November Chinese astrology Pig

Chinese astrology: Bazi predictions for November 2016, Pig month. 2

Can Chinese astrology show us how to predict trends and pattern in the world? If you follow this metaphysics blog you already know the answer…And so I welcome you back for another analysis of the new Chinese month and see what will happen to the world. I use here the Bazi or Four Pillars of destiny to understand the month and year Stem and Branch interaction. Let see what Chi is at work this time for November 2016, through the logic of the Bazi, 5 Elements and the Yin and Yang dynamics.

November 2016 an POTUS election: a turning point for the world.

This month is a special one that will see the election of the new POTUS, or president of the United States. The US have such an influence on the world that this election concerns us all. Many astrologers have looked into the personality of the two candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I don’t because I cannot endorse one over the other: to me they are both the worse of the worse. None is concerned about a sustainable future for the planet or by working on peace; rather they only want to find ways to extend the American imperialism at all costs. I watched the Democrats primaries closely: once I saw that California,  a state largely favorable to Sanders, announced Clinton as its winner way before the paper ballots were counted ( a fact aknowledged and that you can check),  I then realised that the next US president was all decided for the Americans people and that the election is not really one

The US election will be held on the 8th of November 2016. While the lunar month of the Yin Earth Pig has started, the solar “start” is actually on the 7th of November 2016. So on the 8th we will be under the energy of the Yin Earth Pig.

I have mentioned in my Feng Shui luck boost and analysis of this month that both the yearly and monthly 5 Yellow Flying Star is in the Northeast for this month. This means that NE is the most afflicted sector of the month, and one of the worst to be in this year and time.

Guess what is in Northeast?

Washington and the white house, symbol of the power and president of the US.

So whoever the new elected President will be during this month is a rather bad omen for the US as their power in Washington is deeply affected during this Pig month. If we look into this logic further, what is in the Northeast of the European continent?


And so we have the scenario of a perfect storm here. What I see unfolding is that:

  • The new US president will face right away anger and opposition in its own country
  • Tensions will build up quickly with Russia during November 2016.

Putin has already stated that a Clinton election means he will prepare to go to war, as he is convinced that she would serve a neocon agenda aiming at provoking him into an open conflict. While Trump would send civil rights in the US backward, Clinton has already stated that she will oppose Putin and want to go ahead with a no fly zone over Syria. This is seen as a direct provocation to the Russian and under Obama the US have already got some “defense systems” closer to the Russian border. I invte you to watch this video to watch this video here on what Putin thinks on what is unfolding:

For those of you who are still sleeping, we are talking about a form of WWIII. Hopefully it will be a new cold war, but chances are real that it would be an active WWIII opposing US to Russia and China for reasons that have much more to do with extension of imperialism and an economic model coming to its end, rather than anything else. And there is more to this Pig month..

November 2016: a new financial crisis starting?

Furthermore, we could see during this month the inception of a new financial crisis. Either the housing or finance market will likely get chilly after the US election and the foreign policy that they are displaying. Except the US dollar to most likely tank a bit, but other areas of the stock market to be affected as well. I predicted a new financial crisis for the year of the Monkey and from my analysis it is starting this month and unfolding fully during the next one.

This month is therefore a game changer for the world. A Monkey year is always full of surprises and not always good ones. During this Pig month of November 2016, we are going to see someone installed in Washington who will escalate the tension between the US and Russia. A look at the following Chinese year indicates that it will be one filled with conflicts, through the Fire/Metal clash of the Yin Fire Rooster. This US election is really one when the whole world loses no matter what, and no matter who is elected. We can find solace into thinking that it’s part of a bigger metaphysical plan that will lead to a rebirth eventually in the next Feng Shui period 9, starting in 2024…

November Chinese astrology Pig

If this Pig month flies, it might be to start a war…Credits:

Chinese astrology: world predictions for the Pig month.

