right away.

If you can’t manage to get the file through the link, please email me directly at: laurent@laurentlanglais.com so I can give you a Paypal link and send you the file. Thank you!

You can also join my yearly membership anytime to get all those extra Feng Shui Luck boosts directly through a full yearly subscription. That is a minimum of 60 lucky activations on the whole year!  The membership also comes with an automated calendar so you can have reminder of all the activations! Here is the link to subscribe: https://www.laurentlanglais.com/plans/feng-shui-memberships

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer rather than by credit card: send me an email for this option at: laurent@laurentlanglais.com

Thank you and enjoy boosting your luck and vibes to stay positive and vibrant!