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Astrology: predictions for the year of the Wood Goat 2015. Part 2: the world. 1

The year of the Wood Goat in the world.

First, a fabulous video showing some clear goats riding on horses. Perfect illustration of the Year of the Wood Goat/Sheep about to start after the year of the Wood Horse!

Let us see how the expression of this Chi shapes up the world then. With the Wood growing and getting stronger, we have as I said two expressions: the anger on one side, and the leverage toward more fairness and equality. The anger was the Vietnam war or the pact of defense in the East block. Why in those areas of the world? Well, the Wood traditionally dominates in the East and Southeast sector: Wood on top of Wood in those areas means some anger building up. We have seen a lot of movement in the East this year (Poutin and the Ukraine situation…) and I expect more societal movement, and some form of conflicts, in the East and Southeast areas of the world in 2015. So, if we look at different areas, here is the idea.


More anger coming from the East and Southeast areas of the world, most likely. Expect Poutin to be a real pain in 2015, and the nutcase of North Korea to still be a nutcase. China will also make waves in 2015 I believe, with potentially some tough commercial trade. Overall I expect those areas of the world to act with more aggressiveness, but not necessarily open conflicts – as the Yin Wood/Yin Earth combo is usually not THAT offensive. We shall however remember that the Vietnam War was started in 1955; my guess is around a possible escalation of the North/South Korea relations, and a diplomatic crisis around Russia and it expansionist views.

As for more equality and a better society, it should be seen in various countries of the West: I think marriage equality will for example win all over the US states by the end of 2015. Call me an optimistic…Overall, inequities will be exposed, and people of good will shall aim at correcting those, and this is what we will see in the year of the Wood Goat. This is also due to the Metal – that represents rules, regulation and mental process – that has support from the Earth, and tries to control the Wood (that represents anger, education, and also laws in the making).

I expect announcements and progresses in the field of education overall, as the Wood favor those domains, and some important law reforms in several countries. The idea of new “spring” movements, of citizen fighting inequities, are not unlikely in the first half of the year.


Due to the strength of the different Elements, the Metal related industries will flare better than in 2014, but still have to “work” for their money. The combo Earth/Wood can bring profits to the Metal. This applies to the field of medicine and research for example. Militaries forces and police, and in general government policies, might be strengthened: I expect the US to be interventionist again and fulfill a “police of the world” role. Still, the Metal is not dominant – and everything might not go according to plan with conficts (Vietnam war once again…).

Telecoms and electronics – Google, Apple, Windows, Samsung and so on – are mostly Fire related. They will see major announcements and developments during this year, but also re-investments as the Earth uses the Fire. With the Chi of the year bringing more equity and the Fire in a push-pull situation, I expect this will translate by new, tougher laws to tax those giants in different countries. The stock market should do fairly well – no crash in sight in my opinion. In term of entertainment, the summer of 2015 will see some new records in box office – as the Fire will be strong during that time and the Metal not too weak either. The most likely contender is of course Avengers 2, but some others should do fairly well such as Jurassic World.

Real estate should do quite well in 2015, due to the strengthening of the Earth. It is not an exceptional year for this sector, the Wood is in control. It is however a time of expansion for constructions and I expect many big projects and ambitious building to be launched or achieved under this combination of Wood/Earth that favors architecture. 2015 favors design and conceptual ideas, more than the actual work. Change of laws and regulations are likely to control the estate market a bit tighter in several countries as well.

One interesting field that combines Wood and Earth, and in which Metal – as technology – is involved is agriculture. I expect 2015 to be a more open war than in the past years between an excessive technological and profit driven industry – GMOs and other craps from Monsanto – vs the growing movement of going back to local, organic, self-sustainable. Monsanto and its GMO initiative will be in the spotlight. It is the opposition Metal/Wood here at play, with the Earth playing the link in between. This year is also good for eco-design and fashion linked to fair trade, and generally business built around those notions – which I expect will be more under the spotlight.

In term of medicine, I don’t expect big epidemics or movement of hysteria such as Ebola in 2015. If it happens, nothing in the Chi of 2015 is creating such epidemics – and therefore it could mostly be media manipulation (insert the necessary conspiracy theory here).


A year that combines Yin Wood and Yin Earth will necessarily addresses agriculture as a business, as we have seen, but also environmental issues. Global warming, farming and generally the impact we have on our planet will be in the spotlight. When it comes to natural disasters, like in 1955 I mostly expect hurricanes and earthquakes. Hurricanes because the expansive energy of the Wood is also linked to the Wind; earthquakes because the image of the Earth weakened by the roots of the Wood growing means that it will crumble and move in some places. The Earth often moves when an Earth sign is involved: Dragon, Goat, Dog or Ox. The Dragon and Goat are actually the more likely to bring earthquakes.

How to explain both the drought of 1955 in the UK, and the flood in Connecticut? The flood in Connecticut was a consequence of the hurricanes, and a weakening of the Earth, so it is actually a side effect of the primary causes discussed. As for the drought, let’s remember that the Water Element is very weak in such year so droughts are indeed likely. We’ll see in California that has already experienced one this year. And this brings us to one aspect that we haven’t discussed yet…

Transport, hospitality and tourism.

