Coronavirus chinese astrology

Coronavirus Bazi Chinese astrology. Part 1: April and June 2020.

Welcome back to the Feng Shui & Bazi blog by Laurent Langlais (yes, I now speak of me in third person. The quarantine is starting to get to my head). So here is my update on the current Coronavirus or Covid-19 crisis seen through Chinese astrology, with the Bazi system.

As a reminder, the Bazi is basically astrology through the 5 Elements system, rather than the planets (the planets are still in it but « hidden » in the system). In this system each block of time is made in Chinese astrology of a Stem (energy on top) and a branch (energy at the bottom, also known as the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac). The interaction of both and a good intuition is what can help a skilled astrologer (cough cough) to make accurate predictions. Don’t worry, I wasn’t really coughing. I’m fine, I’m telling you.

So: grab some popcorn, and do what you do to relax usually:  listen to some lovely music, stretch, or even smoke a join because as we say in France “ca va chier dans le potage” (it’s going to shit in the soup. Please do not ask how French people came up with such idiom, thank you).

Coronavirus chinese astrology


Chinese astrology: the month-by-month coronavirus evolution 2020

In my world predictions this year that were published exactly two months ago, I have highlighted several problems with the Chi (Chi = universal energy) of this year of the Metal Rat. I refer you to my two articles published on this website Part 1 and Part 2.

The problems of the year, in term of the 5 Elements theory and relations are:

  1. The heavy Metal « sink » in the Water and rust
  2. It feeds Water that gets overly strong
  3. There is no Wood or Earth to keep Water under control
  4. Fire is totally missing

(Note: I don’t subscribe to the day and hour of birth for a year, that is not a person: hence the Fire missing in this year in my analysis).

Here is some of what I wrote 2 months ago, because you are currently eating your popcorn and not reading my previous articles: Furthermore this year it is a Metal Rat year. The Metal is weakened by the Water of the Rat. Metal rules the lungs, and so we have an epidemic potential that attack the lungs. The Yang Metal of the year also rules the large intestine, and it is now thought that this virus has been transmitted by consuming the flesh of wild animals sold on a Chinese market. Therefore we have a start in the digestive system that then affect the lungs, and the movement and Water of the Rat then carries it worldwide! It’s hard to stop such virus at first from spreading during a year when the Earth cannot stops the Water.

This fast evolution that seems hard to stop is what we are seeing at the moment.

Note: Thanks to my friend Andrew Loosely, doctor in Classical Chinese Medicine and the Natural fertility expert for pointing out that the hypothesis the virus came from a wild animal is not at this stage absolutely confirmed. And that the virus attacks both lungs and digestive system and in some weaker people also kidney and heart,  making it a “complexity syndrome” that is not just lung-related.

Metal Water rust

The Metal is sinking and rusting this month. Pic credit:

To therefore contain this epidemic, from the Elements and Chinese astrology point of view, we need:

  • To stop the attack on Metal
  • To contain Water
  • To see either Wood or Fire showing up for life to spring back

This is through this filter that I invite now analyse each month of the year of the Metal Rat 2020. There will be a series of 5 articles altogether, one per week. Gotta keep this Google indexing happy! Drum rolls….

The Dragon month of April: apparent victory and relapse

We have now entered the month of the Yang Metal Dragon on the 5th of April: the third month of this Chinese year (as a reminder Chinese years start in February with the Tiger month). So what Chi do we have at work during this Chinese month of the Dragon 2020?

We have the Yang Metal that also shows in this year’s Chi. With two Yang Metal, this Element is getting stronger. It therefore shows a strengthening of the lungs and respiratory system overall.

The Dragon is also an Earth sign that further strengthens the Metal and can help contain the Water. Therefore we have a first movement of Metal getting stronger and Water contained, which is exactly what we want to see for countries to recover from this respiratory illness. This is good news so far; but if you have paid attention to my title…Ok, I’ve spoiled it in the title, haven’t I? Anyway!

Here is the first twist then! Yes, there will be more. Better than a M. Night Shyamalan movie.

The Dragon, we must remember, is also a sign part of what is called the Water Elemental frame. Water, as one of the 5 Element:

  1. Is born in the Monkey sign
  2. Reaches its peaks in the Rat
  3. Goes into storage into the Dragon.

The Dragon is therefore really wet Earth; already full of Water. And when the Dragon meets with the Rat (the sign of this year 2020, for the daydreamers reading me), the Water now comes out again. So Water is getting strong. And now the Metal energy on top is feeding it too!

