Bazi analysis: what happened during the Dog month.

Welcome back to the Chinese metaphysics, Feng Shui & Bazi blog on Ahead of the new Chinese month of the Yin Earth Pig, time is for us to now review what happened during the Yang Earth Dog month.

In italic below are excerpt from my previous Bazi predictions for October.

Water protector at Standing Rock. October 2016 was a month when the Earth energy was strong.

Water protector at Standing Rock. October 2016 was a month when the Earth energy was strong.

One or more major earthquake. I would be very surprised if no earthquake take place this month, as the energy of the earth is too strong to not move;

And so it happened exactly as predicted. We start with one big 6.2 earthquake off the coast of Japan:

Followed by two large ones that hit Italy again, unfortunately – destroying more of the areas that were already touched by previous earthquakes. On the 27th of October was a 5.5

The latest one on the 30th of October was a 6.6 class.

And as I finished this article there was a new on hitting Santiago in Chile!

Outside of earthquakes areas, expect some human structures to collapse or break down. A bridge is very likely to collapse, but some random buildings as well

And so we also had, indeed, our bridge collapsing during this Earth Dog month in Bali, unfortunately killing 8 people at the time:

Followed recently by another one in Lecco, Italy:

The hurricane Matthew will be quite devastating

It was, as foreseen in my predictions:

A nuclear plant incident could happen this month, following or not an earthquake. It should be contained but it would re-ignite the debate of pro vs against this form of energy.

It unfortunately also happened: there was a nuclear plant leaks in Norway and close enough to Sweden to give them concerns. It’s “contained” and “no cause for alarm”, of course, as usual. Which other astrologer predicted a nuclear incident for this month? You know that you are following the right blog then!

One suicide bombing likely in the Middle East

There was actually four bloody attacks that happened in Irak during this month:

Conservatism in all its forms will point an ugly head. Trump or similar figure that call for a more repressive government will gain ground. Trump is actually likely to benefit from this month more than Hillary who could suffer a major blow.

It didn’t rain but poured over miss Clinton’s head this month! Numerous Wikileaks showed what has been suspected for years: that the Clinton foundation is a large bribery scheme rather than a charity

And it seriously damaged her credibility:

And the FBI re-opened her email disclosure case, less than a month prior to the general election for President of the USA…

The conservative activist James O’Keefe also filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against the collusion of interest between the DNC and Clinton:

This month will overall bring out notions such as family, ancestry, foundations and what is it to be a tribe, a nation, a land…This Earth Dog month will bring many fights for lands and soil, opposing the views of some form of “progress” vs people fighting for their rights…The ugly side will be that conservatism and discrimination toward those who don’t fit into a country, the idea of what a family is etc…Expect heavy talk about migrants, borders and institutions such as Europe during the month.

The United Kingdom is not united anymore, and is rapidly becoming a dark place to live in. Under the current Tory government they are now attacking all immigrants living in their country, including people who have been integrated for years. This month has brought an unprecedented amount of attack coming from a Western Democracy toward immigrants, creating many tensions in this country. The darkest hours of European history are coming to mind when witnessing the shameless lack of compassion and the stirring of fear happening in the UK at the moment:

A bit lighter but still unfortunate was the attack of Poland, becoming conservative again, against European history and most notably France:

And the question of migrants was also heavily handed in France, but the expulsion and then burning of the Calais campsite:

I’ve told you that this month would overall bring talks about identity and history…

Expect one or more conservative states in the US to again make the news around repressive measures toward some minorities: LGBT people are likely to be targeted but possibly other minorities such as black people, again.

Indeed, a bill that would potentially discriminating LGBT people was opposed by the Democrats this month in the US

The attacks on LGBT rights also came from Indonesia outside of the US during this month: 

Women rights will be under attack worldwide: the recent tentative of abortion ban in Poland is one expression of this energy. Religious extremism will show an ugly side this month, with some countries wanting to limit their citizen freedom.

There has been less direct attack on women rights this month that I was foreseen, but the issue was brought up several times. In Canada most notably:

As well as in Iceland:

The nomination of the fictional Wonder Women character as UN women ambassador was also seen as an insult to real-life women fighting for their lives and rights all over the world:

And finally the Pope confirmed that women priests is a no-no for the Catholic Roman Church. Welcome to the 21st century!

Severe drought, dry rivers or lack of water are to be expected

The Southeast of the US and South Africa were the most touched this month:

One problem related to fracking is likely to make the news. It could be about contaminating drinking water, or about creating earthquakes. 

Well I couldn’t have been more spot on here. How about this: “The largest earthquake ever recorded in Kansas—a 4.9 magnitude temblor that struck northeast of Milan on Nov. 12, 2014—has been officially linked to wastewater injection into deep underground wells, according to new research from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).”

A newly published study also linked the chemicals used in fracking with cancers:

Some institutions will be severely shaken by one major scandal during this Dog month. Either a political party or a government are likely to see some ugly facts exposed that could force them to answer publicly and could bring some serious changes in the organization. The Earthquake image is not just in the soil this month. In the US, the Democrats are more likely to be shaken than the Republican.

Wikileaks largely exposed the corruption of the DNC working for Clinton and trying to eliminate Sanders contrary to their status of neutrality

But this is the re-opening FBI Clinton emails investigation that is shaking the whole establishment. The Democrats now accused the head of the FBI to break the law, which is unprecedented and reflect badly on the whole American system:

I’ve told you that the shit would hit the fan!

