Four Pillars Metal Rabbit.

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Welcome back to the Feng Shui & Chinese astrology blog! We are entering the Yin Metal Rabbit month that starts on the 5th of March 2016. Here are my world predictions based on the analysis of the Chi of this month according to the Bazi, or Four Pillars of destiny. Before we get to the technical aspects of the Bazi and this Chinese month interaction with the year, you can watch my Vlog about March 2016, Yin Metal Rabbit month below, or directly on Youtube at this address:

I hope you enjoyed my French accent and sometimes slightly confused use of English language!

So, my main predictions for this month are in order…

Four Pillars Metal Rabbit.

The Rabbit month of March 2016 in Chinese astrology Bazi Four Pillars. Credits:

The bad

  • Numerous strikes and protests around the world. Movements especially involving young people, students, but also possibly farmers, intellectuals, teachers vs repressive forces of governments, police or militaries. Possible mini “Arab springs” like in 2011, a Yin Metal Rabbit year but that will not last as long
  • Those fights will also likely involve traditional/indigenous people. Expect some environmental figths to occur this month, around protected land, forest, sacred places etc. and possibly with ecological militants such as Greenpeace. It is a month that will perfectly illustrates the opposition natural lifestyle/progress that goes too far (think palm oil in Indonesia, deforestation of Amazonia etc.). My hunch tells me something will occur in Southeast Asia: around Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia or Cambodia;
  • Clash of conservatives vs progressive forces: Trump vs Sanders is likely to occur this month;
  • Robbery of a precious jewel or jewellery, or involving some precious metals;
  • Difficult month for diplomacy. Some provocations, a lot of negociations, talk and opposed points of views. Agreements signed or compromises reached after some heated situations. East/West opposition is real and well alive this month with the Metal/Wood clash – maybe around the USA and Russia handling the Syrian and middle East situation, or Israel.

The ugly

  • Collapse of building and high-tech engineered structures such as railroads, bridges and big buildings. This is mostly due to flooding or landslide that are VERY likely to occur. Localised Fire-related accidents are also possible;
  • Problems on one or more coastal cities due to the strong Water forming that partly wipes out the Metal;
  • Attack of a madman (or more) or possible terrorists, but more likely to feature stabbing/cutting/beheading rather than firearms. A school or University might be involved (think of a possible rampage for example).

The Good

  • Some peace and agreements made between governments and protesters. Some countries will find compromises and work toward the common good, rather than use repression only;
  • Advance in transports system, such as new means of propulsion, improvement of exisiting ones etc. Think futuristic trains like the Japanese bullet train (Shinkanzen), hovercrafts, spaceships or very long distance airliners for example;
  • Spectacular announcements or discovery in the field of computer technology, most likely related to way of cooling down CPU, or quartz/liquid crystal high-tech for example. Supra-conductors are also possible;
  • Spectacular month for Hollywood, TV and cinema industry;
  • The stock market will know some up and down and a bit of scares but shall not crash, yet, this month;
  • Spectacular advance in the medicine technology, especially with precision surgery – possibly around cardiac or kidney issues;
  • News around fashion or textiles: advances in textiles technologies, cuts and fabrics; possible new materials used for clothes; fashion industry doing well and making the news;
  • Same ideas around…hair. Expect news about hair biology, unusual hairdo, possible silly news such as robots cutting hair etc. Lady Gaga or Sia might again surprise us in this department!
  • Great boost for the solar industry, with some cities, states or countries giving a bit financial push for this form of energy;
  • Discoveries in agriculture: a spectacular stone, crystal or buried jewels. Possibly discovery around system of water sewage in old buildings;
  • Spectacular announcement either in architecture technology (3D printing, metal frame etc.) or architecture look/aesthetics.

You see I am now predicting more positive events than disasters, so if you are the worrier type, do come back every month to read this blog. And now for the more technical explanations of those predictions…

The Bazi/Four Pillars logic of the Yin Metal Rabbit month

To understand which scenario will unfold this month, we have to look at two aspects. The first one is the relation between the Stem and the branch of the month. The second one is the relation between those two and the Stem and Branch of the year itself.

This Rabbit month, the main dynamics is the Wood-Metal clash. The Rabbit is the peak of the Spring season when the Wood Element is the strongest. Its root, or hidden stem, is Yi = Yin Wood. On top of it, the energy of this month is a Yin Metal Stem. Yin and Yang Metal usually belong to the autum season and West sector, while the Yin and Yang Wood belong to the Spring season and East sector. We therefore have a direct seasonal, as well as directional, clash of Elements. Basically the apparition of a strong Metal Element now is “out of place” and “out of season”: the Metal appears too early to try chop the Wood.

