Nepal Kathmandu.

Nepal earthquakes: Bazi and healing prayers.

Nepal earthquake

A stupa in Kathmandu. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

My thoughts go to Nepal today after the terrible earthquake and losses that they have just experienced.  We will see in this post that the tendency for such a tragedy was there, astrologically speaking. I am deeply moved by the fate of this fascinating country and wish to celebrate life rather than death in this post, reason why I am sharing some personal facts. A positive drop in this ocean of sadness…

In 2003, while travelling the world, I was amazed by Kathmandu. When I first arrived after a very long bus ride on what seemed the most unsafe road mountain ever, it stroked me like some kind of weird Disneyland – neon and exotic restaurants were everywhere. It was a bit of a left down at first, until I discovered the magnificence of the old city. But two events during my stay changed me perception forever.

First, I had the amazing opportunity to be hosted by a family of Tibetan refugees in Kathmandu. I was having a coffee with an Italian couple who was living in London, and a Tibetan was sitting next to us. He caught on our conversation about our frustration to not stay with local people rather than in hostel, and simply proposed to stay with his family. We then stayed there more than a week, cooked for them, and later on I met my new friend again in a refugee camp higher in the mountains while doing the Jomsom trek. This whole experience deepened my contact with Buddhism and to celebrate I asked a Buddhist monk who visited the family to shave my head at this occasion; it was very liberating and memories that I’ll never forget.

Second, I also stumbled into an initiation ceremony: mothers and kids gathered for the kids to take refuge. It was amazing to see. I was also invited to share this moment and the food offered, probably due to karmic affinities with Tibetan Buddhism, the form practiced over there.  I felt like I belonged there, and to witness such a ceremony was an absolute blessing.

Nature has often a way to hit countries that are already poor and struggling; karma is a deep concept and it is difficult to grasp it all. We can only do our best to help, through financial support, human assistance and prayers for recovery. At the end of this article, you’ll find a powerful mantra to dedicate to the Nepalese people. Remember however that the spiritual realm is one thing, but if you can also assist materially, please do so: the combination of both is potent.

For the Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny in regard to the Nepal earthquake, let’s review briefly. Here is what I wrote for this year as analyzed through the Bazi here:

“When it comes to natural disasters, like in 1955 I mostly expect hurricanes and earthquakes. Hurricanes because the expansive energy of the Wood is also linked to the Wind; earthquakes because the image of the Earth weakened by the roots of the Wood growing means that it will crumble and move in some places. The Earth often moves when an Earth sign is involved: Dragon, Goat, Dog or Ox. The Dragon and Goat are actually the more likely to bring earthquakes.

And for this month, here: “The sagginess and softness of the soil this month is actually something to take into account: with the Yang Metal stem on top of the Dragon, we have an Element that is very heavy on top of a soil that is too soft – think in term of shallow grounds. So, the heavier object is bound to sink in such soil: reason why landslides are not unlikely. It can also mean building collapsing, new sinkholes appearing (very likely) but also, quite logically, possible boat wreckage.”

Last month I wrote in my predictions here: “In term of events, the most obvious we can expect is in my opinion a major earthquake this month. With so much tension put on the Earth, and the Yin Earth representing the soil or ground, it will very likely be shacked quite a bit! To determine where is always tricky, but this month both the East and West sector are particularly affected. So this is in those two directions we shall look – East and West coasts of countries such as the USA for example, rather than other areas. Let’s hope for the best and see what happens. »

It has happened this month instead but for different reasons: the tension Wood-Earth is still here in the year, and the Yang Metal on top is too heavy – so the ground collapse. The tendency for earthquakes and building collapsing was there in this Goat year, it was only a matter of time for a big earthquake to manifest. California could also be affected until the end of 2015.

Samsara means that we humans sometimes suffer; we can find solace in the understanding that we are eternal and that souls continue their journey once the physical body is dead. Bless you Nepal, and I wish for the Nepalese people and Tibetans living there to rebuild their country and heal their wounds. I wish to share with you some pictures that I took while there to celebrate the beauty of this country.