This area has been in bad shapes in 2014, with the disappearance of several planes, the crash of the Virgin prototypes, and fire or disasters happening on boats. It was explained by the lack of Water in 204 (that rules the transport business) and the Fire being a bit too active. While the Fire is less strong in 2015, the Water is still severally lacking. The year is less hectic, but I expect more difficulties for transport in general. Expect problems with planes, boats, trains and infrastructures related to those fields to pop up regularly in 2015. Likewise, the hospitality and tourism sectors are unlikely to see a high year, and should use good promotions and a wise Feng Shui to boost their business. The year being more Yin, people might spend less overall.


In term of Chinese medicine, the Water organs will be the one to nurture the most. Think of food that nourishes the kidney on a regular basis: food high in iodine, black coloured food (such as seaweeds from clean sources), chestnuts and water chestnuts, sesame seeds etc. The kidneys rule at night and we will need plenty of sleep in 2015: go to bed early and spend less time on computers after dinner. If some of your Earth organs are struggling, it will be because of the Wood taking from them: therefore, a bit more Earth along with Fire will help. Spicey food, bitter tastes and sweet flavors will be good, as well as herbs such liquorice. The Wood is strong enough and should not be overly stimulated next year. This means that you shouldn’t go crazy with liver detox, wheatgrass juice and stimulation of the bile, spleen and pancreas. Overall, remember that the year is Yin, and therefore is perfect for inner work, resting more, grounding yourself and preparing the hectic energy of the following one, the Yang Fire Monkey of 2016. That one will be one to remember, I am telling you!


Ok, here we get a bit technical for Bazi nerds. As we do Bazi charts for people, we can also do one for each year with their “date of birth” and see how the Elements interact with each others, which ones are dignified etc. Take it with a pinch of salt: first, because the influence of a year is spread over well…a whole year: this means that the Stem and Branch of the year itself will have much greater influence than the month, day and time of birth of this particular year. Furthermore, a year is not a person, so the method has its limits. Nevertheless, we can still collect more information on the Chi and the Elements at play.

So here is the full chart.

Wood Goat/Sheep year astrology

Bazi chart for the Yin Wood Goat. Courtesy of Joey Yap

If that would be a person, it would qualifies as a weak Metal chart. Of course years are gender neutral…This Xin Metal sees two benefactors in its chart, in term of the Tiger (month of birth) and the Horse (time of birth). In other words, the year gets some “karmic assistants” coming its way to help during its lifetime. Furthermore, the Year (Goat) get assistance from the Time of birth, that relates to work (the Horse). Which to me reinforces the idea of people working together and trying to undo some wrongs, and create a better world at some level. We then see that this Yin Metal year could make good money during the good period – enough Wood in the chart, which is the wealth Element of the Yin Metal. However we now have a slight conflict between the Yin Metal – the Element ruling the day of birth – vs the Yin Wood of the Year. Symbol of some conflicts – such as citizens going in the street and wanting a change of system, a fight for more right, and possible riots. It is not as active as in 2015 – remember there are Yin forms – but it confirms the idea of societal changes with some fights to be lead – more with administration than with weapons hopefully – and some interventions in different part of the world.

The chart is otherwise a great one for the arts and creativity – with the attention-getter that is the Yin Metal and the nice form of the Yin Wood. Think along the forms of Art Nouveau in architecture for example…I expect interesting movements in arts, design, and architecture to emerge.

We notice the opposition between the day and year of birth (Yin Metal-Yin Wood) and time vs month of birth (Yang Wood-Yang Earth). This indicates a bit of schizophrenic year, not knowing where it wants to go, undecided, more unfocused: it also reinforce the push-pull situation that we have seen on some Elements – like Wood/Earth for example. In term of global economy, this indicates a difficult time to stabilize the sytem – and the idea is probably still for a recession rather than sheer expansion and optimism. The Yin nature of the year also goes in that direction.

We finally have some Water showing up in form of the Pig, in the day Pillar. So, when considering the full chart, the year is not devoid of Water – but it exists only in minor roots. That wouldn’t invalidate the fact that the Water remains weak this year. I also personally think that analyzing the full chart and drawing conclusion on the whole year based on this is a bit of a derivation – so keep in mind that that analysis of the Stem and Branch of the year are more dominant here.

We otherwise see a Wood stronger than expected in this chart (Tiger next to the Pig combine into Wood, plus presence of Yang Wood in the Time) and with the full chart, we see that Wood and Earth are actually equally strong – the Wood might even dominates a bit. That keeps the Earth even more in control, compared to the first analysis on the year only. The Fire is also not that weak, but the Metal is a bit weaker than expected. Water is in the roots only – and so it confirms the Water Element as the great “loser” of this New Year. And that brings us to the individual predictions…Next week, so stay tuned!

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