Ox month Goat year 2015 2016

Chinese astrology for the Earth Ox month, January 2016. World predictions

The Yin Earth Ox month, here we are! Like Yoda, sometime I talk. So, what is in store for the world in term of natural disasters, economics, entertainment, discoveries and human politics for this Ox month that goes from the 6th of January to the 3rd of February 2016? Here are my astrological predictions, based on the Four Pillars of destiny or Bazi and the Chinese calendar. For the review of the Rat month of December 2015 please read the part1 here.

Ox month Goat year 2015 2016

The Ox month of January 2016 will be fierce. Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/repoort/

For beginners, a reminder of how the Bazi works. Every year, month, day and bi-hours is coded by the Chinese system of time into a type of energy that show celestial and terrestrial influences at work. The system is know as Stems (on top) and Branches (at the bottom). The branches are the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac and contains some roots = more stems sign. First we look at how the top and bottom part of the month’s Chi combine or clash and which of the 5 Elements are involved; then we look at the interaction with the current year. This is the way I am able to predict different events happening each month, through the understanding of the Chi at work…

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This Ox month is actually the very last month of the Yin Wood Goat year, as the Monkey year will start on the 4th of February. What it means is that this month must be interpreted in relation to the Goat sign. Those two signs tell us the real story this month. I invite you to now listen to my Vlog analysis of this month and then read below my explanations.

So, to summarize, through the Yin Earth Ox month, we have a very dry and earthy month. Then with the Goat year we have a clash of two Earth signs, and a punishment formation. Those last two aspects tell us an interesting story for the month. Here is the list of my predictions as explained in the Vlog:

  • Clash of two Earth signs, the Ox and the Goat. The Earth is a dense and physical Element.
  • Expect the earth, literally, to move: one or more important earthquake is to be expected.
  • Very dry month: very little Water to be seen and the two Earth makes it even drier.
  • Expect disruption in transport and some technical problems on train, truck or plane.
  • Expect some old buildings to also crack and fissure this month.
  • Problems with fracking, gas leak, foundations of buildings.
  • Possible drought/shortage of water problem in some part of the world
  • Lot of opposition between conservatives and liberals. It will be illustrated by the adversity to Obama’s plan on gun control but also in other countries. The two Earth signs bring a desire for status quo and are reluctant to make things evolve fast

The Five Elements & Bazi at work during the Ox month.

The stems: Yin Wood controls the Yin Earth.

  • Symbol of anger growing toward conservatism. Expect some citizen movements in the world, possible uprising due to the roots (see below).
  • Agriculture: GMO vs holistic agriculture will be in focus. Expect also talk about management of the land, a possible breakthrough study about carbon sequestration etc.

Self-punishment Goat-Ox.

  • Expect new scandal surrounding brands – think along the lines of Vokswagen this year. Due to the Wood-Earth opposition this month, scandal is likely to be around environmental issues again.
  • Expect also famous people and politician to apologize for their words, as the Goat-Ox punishment will bring some mishaps for a lot of people. Diplomatic faux pas are possible with a situation that could escalate – possibly between a country in South America and Russia, or China.

The technical part: the full story with the Stems, Branches and Roots.

  • Clash of two Earth
  • Yin Wood tries to control Yin Earth

In the Roots:

  • Yin Wood (Goat) controls Yin Earth.
  • Yin Metal (Ox) clashes with the Yin Wood (Goat)
  • Yin Fire (Goat) clashes with the Yin Metal (Goat)
  • Yin Water (Ox) feeds the Wood, but is dried up the Yin Earth (Goat and Ox).

So, more clashes show up in the roots: Yin Fire vs Yin Metal, Yin Metal vs Yin Wood are the two main one. Yin Wood vs Yin Earth was already seen in the Stems and Yin Earth vs Yin Water also appears.

The likely scenario fro two types of events that will be seen this month.

  1. Some protest, citizen uprising etc. to try to change a conservative aspect of society will be met by strong opposition. Escalation between police forces, military or governments vs some citizens. It is likely to lead to a violent turn of event during a protest.
  2. A rampage of some sort is again likely. Possible bombing, but shooting or stabbing of people is more likely. It is likely to be either around transport, or a school
  3. Some very tense moments between nations, think of “cold war” type of scenario. Expect East/West blocks to be opposed this month on top of the debate inside of the US.
  4. Difficult month for gender equality, LGBT and women rights. Expect some countries to go backward on those issues. Some small victories will be seen, but mostly drawback.

On the positive side:

  1. Indigenous people, tribes who are protectors and shepherds of the lands will likely gain more rights this month and their voice will be heard. The land will be more protected, through a new law or justice court decision toward ecology in several countries.
  2. Some cities or artifact will be placed under protection by the Unesco – or something similar – in regard to their exceptional historical status.
  3. Excellent month for very spectacular finding in archeology and museology. Findings will likely be around treasures and war artifacts (bomb, swords and knives are all likely to be found, as well as some tombs and war treasure that was long lost).
  4. Also a great month for spectacular finding in mining – like precious stones
  5. A push for organic and more ecological farming and holistic land management will be seen.
  6. The movie industry will continue to perform very well
  7. Spectacular deals in real estates and properties value
  8. Some cities or countries will push for building infrastructures developing public transport and announce some plans. Think along the lines of trains, trams etc.
  9. Science: great findings in term of astronomy – with probable new discoveries. The likely candidates are a moon or asteroid, but comet and meteorite are possible. There will be some major news about Mars and finding on its soil, most likely. Venus too could be in the astronomical news.
  10. Expect also advance or studies in the field of eyes or optical related science and technology; cardiac surgery and virology.

The strength of the Elements this month are as follow:

  • Earth is dominant ++
  • Metal is strong +
  • Wood is in a difficult situation + –
  • Fire is weak –
  • Water is too dry —

So Earth and Metal remains the two winners this month, which will benefit overall real estate, infrastructure, science and medicine. The stock market should do OK, with some up and down but no collapse.

Wellbeing and Chinese medicine

In term of medicine, the month is way too dry when combining with the year. People who have kidneys problems must nourish them and in general this is the way to go this month: Chinese medicine and acupuncture should aim at helping the kidneys. Urinary infections and kidney stones are likely to show up for people who are sensitive to them. For people who suffer from dampness however, the month can help to dry up those problems and also normalize irregular heart problems as the abundance of earth slow down the heart. The recommended food would be: mushrooms, chestnuts, broths of all sort but especially bone broth, bone marrow, small amount of salty fermented food (Kimchy, miso…), hard cheese.

It is otherwise an excellent month for meditation, to reconnect with nature and animal, to use energetic stones that will be more efficient at this time, to treat yourself to some deep tissue massage and generally to slow down, stay still, finish what you didn’t during the Goat’s year and prepare the coming of the Fire Monkey year.

Now I invite you to discover your Chinese sign and Bazi predictions in part 3 here.

Chinese astrology Bazi Ox Goat 2016

Ox month, Goat year: utter madness! Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wheatfields/