Lastly Metal is also collapsing as it rests on a soaked Earth and Yang Metal is heavy…And so we have those complex movements of energies right now:

  1. Earth contains Water and Metal gets stronger. Most countries seem to be winning the battle this month but…
  2. Water comes out, is fed by the sign of the year, feeds on the Metal, and Metal collapses.

It is an apparent temporary victory with a new collapse: the crisis re-emerges and doesn’t go away. Water is not blocked and carries the epidemics still. The collapse of Metal represents both the lungs under attack but also hospitals not being able to cope, or governments starting to break under the financial and economic pressure. So to summarise: the end of the crisis or restrictive measures is not this month. The Dragon month shows first a slowing down but then resurgence of the crisis.

What you can do at this time to go against the resurgence of Water is to reinforce Earth:

  • Staying at home is definitely Earth-related
  • Walking barefoot in a garden
  • Gardening, spending time taking care of plants and animals (farming is Earth related)
  • Meditating and spending less time watching the news
  • Sleeping more and not spending too much time awake at night (midnight is the peak of the Water Element)
  • Roots vegetables are earthy

Now, let’s hope the next one is good and will wrap it all neatly?

Metal Dragon April 2020

The Metal Dragon produces Water when meeting with the Rat. Pic:

Well, you might want to listen to more relaxing music right now, because not exactly…

The Snake month of May: two worlds collide

This month is a more complex affair in term of the Chi movements. I had to drink more coffee to analyse it, and also watch a few animal videos on The Dodo to relax in between what I was writing about. I was stressed just WRITING about it.

Now you are absolutely riveted, aren’t you? I hope that you are, cause I need this google boost on my website I’m telling you.

So here we are in details; follow me, it’s complex.

The Snake is a Fire sign that belongs in Chinese metaphysics to the summer season, made of: Snake-Horse-Goat. The Fire is therefore showing up her. Fire is is associated with: joy, spontaneity, sports, celebration, spirituality…many aspects that could indicate a return to a freer life.

However the Snake is also part of the Elemental Metal frame. The Metal Element:

  1. Is born in the Snake,
  2. Reaches its peak in the Rooster
  3. Goes into storage in the Ox

Therefore it can also acts more as more of a Metal energy sometimes. And this is the case in May for two reasons:

  1. The Chi on top of the month, the Stem, is Yin Metal. Therefore the Metal contained in the Snake can comes out
  2. The Water contained in the Rat of the year partly extinguishes the Fire contained in the Snake; therefore what remains is Metal.

We therefore have a month when the Metal really gets stronger this time. On one hand, this is good news, as it represents a better strengthening of the lungs and respiratory system. People can recover better and the medical and governmental response is now better structured. There is more order and efficiency in this month overall.

However, new twist! I’m telling you, The 6th Sense got nothing compared to my articles’ twists. So, new drum rolls. Can you hear it in your head? If you can, it’s called a tinnitus, go to the doctor. Wait, not right now. Wait a couple of months.

So, this Metal getting strong is also a symbol of more authoritarianism at any given time. With both Yang and Yin Metal at work, the Metal can get uncomfortably strong and repressive in May. It brings the idea of more police and military order, enforced confinements, and strict measures imposed on people. Fines and possible jail time for those who won’t comply. 1984 is getting closer…

There is more still. The Metal also rules the field of allopathic medicine. With the inventiveness of the Snake and the refined, Yin Metal getting supported, it is likely to be the month of an allopathic cure. It could be a time when the much-touted vaccine is validated for example. Or it could be that another cure, based on medications, is pushed worldwide.

But the combination of a more dominant Metal can mean that the vaccine will be enforced, become mandatory and that people will be recorded for their compliance/non compliance. That governments worldwide will “test the water” to impose such solution. It’s not just a medicine solution that will be pushed this month: rather, one that combines medicine and curtailing of freedom of movements, through surveillance and possibly micro-chipping etc. Those things will be debated in May imho.

Depending on your views on the integrity of your body and individual freedom, some might be absolutely ok with that solution. I let you decide for yourself…

It’s not all about the Snake month! More TWISTS!