Time now to list my whole predictions for this month. You can then read further after the list to understand some of the Bazi logic at work this month.

This month the major theme is “collapsing” which will be illustrated with natural disasters, but also with the way the US Election, major figures and some companies are exposed. The collapse is due to the Chi at work: the Yin Earth on top of the Water and Wood combination of the big. There is no stability at first and the Earth is weakened – which means that some foundations are collapsing. The good aspect however is that it is a month inducing a paradygm shift and a greater awakening in many areas. More and more people will open their eyes on who rules over us, and start to think and act toward another way. For example the Green Party is likely to see a good score during the US presidential election, creating seeds of change for the US political bi-party system.

Here are my predictions then.

The challenges.

Earth and Water don’t mix well:

  • The earth is moving again. Expect at least one major earthquake but probably more;
  • A mudslide is very likely
  • Flood affecting a city or area
  • Possible problem with a dam or issues around drinking water

Anger is building up

  • Protests erupting in many places
  • Violent repression of some governments/military forces
  • Possible “uprising” in one state or country
  • Women challenging some laws- civil or religious
  • Pollution of a river or of the sea will make the news.

Problems with transports. 3 Possible outcomes:

  • Boat sinking
  • Train derailing
  • Major traffic accident

Planes crashes are luckily more unlikely at this time

“Nothing goes according to plan”

  • Tension erupting after the US elections
  • Tension building between East and West: US-Russia, US-China. The tension will also likely be about war ships patrolling water or maritime borders.
  • The new UK government will kept being challenged and could start to collapse
  • Possible collapse of a government/city/country in the middle East

The month of all scandals. This is a month when “dirt” is exposed on politics, Hollywood, governing institutions etc.

  • One scandal exposed about an important EU politician or the parliament
  • Except one or more case of sexual harassment, pedophilia etc. to be unearthed this month
  • Other major political figures involved in scandals

The Good

A great awakening is taking place.

  • The Standing Rock protestors are gaining more and more ground. Possible resolution offered by Obama as one of his last symbolic act in the office.
  • Spotlight on an emerging societal, cultural or art movement: think along the line of 99%, hippies, counter-culture etc.

Plants making a comeback.

  • New therapeutic usage for some plants.
  • Possible discovery of new plants
  • Strong ecological awakening, illustrated by several citizen actions/movement

Paradym shift.

  • The green party having a breakthrough in the US election
  • Medical breakthrough around cancer treatment possible, as well as bladder/prostate. Cannabis in the treatment of cancer is likely to be disucssed.
  • News about water discovered underground: on Earth but also on other planets
  • Archeological discoveries challenging our views on history
  • Measures taken to limit extinction of some species
  • Spotlight on ocean pollution or overfishing, with discussion of solutions
  • New about renewable energy around waves/water
  • Discussion about transgender rights, gender theory. Possible bill toward protection of transgender people
  • Discussions about transitioning toward more sustainable farming practices. One or more country might take active steps in that direction.
  • Animals rights will be making the news, with new scandals exposed around transport or handling of farming animal. Luckily it will trigger positive changes.
  • News about meditation and rewiring of the brain – possibly around treatment of fears and phobias

Bazi analysis for November, Earth Pig month.

Here is an explanation of the forces at work in this month Bazi. The Pig is an animal that contains both water and Wood exclusively. As part of the winter frame: Pig/Rat/Ox, it contains the Yang Water Chi. As part of the Wood spring frame: Pig-Rabbit-Goat, it also contains Yang Wood and is the inception of the Wood Element in the Chinese zodiac.

Now on top of those two Roots, we have the Yin Earth. It is associated with fertile soil and generally it is a form of earth that can be shaped, molded, and can move. It is quite different from the Yang Earth energy of last month, more akin to mountain and masses that don’t move easily.

