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8 directions Feng Shui London
In this article I’ll examine the macro aspects of London’s Feng Shui, in term of topography, layout and landscape. London is the most expensive European capital, in term of housing prices but also for…pretty much everything else, along with Paris oh la la…It is also the European cocaine capital, as measured in tap water, for a second year in a […]

The Feng Shui of London

Bazi Four Pillars Goat
Here we are for a review of the previous month, the Yang Water Horse and the Bazi predictions for the next month, the Yin Water Goat that starts on the 7th of July 2015. We are going to review the monthly predictions that I made last month and that you can find here, based on the analysis of the Stem […]

Bazi for the Yin Water Goat month. Part 1: last ...