America pig month

Chinese astrology: what happened in November 2016, Pig month.

Here we are, back on the Chinese astrology blog for another month. Before we analyse what December, the Yang Metal Rat month, will bring to us all, let’s review what has happened during the Pig month of December which I announced would be a turning point for the world. And it was…Below is my review of November 2016 with Chinese astrology. In italic, excerpt from my predictions which you can find in this article: Chinese astrology: Bazi predictions for November 2016, Pig month.

America pig month

The Pig month of November 2016 was eventful for the USA. Copyright:

Earth and Water don’t mix well:The earth is moving again. Expect at least one major earthquake but probably more; A mudslide is very likely. Flood affecting a city or area

New earthquakes, mudslides and floodings all manifested exactly as I predicted. Japan, New Zealand and Nepal were all hit by the earthquakes:

Major mudslides happened during this Yin Earth Pig month. With its Yin Earth over Yang Water energy, the mudslides were written all over the month, astrologically speaking. The first one was in Peru:

The second one in New Caledonia:

Some in Northwest Italy:

Floods also affected the UK badly. Global warming is real…

Hurricane Otto brought havoc in Nicaragua and Costa Rica…

Possible problem with a dam or issues around drinking water

There was actually a lot of local news in the US about contamined drinking water. One of the most striking is this one about radioactivity in Pennsylvania:

Violent repression of some governments/military forces

Venezuela continued to be agitated by violent riots. The world turns a blind eye to the Venezualian crisis, but this is however an omen of things to come. People have no food anymore due to too much dependancy on oil for their economy…Go figure:

Venezuela lawmakers condemn massacre in rare show of unity

There was also some violent anti-Obama protests in Athens during his visit; those riots were severely repressed:

Same thing in Italy with anti-government riots severely repressed:

We can also note the violent riot in the UK taking place at Bedford jail:

Women challenging some laws- civil or religious.

Here you go. France leads the way with a strike highlighting the pay gay between men and women:

Pollution of a river or of the sea will make the news.

What about: “Nigerian Farmers, Fishermen sue Shell in UK over pollution”

Problems with transports. 3 Possible outcomes:

  • Boat sinking
  • Train derailing
  • Major traffic accident

There was so many transport related accidents this month! Another striking reminder that the Chi at works can be illustrated very literally is this barge, full of gravel (yin earth) flipping over in water in the first days of the Chinese month! You don’t get more literal than this…And it illustrate the boat sinking prediction:

Another ship hit a barge and created an accident involving Yang Water (the sea) and Yin/Yang Earth (rocks on the barge) in the UK water this month!

The biggest shipwreck was actually a few days before the solar start of the Pig month, but when the lunar influence was already at work. It affected Lybian migrants, killing 240 of them unfortunately.

A tram that derailed in Croydon, South London, killing 7 people and injuring 50 others:

A major train crash killed more than 140 people in India:

 Cars were derailed after a train collision in Florida, merging my predictions of train crash and traffic accident:

In China, an accident on a motorway involved 56 cars!

Anger is building up. Protests erupting in many places. Possible “uprising” in one state or country…“Nothing goes according to plan” Tension erupting after the US elections.

Well no shit! Pardon my French. But hey, I’m French so it’s ok…The plan envisioned by most, including every mainstream media under the sun, was to push and coerce the US voters into electing Clinton. And somehow, according to the popular vote, they did with a slim margin…But this is forgetting that the American democracy is actually a federation and not a democracy as we envision it in Europe for example. The Electoral College made the final call and put mister Trump in charge.

At the same time, the Republican party now has free hands in the house and senate….Hence the College wanting Trump.

This triggered a lot of protests and opposition in the streets against Mister Trump election. Despite the fact that the procedure was totally in line with what the American system is. Maybe the protesters should have been more vocal when mister Sanders was backstabbed by the DNC despite overwhelming popular support…

At least we can be relieved that political consciousness in now awakening more strongly in the US population. This could lead to interesting changes in the political climate four years from now. Talking about changes and nothing goes according to plan, Jill Stein, the green candidate, now called for a recount in several states…

It’s obviously only the beginning of a troubled presidency, and more on this when we’ll get to my 2017 Fire Rooster year predictions.