In regards to this collision, we have the main predictions of: strikes, protests, oppositions to governments, movements like Arabic spring. The Yin Wood and Spring represents youths and students and generally the power of imagination, dreams and positive reforms. I also see in the Wood nature and traditional people (also associated with the Yin Earth) and in Metal the destructive side of human society and the so-called “progress”.The Metal is more associated with governments, systems, possible repression and a will of human control.  In this Wood vs Metal clash, we are bound to see a fight around nature and protected lands.

The other aspect is very physical: the Yin Metal represents daggers, swords, knives, cutting tools and sometimes a certain level of manipulation and cunning attitude. The Wood is about neck, limbs, the back and the Wood organs. Hence the predictions about some bloodsheds such as stabbing, rampage etc. The school or Uni situation would be a doubling of the Wood/Metal oppositions.

Of course the East/West different points of views is as well illustrated with the Wood/Metal clash.

Now we have to see the interaction between the year and month Pillars as well. The Fire-Metal combo is of course the main one at work here. It’s a technical aspect of Bazi: the Yang Fire of this year and the Yin Metal of this month can combines and form Water.  The Bazi and the 5 Elements are full of surprises! This combination is happening due to the support of the Monkey that contains Metal and Water. And so part of the Metal “attack” on Wood is softens, as the Water is now supportive of the Wood. This explains the idea of agreements and deals made in diplomacy but also between rebelious movements, citizens protesting or on strike and governments for example. There will be some good will at work: it’s different to have this Yin Metal Rabbit (Xin Mao) month taking place inside a Yang Fire Monkey year (Bing Shen), than having it inside a Yin Metal Rabbit year (2011). The movements that starts this month are not likely to be sustained pr as profound as the Arabic spring of 2011 as the dynamics of the year is very different. Thinking that the two Yin Metal Rabbit months are a carbon copy of each other would be to overlook this very important point. In astrology it is all about context and timing!

The other good aspect of this interesting merging Fire-Metal into Water brings to me the image of cooling down of CPU, advance in computer tech, advance in transports tech but also the good month for the solar industry. Of course the negative aspect is the collapsing of the Metal under the forces of Fire and Water: likely to bring landslides, flooding or some Fire related accidents.

Other very interesting aspects for the Bazi students or nerds here. The Monkey sign is a sword for Xin, the Yin Metal: which means that bloodsheds situations, accidents and violence are bound to happen. It is also a reason to be very careful while using cutting tools this month, as cuts are very likely to occur for many people. We however have the Monkey that is a benefactor of the Yin Wood root, Yi, hidden in Mao/The Rabbit sign. This is another reason why peace and agreements are bound to happen and while some Wood related industries – fashion, hair for example – will do very well despite the attack of the Metal. Finally do note that Yi, the Root of Mao, combines into Metal with Geng, the Metal Root of the Shen/The Monkey year sign. This is another combo happening this month on top of the Xin-Bing combination. Wood is attacked by Metal, but some Metal becomes Water to feed the Wood and then some Wood transforms into Metal! A complex movement, that explains provocations, conflicts and endless talks with finally some compromises in diplomacy, as well as possible radical advances in medicine high-tech.

4 Pillars Rabbit month

Bazi: the 4 Pillars relation between the Xin Mao month and Bing Shen year. Characters from the Joey Yap software. Graphic copyright: Laurent Langlais 2016.

A geek like me cannot conclude this article without finishing on the other major clash of the month: during the Yin Metal Rabbit month is released the movie some of us have been waiting for decades: Batman v Superman, Dawn of Justice! Initially the movie was scheduled to be released in July 2015, then May 2016 by the producer Warner Bros. They finally backed up due to the competion of another clash of titans, Captain America vs Iron Man. Astrologically speaking, this Yin Metal Rabbit month of March 2016 is actually a PERFECT time to release a movie that illustrates a clash of two very opposite forces. The control freak Batman, repressive and covered in a metallic armour in this movie = Metal Element. The good natured and boy scout Superman, whom makes us dream of a better world = Wood Element! Like with Deadpool last month illustrating the Yang Fire Monkey year, we have this month a movie that actually captures the Chi of this month. Patterns are everywhere, from the macro to the micro…  I therefore predict that this movie will do very well at the box office and above the initial estimation of 140 Millions $ for its first weekend at the Box Office.

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