Metal Snake month

Like the Ouroboros, this Snake keeps giving and feeds the epidemics. Pic:

While the Fire of the Snake is attacked by the Water contained in the Rat year, the Yin Water (in the Rat) also combines with the Yang Earth also contained in the Roots (hidden Chi) of the Snake. This is known as a Stem combination (I will soon write extensive articles about all those rules). This combination forms Fire as the month supports Fire still. So it’s like a backdraft scenario: the Fire is almost extinguished and then comes back to hit us. And this Fire can attack the Metal, which was getting strong!

And finally we have one last complex movement, also due to Roots and Stem combinations. The Yang Fire of the Snake combines with the Yin Metal Stem of the Month. Together they form Water; and so Water is getting reinforced again!

So altogether we have all these movements in the Snake month:

  • The Snake supports Metal: Metal gets stronger
  • The Water in the Rat goes against the Fire in the Snake, but
  • Yin Water and Yang Earth combines into new Fire
  • Yin Metal and Yang Fire forms new Water

Therefore while the Metal gets strong this month, there is also a Fire and Water clash – which is never good for Metal – and Water gets strengthened again. Which in my opinion as an astrologer will bring all the following events, bigger drum rolls:

  1. Some governments will flex their authoritarian muscles. They will try to bring more confinements and police control in some countries. It will in some places backfire, with possible localised riots, and at least vocal voices asking for respect of civil rights and basic freedoms. This will be taken to court in some case.
  2. An allopathic cure – vaccine or medication – will be heavily promoted. There will be some resistance here too…
  3. Health-wise. The Fire-Water clash is bad for the lungs, and the strengthening of Metal might not be enough to withstand this. Plus part of the Metal morph into Water. It all represents an inflammatory process and problems on the lungs. In fact, if the year wouldn’t have bring a pandemic, this Yin Metal Snake month of May would still have “lungs problems” written all over. My other prediction: there will be a possible evolution of the virus (real or not, you decide) and fear-mongering that it attacks other organs and body functions…
  4. For now the peak of the pandemics should happen roughly between the 1st and 15th of May, with tapering after that.

It is therefore again not an easy month for the world. Two visions of the world will oppose each other at this time, and tensions will grow between a “new world order” type of scenario and what governments and WHO wish to impose, and some countries/culture resisting it. To see what globalists are up to and are deploying through the current crisis, I strongly invite you to read the fantastically documented blog from  a formidable activist in the USA: and to share it. It’s dense and absolutely factual.

This is the new world order that is engineered for us. Where the globalists waiting for a crisis to make this move, or what this crisis helped a bit? Again, you decide….

And for a shamanic perspective on fear, illnesses, and world manipulation I invite you to also read Bernhard Guenther and his great work.

We have only seen two months in this article, but as you can see there was a lot to be said on the incoming energies! Stay tuned for much more on this year and Covid-19 crisis through astrology…More TWISTS coming up. You might have time to grow corn and prepare your popcorn.

Gentle exercise is the key this month. It links both Fire (physical activity, sport) and Metal (flexibility, routine). Think Tai Qi, Qi Cong or Yoga rather than running a marathon. You want to acknowledge the awakening of the Fire Element, without being too firey. Don’t use too much stimulants, such as chillies, strong spices and coffee everyday.

Now, an easy tip for you that works on Metal (lungs), Fire (sinuses, smell) and Water. The virus being sensitive to hot, humid air, try to do a fumigation every time you come back home from groceries shopping. Put your head over a pot of hot boiled water, cover with a towel, and breathe for 5 to 10 minutes. You can add a few drops of some essential oils that have been scientifically proven to be antiviral (remember Covid-19 is viral, not bacterial). Eucalyptus, rosemary, Ceylon cinnamon or orange:

This simple step should help you to destroy the virus in your sinus and lungs if you came across it through your errands.

Of course, disclaimer, I am not a doctor blah blah research it yourself…

Fumigation covid-19

A fumigation with essential oils can clean the sinuses. Pic:

Now, every crisis is a chance to also better who we are and work on our “garden”. At my own level, I still run all my services and offer you some elegant energy solutions that can help you to both strengthen your Chi at home and be more at peace during this crisis:

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And come back for much MORE twists, I’m telling you!

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Pictures by Marc Broussely.