Tension building between East and West: US-Russia, US-China. The tension will also likely be about war ships patrolling water or maritime borders.

The maritime tension actually manifested indeed around ships and involve China, but the conflict is more Asian centric that I was expecting last month

President-elect Trump otherwise decided to cancel pull the plug out of the TPP agreement, therefore sending a huge blow to the Asian countries involved:

The tension building up between the West and Russia otherwise manifested in a different way. The EU parliament tried to target the websites that are less critical of Russia such as RT, by passing a very un-democratic resolution:

It backfired…

The new UK government will kept being challenged and could start to collapse

Here you go! The court of justice finally decided the parliament approval is actually needed for the brexit, which is a huge dent in the plan envisioned by the Tories:

Do note that this event manifested at the beginning of the lunar Pig month rather, but that the ripple effects were felt all over the month on UK politics. The UK government now face another challenge about its tentative to still have the Brexit but stays in the single market:

Possible collapse of a government/city/country in the middle East

It’s actually Israel that “took the heat” this month and quite literally as countless fire allegedly started by arsonists affected more than 60 000 people in the country:

The collapse continued in Aleppo, Syria:

But the economy of Egypt is the one that went through a rough time right now:

It should be noted that a very George Orwell, 1984 measure of suppressing some of the cash money in India was implemented during this Pig month. The whole world should pay attention to what is unfolding here…More and more government control.

The month of all scandals. This is a month when “dirt” is exposed on politics, Hollywood, governing institutions etc. Except one or more case of sexual harassment, pedophilia etc. to be unearthed this month…

I was very spot on on this Pig month bringing many scandals. Both my predictions about pedophilia and political scandals manifested. Judge by yourself…

The English football sexual abuse scandal was indeed exposed this month:

And appears to be huge. The amount of victims abused could be of hundred of young kids.

Photographer David Hamilton died this month, while rape scandal rumours surrounding his career were made

There are otherwise a LOT of websites relaying a possible deep involvement of the Clinton with pedophilia and possibly Satanist rituals. You can google Lolita express + Clinton, Pizzagate, John Podesta + satanism etc. At this time it’s coming more from very alternative websites than mainstream medias, so we shall see how this unfold, if at all.

One scandal exposed about an important EU politician or the parliament

There was one corrution scandal involving an ex Romanian MEP:

And the exposure of several scandals for Germany’s European Commissioner Gunther Oettinger:

Other major political figures involved in scandals

The South Korean president is about to resign due to a corruption scandal:

The Good

A great awakening is taking place.The Standing Rock protestors are gaining more and more ground. Possible resolution offered by Obama as one of his last symbolic act in the office.

This great awakening is indeed happening. Nobody ignores Standing Rock anymore and its implication for the respect of native cultures is massive. Movie stars such as Mark Ruffalo have sided with the Indians and Ruffalo, who is usually walking his talk, has delivered solar power trailer at Standing Rock.

And the most amazing is that a lot of war veterans are coming to Standing Rock to fight for the Indians and not for the US government. This is truly unseen and mark an important turning point, when people whom previously served blindly the war mongering imperialist system are now turning against its excesses:

The historical moment is therefore two folds. All native Indians tribes are now fighting united in Standing Rock, something that has never arrived in US history. And some vets have now decided to fight for them. This is an absolute paradigm shift: the people of the US are fighting FOR the natives against their own government. As you can see, the world is changing…

We also see that even banks are waking up and stopping their funding of the pipeline:

That being said, the resolution is not quite there yet. The movement even took a very ugly turn with the use of water canons and concussion grenades used against the peaceful protestors. One protester, a 21 year old girl, might need her arm amputated as a result.

As you can see, the US can go very war to protect its corporations. The next month will therefore carry a lot of tensions at Standing Rock.

Spotlight on an emerging societal, cultural or art movement: think along the line of 99%, hippies, counter-culture etc.