Besides the politics, one or more important company could be exposed for malpractice as well; hi-Tech, medical or medical business especially.


Ardial pharmaceutical is in trouble; under an investigation currently lead by none other than senator Bernie Sanders, on their 40% price increase on their leukemia treatment:

The company is Johnson & Johnson that was found guilty of having ingredients inducing cancer in its talk powder. A jury awarded an unprecedented $70M to a woman who ran a lawsuit claiming her ovarian cancer was caused by the use of this talk powder.

By the way some talk still contain asbestos (!)

Talk is used on most commercial rice. This is why you always need to wash dry rice several times before you cook it : the washing water shall be clear before you put the rice to cook.

Besides, Apple was the hi-tech company in hot water after it was found that some of its employees stole nude pictures from broken Iphones brought in to be repaired:

And Samsung was in boiling water with the explosive batteries of its Galaxy 7. It went so bas that the company permanently stopped the Galaxy Note 7 production, of course bringing severe financial losses for the brand:

We also had some food companies having to recall contaminated products, such as the Soylent bars:

Anyone with a little sci-fi background knows that you shouldn’t touch the food made by Soylent anyway!

News will likely be heard about pollution and destruction of the environment. A water contamination scandal could be exposed.

It happened as well indeed, with heavy water contamination in North Carolina aftet the hurricane Matthew passage. The contamination is linked to factory farming practice:

The good side will be that Mother Earth and traditional people will in some case be more respected; that dysfunctional families such as Europe will try to improve; and that diplomacy could make some serious progresses…Any fight, which involves native or traditional people, has a higher chance to succeed this month. In the Dakota pipeline case, I would not be surprised if a court side with the native Indians

There are been some progresses, but not as much as I was hoping for here. All charges were dropped against Amy Goodman, the journalist who was facing years in jail for simply covering what is going on at the North Dakota pipeline.

Think about a moment however that this respected journalist could have been incarcerated for years for doing her work and covering the fraudulent activities of a corporation, which under the American law are now more protected than the individuals!

As for now, the North Dakota pipeline fight is ongoing with a case of David vs Goliath, and native Indians having to fight again to protect their sacred land, grave site and access to water against the greed of corporation.

While this month didn’t see a legal victory for them, more and more people are supporting the cause through social medias. Celebrities and some politicians are also joining the fight:

There is growing solidarity toward the Native Indian cause against the North Dakota pipeline, including recently on social medias:

And animal spirits also showed up in the form of Bison and Eagle coming to Standing Rock, which if you believe in Shamanism are powerful spirit messages:

And finally the United Nations themselves are doing for once the right thing and released a statement to stand with the native Indians in this case!

There is also an awakening of a greater consciousness overall, and more and more people are not believing the dominant narrative anymore. The figure of Columbus was this month exposed for who he really was, and more states in the US started to honour native people rather than a sociopath. The celebration of the genocide of Native Indians through Colombus day is finally coming to an end:

Besides this case, expect news about traditional people winning against capitalism greed: victory against real estate projects, dam or development which disregard nature are likely to be heard

I wasn’t able to find news relating to this – so if you have heard of indigenous people winning some fights over the world during October 2016, please let me know!

It should be a spectacular month for archeology, with more than one major finding. We could hear about legendary places to be unearthed or about the finding of a major tomb or necropolis…Expect the discovery of new plants or animals in cave, mountain or a desert this month;

This month brought the discovery of one of the most spectacular cave art in Spain

For the rest, the discoveries were less spectacular than I expected for a month with so much Earth Chi. The main news around a tomb was actually about the tomb of the Christ, which surface was exposed for the first time:

Interesting temple findings in Israel

The 2500-year-old tomb with cannabis is my favorite of the month, tying up with my prediction of discovering plants in cave!

Expect more announcements around Mars and its topography

Indeed. And it went a bit crazy. A whistleblower actually answered to Eon Musk’s plan of conquering Mars that humans are already established over there! This tie up with the craziest side of the Wikileaks apparently revealing the collaboration of humans with Aliens. Don’t shoot the messenger here, I am just relaying the info…

The Mars lander crash was well relayed in the news.

There was also news about techniques to identify possible fossils on Mars:

Nations will address their status and functioning. Europe is likely to discuss some reform that would benefit its people or countries, with maybe regaining some local power or addressing borders and migrations

One of them was the push for electric chargers in every new home, showing a will to transit toward electric cars instead of supporting more the oil industry:

As well as a massive tax reform discussed for the single market:

There will also likely be some news about the Israel-Palestine situation. It could be that Palestine will be recognized as a state by some country this month

The movement toward the recognition of Palestine as a legitimate nation came from Greece during this Dog month:

Hollywood and the entertainment industry will perform well, with possible announcement on distribution deals

How about one of the biggest deal ever for Hollywood and the US TV industry? “AT&T to buy HBO, CNN, and the rest of Time Warner for more than $80 billion”

The financial sector and stock market should remain stable

Most markets held up quite well this month, but the incoming Pig and Rat month might bring the financial crisis that I was foreseen for the Monkey year. For more about this, I now invite you to read my Chinese astrology world predictions for November 2016, Pig month. And dont’ forget your November Feng Shui luck boost!

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