Tiger horoscope year of the Rat

Tiger’s horoscope for 2020, year of the Metal Rat.

Horoscope 2020 for the Chinese sign of the Tiger

And now we see the Tiger’s horoscope for 2020, year of the Metal Rat. It is a weird year for the Tigers: one during which they at time receive support and at other times feel under attack. The only way is up, and the sign of the Tiger must be willing to work on itself to evolve if it wants to go through this year of the Rat with more ease.

On the 4th of February 2020 (for the solar term used in Astrology: lunar starts on the 25th of January), we will start a new cycle with the year of the Yang Metal Rat. A Chinese year is always made of a mix of energy: one on the surface called the Stem, and one deeper called the Branch. This year the Stem is made of Yang Metal and the branch is the Rat, that contains Yin Water. The Yang Metal Rat year therefore brings us a mix of Metal and Water that going to affects each of the 12 signs very differently.This year will not be an easy one for the world, but each sign will fare very differently under this influences.

Keep in mind that his general horoscope is based on your year of birth only.  Your full chart is made of four Pillars: the year, month, day and time of birth, all with different signs and Elements. There can be almost 13 millions combination for the 4 Pillars together! It is called the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny. The full chart give a different picture than your year of birth/Chinese sign, and tell a different story for 2020. This form of Chinese astrology that I specialise in provides you with your personal map for this life, to find your true calling, know your timing and evolve positively. So don’t hesitate to contact me now in order to get your personalised destiny map for 2020.

Tiger horoscope year of the Rat

What is the Tiger fate in 2020, year of the Rat? Pic credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/101561334@N08/

The Tiger’s love life in 2020, year of the Rat.

In the love department, both male and female Tiger are preparing for a different fate. For the men, it is an harder year: the Yang Metal of this specific Rat year means that they are under attack and will be criticised for their hasty behaviour. It is then a good time to look into the mirror, male Tigers, and revise your approach. Are you being clumsy, too forceful, too aggressive when flirting? Most probably…If a message on your behaviour keeps repeating, you should listen to it and see how you could approach situations differently. See it as an opportunity to grow…

For women of the sign, things are easier. You have more chances to meet someone, but must remember to not miss the tree for the forest. You are more likely to meet a good seven this year, so stop looking for a mythical ten…The Rat is not usually a year of meeting for your sign, but the Yang Metal energy on top changes things quite a bit: hence those opportunities showing up. If you do meet in 2020, it is likely that your new partner will come from a different world and that you’ll have to get to know each other to be smitten.

For the Tigers whom are already partnered, the first year could bring some tensions and misunderstanding. The key to avoid challenges is to implement early one a form of communication that is honest and non agressive. Things do get better later during the year, when you and your partner can look in the same direction and possibly have project around your home.

The Tiger’s work and money in 2020, year of the Rat.

This year of the Rat 2020 is a make or break type of year for you, Tiger. If you are unhappy with your work, you are likely to go through some crisis to make your realise that you are not where you belong. Colleagues picking up on you, a boss becoming bossy, or generally you being fed up with what you are asked for…The year however does not only create some stress but also brings some opportunities. If you are willing to take a chance, you could find a better position that will allow you to progress. The second half of the year is in particular more supportive, and networking will pay off at this time as this new job could come to your through word of mouth. In 2020 you have to be brave and step out of what is not working for you anymore Tigers, otherwise you’ll feel sorry for yourself in 2022, when your sign returns.

The Tiger’s health and evolution in 2020, year of the Rat.

2020 is  a year during which you really have to step up your game Tiger. The danger would be for you to be in victim mode whenever you feel attacked. Your strong ego could then take over and you’d be unwilling to look into your shortcomings and try to evolve. That’d be a real mistake, as this year of the Rat brings both challenges and opportunities to grow for your sign. If you can then work on your personality with whatever technique suits you best, you’d have a real chance to progress. You can actually feel a real connection to spirituality this year, and feel that it really helps you to progress. The key is for your sign to be humble (not an easy task for most Tigers!) and to take on a new approach…

Good or bad, it’s all a question of adapting. Even during a stormy weather, any sign can have a great year. The key is to know what is coming for you, prepare and adapt. To know your true self and foresee what is ahead for you during the Yang Metal Rat year of 2020, contact me now for your Bazi or 4 Pillars of destiny consultation. You will be amazed by what you discover on yourself! And to not miss any update, you can follow my Facebook page on Feng Shui and Bazi.