The cultural trend that I have identified this month is the Notmypresident becoming a movement. Young people are expressing their anger at the election of Trump nationwide in the US and find a new unity in doing so:

Plants making a comeback. New therapeutic usage for some plants. Possible discovery of new plants…

News about meditation and rewiring of the brain – possibly around treatment of fears and phobias

The news about the rewiring of the brain were not so much about meditation this month, but the about psychedelics mushroom in depression treatment, linking to my prediction on new therapeutic usage for some plants (even if fungi are not technically plants!)

In other breaktrough news, the US is considering clinical trial of LSD to treat PTSD. More and more, scientists are exposing how misguided the war on drugs was by suppressing possible ways to treat mental disorders through psychedelics.

The most astonishing news here is the fact that scientists have discover that living cells could use silicon as a building block instead of carbon, under certain conditions. Which opens totally new horizons in the search for alien life…

A new discovery was made on how plants develop diseases:

A new species of parasitic plant has indeed been discovered in japan, but it was a few days before the solar start of the Pig month.

The assumptions about coral age were also totally revised this month:

Strong ecological awakening, illustrated by several citizen actions/movement

I have covered what is happening in details at Standing Rock. Furthermore, there has been other ecological movements during the Pig month. In Spain:

In the Philippines:

In Germany:

And ecological negotiations are on their way in Chile:

The green party having a breakthrough in the US election

It didn’t as much as I was foreseeing…Jill Stein, the green party leader, is however instrumental into contesting Trump’s election through a recount in some states.

Medical breakthrough around cancer treatment possible, as well as bladder/prostate.

The discovery for new biomarkers to identify prostate cancer was announced this month:

Cannabis in the treatment of cancer is likely to be discussed.

The main news around this was further legalization of marijuana, both medicinal and recreational, in several states:

News about water discovered underground: on Earth but also on other planets

It’s rather the lack of water that was discussed. Mars made the news with an estimation of its drought length. It’s been a while since the red planet has seen water! 

Archeological discoveries challenging our views on history

The most spectacular was the 7000 year old city found in Egypt:

And Mexican pyramids revealing more of them inside!

Measures taken to limit extinction of some species

It is in Canada that the protection of forest made some news this month:

Spotlight on ocean pollution or overfishing, with discussion of solutions:

New research brought the attention to the ocean acidification indeed:

And a 13 years study on phytoplankton was also published:

In water related news, new crystal were invented to clean drinking water from heavy metals:

New about renewable energy around waves/water

Very spot on here. How about this: “EU plans €320m funding boost for budding ocean energy industry”

Discussion about transgender rights, gender theory. Possible bill toward protection of transgender people

Early on in the month, it was announced that the US court will hear the case about the transgender bathroom controversy:

A Dutch cardinal otherwise called for a papal encyclical on gender theory:

Discussions about transitioning toward more sustainable farming practices. One or more country might take active steps in that direction.

How about this headline then? ”Regenerative Agriculture Will Feed the World and Cool the Planet”

Animals rights will be making the news, with new scandals exposed around transport or handling of farming animal. Luckily it will trigger positive changes.

The scandal here was that the new £5 notes in England contain beef tallow, which infuriates vegans and vegetarians alike in the UK:

And as I expected there are talk of certification in the US to ensure animal welfare during transport:

I’d like to finish with a panel of the weirdest new during this Pig month. A 50 years old satellite long lost started emitting again. Fans of Star Trek: the motion picture will know what it means!

In other weird space news, X ray coming from Pluto were identified:

The weirdest news of the month has to be this tourist dissolved in one of Yellowstone acidic pool:

And finally my favorite: the magical rabbit, a rare animal, was once again spotted for the first time in 20 years. In Chinese astrology, the Pig connects with the Rabbit!

That is all for my comprehensive Chinese astrology review of November 2016, the Pig month. I now invite you to discover your 12 signs & Bazi predictions for December as well as your free Feng Shui luck boost for December. Stay tuned for my Yang Metal Rat Bazi world predictions for this month of December.