Bazi Nepal earthquake

Buddhist ceremony in Kathmandu. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

Tibetan Buddhist in Nepal.

Buddhist ceremony in Kathmandu. Copyright Laurent Langlais

Nepal Kathmandu.

Buddhist initiation in Kathmandu. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

Bazi Feng Shui Laurent Langlais.

Buddhist look in Kathmandu 2003, Nepal. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

What follows is the Guan Yin, also known as Avalokiteshvara Boddistava, heart of compassion mantra, that you can do several time a day in dedication to people currently suffering In Nepal.

The source is here:

Thus did I hear at one time.
The Bhagavan was dwelling on Mass of Vultures Mountain in Rajagriha
together with a great community of monks and a great community of bodhisattvas.
At that time, the Bhagavan was absorbed in the concentration on
the categories of phenomena called “Profound Perception.”

Also, at that time, the bodhisattva
mahasattva arya Avalokiteshvara looked upon
the very practice of the profound perfection of wisdom
and beheld those five aggregates also as empty of inherent nature.
Then, through the power of Buddha, the venerable Shariputra said this
to the bodhisattva mahasattva arya Avalokiteshvara:

“How should any son of the lineage train who wishes to practice
the activity of the profound perfection of wisdom?”

He said that and the bodhisattva mahasattva arya Avalokiteshvara
said this to the venerable Sharadvatiputra.

“Shariputra, any son of the lineage or daughter of the lineage
who wishes to practice the activity of the profound perfection of wisdom
should look upon it like this, correctly and repeatedly
beholding those five aggregates also as empty of inherent nature.”

“Form is empty.
Emptiness is form.
Emptiness is not other than form;
form is also not other than emptiness.
In the same way, feeling, discrimination, compositional factors,
and consciousness are empty.”

“Shariputra, likewise, all phenomena are emptiness;
without characteristic; unproduced, unceased;
stainless, not without stain; not deficient, not fulfilled.”

“Shariputra, therefore, in emptiness there is no form,
no feeling, no discrimination, no compositional factors, no consciousness;
no eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind;
no visual form, no sound, no odor, no taste, no object of touch, and no phenomenon.
There is no eye element and so on up to and including
no mind element and no mental consciousness element.
There is no ignorance, no extinction of ignorance, and so on up to and including
no aging and death and no extinction of aging and death.
Similarly, there is no suffering, origination, cessation, and path;
there is no exalted wisdom, no attainment, and also no nonattainment.”

“Shariputra, therefore, because there is no attainment,
bodhisattvas rely on and dwell in the perfection of wisdom,
the mind without obscuration and without fear.
Having completely passed beyond error, they reach the end-point of nirvana.
All the buddhas who dwell in the three times also manifestly,
completely awaken to unsurpassable, perfect,
complete enlightenment in reliance on the perfection of wisdom.”

“Therefore, the mantra of the perfection of wisdom,
the mantra of great knowledge, the unsurpassed mantra,
the mantra equal to the unequaled,
the mantra that thoroughly pacifies all suffering,
should be known as truth since it is not false.
The mantra of the perfection of wisdom is declared:”


Shariputra, the bodhisattva mahasattva should train
in the profound perfection of wisdom like that.”

Then the Bhagavan arose from that concentration
and commended the bodhisattva mahasattva arya Avalokiteshvara saying:

“Well said, well said, son of the lineage, it is like that.
It is like that; one should practice the profound perfection of wisdom
just as you have indicated; even the tathagatas rejoice.”

The Bhagavan having thus spoken,
the venerable Sharadvatiputra,
the bodhisattva mahasattva arya Avalokiteshvara,
those surrounding in their entirety
along with the world of gods, humans, asuras,
and gandharvas were overjoyed and highly praised
that spoken by the Bhagavan.