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Feng Shui Bazi UK
Here is the article that I wrote for Kindred Spirit magazine, the leading publication in the UK on metaphysics and esoteric topics. This piece give you an insight in the 3 Lucks system, or how Heaven, Human and Earth factors all interact in your life and can be influenced by your Bazi, free will and Feng Shui setup. Enjoy!

Kindred Spirit: my article on the Taoist three lucks.

Month of the Tiger Chinese astrology
The first part of this article can be found here. What about this new month of the Yang Earth Tiger (Wu Yin) then? The Tiger is the beginning of the spring season: it is the young Wood coming back to life after the reign of the Water Element in winter. The trick with the Tiger is that it is also […]

Chinese astrology for the Earth Tiger month, February 2015. Part ...