We therefore have: Yin Earth/Ji interacting with Yang Water/Ren and Yang Wood/Jia. Let’s look at the image at work. What happen when you put some soil in a river, or in the sea? It get carried away and soon disappear, scattered by the strength of the water. So the image of the Yin Earth Pig is not a very stable one. The Earth here, apparently, has no foundation. It needs to lay on solid ground to build something. Here the ground is a strong water Element. It is therefore hard to the Earth Element to build on top of the Pig sign, as it seems to get carried away and be scathed everywhere.

You can therefore see why it’s not an auspicious month for a presidential election, and to build a solid presidency. The instability is also in the day of the election itself: the 8th of November 2016 is a Yang Wood day. It further emphasize the Wood-Earth opposition of the month. We furthermore have the Wood Element contained inside the Pig. When the Wood is only next to the Water and has no Earth, it doesn’t grow yet. Here however we have this month Water + Earth supporting the Wood growth. While the Wood should only be “planted” and stay dormant in the Pig season, it starts to grow early here. The Wood Element can be a symbol of creativity, imagination and expansion: but it is also a symbol of anger, revolt and the inception of revolution. With the Wood awakening early on in season, we necessarily will see a lot of disapproval of the US election, but furthermore we’ll see protest against the system everywhere. In the US, the Wood starting to grow is the perfect illustration of independants gaining some ground  and starting to weaken the foundation of the bi-party system. Quite logically, as this is about young Wood cracking the Earth, the Green Party represented by Jill Stein should have a breakthrough during this election as it is more strongly associated with the Wood Element. Finally reflect on the fact that this is the 58th US predidential election: 5 is an Earth number, 8 a Wood number, with Wood winning over the Earth. The uprising of the Wood toward the Earth is even marked in this number! We astrologers know patterns when we see them…

Standing rock: toward a victory for the Native Indians?

The Dakota pipeline will of course be a point of focus again. Elsewhere in the world, we can expect citizen to awaken and protests: it’s not a quiet month. In those fight, who will win then?

To answer we need to go even further. In Bazi, some stems combine to produce one of the 5 Elements. This is the case when you have Yin Earth + Yang Wood. This month, the Yang Earth stem therefore combines with the Yang Wood root of the Pig to produce more Earth. And so now we have: Wood agitating the people, but Earth forming to block the Water.

It is quite fascinating as the Standing Rock fight is ALL about Earth vs Water, which is a theme of this Yin Earth Pig month. The native Indians want to protect their sacred land and ancestors = Earth from the pipeline = Water and the people who protest here are called the Water protectors. There is a double movement this month; the Earth collapses first, showing that the fight is not yet won; but then the Earth is strengthened by the Earth + Wood combo which produces more Earth and finally stop the Water. In other world, I expect the Dakota Pipeline to be re-routed, and starting from next month (Geng Zi month, Yang Metal over Yin Water…).

Furthermore, when we now link the Pig month and the Monkey year, we now have: Yang Wood (month), Yang Fire (year), Yang Earth (year), Yin Earth (month), Yang Metal (year), Yang Water twice (month and year). You can see here that there are several movements: the Yang Metal vs Yang Wood shows citizen vs government or institution, and the Yin Earth vs Yang Water illustrates traditional people facing the movement of industrialization. Earth is slow and unmoving, Water fast and every changing. However while the Earth Element is weakened by the Metal, Water and Wood at first, the larger movement between the month and year strengthens this Element. So we have two dynamics at work really this month: first the Earth collapses under stronger forces – hence the scandals, institutions shaken, earthquakes etc. but then it gain some strength again and can contain the Water Element.

Fascinated by the Bazi? When don’t you contact me for a personalised consultation to understand which dynamics is at work in your own chart and see what the years ahead will bring to you?

I also want to remind you that during the dark times we live in, buidling stronger and more peaceful local communities is really the only way we have to change the world at our own level. I see Feng Shui as a major force in achieving such goal. Focus on what you can do in your home and business through a Feng Shui consultation and let go of what you cannot control.

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