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Chinese astrology: Bazi predictions for December 2016, Rat month. 1

Welcome back for my analysis of December and my predictions for the world, based on the Four Pillar of destiny/Bazi. The Pig month was the turning point that I described with the election of Trump, with also a great awakening happening at Standing Rock. You can read what where my review of the events of November, Pig month in Chinese astrology. This month we are going even deeper into this idea of collapse and exposing dirty aspects of people in charge. It’s a great purge of some sort, with in appearance more problems than solutions; but in the great scheme, this cathartic month is going to be a turning point and is much needed. Brace yourself because it’s going to be uglier before it gets better, but it will get better as a great shift in consciousness is happening.

Bazi Rat

The Rat month is here to teach us about anarchy and repression. Pic credit: Orginal art by Banksy

Astrology predictions for December

The month has a Metal Chi sitting on Water, as the Yang Metal Rat. There is a natural connection between the two Elements, the Metal feeding the Water. The Water is made even stronger by being a Rat month during a Monkey year. For the whole “technical explanations”, you can read the paragraph: Bazi for December 2016. The main Chi at work is therefore an overwhelmingly strong Water Chi, with the Metal Chi drained. The Fire is apparently lacking, but it’s not the whole story. Wood and Earth are weak or absent this month.

Based on the astrological energies at work for this Yang Metal Rat month of December 2016, here are my full predictions.

The bad

  • Major floods. Several countries will have to deal with an excess of real water and floods over quite a few cities
  • A large landslide/mudslide. I strongly feel that the Chi of this month could manifest a great mudslide and I would expect it to be in Central or South America.
  • Possible collapse of a big structure such as a sport stadium; or news relating to a trial around such event. Something along the line of the Hillsborough disaster is possible.
  • Ships at lost or boats sinking. The excess of Water will have consequences on maritime and fluvial transport.

This month will expose the worse of the worse in humanity. I expect cases around pedophilia, maybe human trafficking, slaves, and dirty politics all over. Sex abuse or pedophilia cases in particular are what I foresee, as an excessive Water Element can represent a sexuality that is out of control and become perverse. The human traficking is also related to the idea of “dark” Water, moving slave around. The shit is REALLY hitting the fan this time and so brace yourself, Winter is coming…

  • Ugly month for scandals. Expect the exposure of another pedophilic ring, possibly compromising high political figures
  • Famous people compromised. This is the month when some famous faces are exposed and compromised publicly for aspects of corruption, illegal behavior etc.
  • Famous people dying too. In a year that has taken many great names, the overwhelmingly strong Water energy will likely bring a few heart attacks, especially in the world of entertainment: cinema, television, music.
  • Fierce legal fights. One will be about the recount around the Trump election. Another one about the North Dakota pipeline/Standing Rock.
  • One or possibly more terror attacks. This month is ruled by fears to some extent and everyone will be on the edge. There should be numerous “alerts” around terrorism – like the one happening these past few days in Brussels. One of those attacks could unfortunately happen fully. If an attack occurs, it is likely to be around a transport hub (airport, train station) or transport itself.
  • Governments trying to pass more coercive measures such as patriot act, military enforcements to watch over citizens etc. It is a month when fears rule and motivate politics all over the world. It could be a direct consequence of an attack.
  • With the same logic, progresses of neo-facist and repressive political parties are to be expected
  • Problems with migrants: a ship full of illegal migrants could think, but furthermore there will be debates about migrants quotas, violence possibly associated to some etc.
  • Finally the stock market could REALLY crash this month. We’ll see if my prediction of the financial sector manifest during this year. If it does, this month is the one for sure…

The “in-between”

  • Italy referendum is under scrutiny. Matteo Renzi has proposed a reform of the government that needs to be validated through a referendum. If the vote is against, he will have to resign and it could further weaken the Euro-zone. A look at its Bazi shows that he has chosen a terrible month and day to do it; but he is however in a fairly good luck period, with the second half of next year being beneficial to him. It is therefore difficult to see the outcome just based on astrology this month…I think Renzi’s reform will pass, but with a score that is not spectacular, therefore still weakening his power for now.

The Good

  • The Standing Rock fight is getting uglier before it gets better, but it gets better eventually. A victory for the native Indians is indeed in sight.

At the peak of coercion and abuse, something will happen during this month that should be the tipping point. A first amazing aspect is all those veterans now at Standing Rock to form a human shield and protect the natives. Another aspect that I foresee is that corruption or malpractice around the financing of the North Dakota pipeline might be exposed during the Rat month. Either way I think that a legal fight will be unfolding besides the real fight on the ground, with consequences seen next month. Eventually I foresee a victory in the re-routing of the pipeline.

  • Despite maritime transports being on rough sea right now, the month should benefit the transport industry. I expect one or more major announcement about transport development in several countries.
  • Another industry doing well this month is hospitality. I expect announcement around a spectacular hotel being planned, or expansion of a chain etc.
  • The news could also likely be around the idea of floating cities, artificial islands etc.
  • Spectacular discovery underwater: a sunken ship, a city underwater etc. As the North energy relates to the dead and the ancestors, the archeological discoveries can also be about a cemeteries, tomb or burial site this month.
  • Possible sightseeing of “mythical” sea monsters. Some real ones, such as the giant squid, might be seen and recorded during this month. The discovery of new fossils of plesiosaurs, or other water related dinosaurs, is possible.
  • New around the cleaning of oceans, water filtering etc. Possible good evolution in the case of contaminated water in flint, Michigan.
  • Advance in medicine probably about: kidneys, blood or cerebral fluid. This month we could read about a medical breakthrough related to kidneys/dialysis.
  • New around the planet Pluto are likely.
  • “Women” power emerging more strongly in some countries. The feminine energy is taking over.
  • Some wisdom into finding another way for our civilisation will be talked about
  • At the Box office, besides the obvious planned success of the new Star Wars movie, horror movies are likely to be very successful as they are in synch with the energy of the month, which is also about confronting fears.

How to feel better in December?

While most of you are following enthusiastically my monthly predictions, they sometimes take me into a bit of a dark place. From now on I’ll aim at also giving you practical solutions to adapt to the Chi of each month. Besides the free Feng Shui luck boost that I give every month, I want to explore with you what to do to be in synch with the Universe and the Chi.

As the month brings a strong Water energy, it’s can be good news if you are running a business related to hospitality, catering or a transport company. This is the month to focus your efforts on if the year has been a bit “dry”. Generally, it should be a good month for sales and consumerism. Advertise, boost your marketing, do special offer: the strong Water energy is favorable to sales for most businesses, so take advantage of it.

If you have medical issues relating to dry skin, high blood pressure or kidney problems, this month can help you to find solutions. By simply browsing on the Internet and look for new articles, you could find herbal or natural solutions to try on. Besides, if you are in need for a new specialist to better handle your health problem, now is a good time to look for one. Kidney surgery performed this month has a higher chance to be a real success. Of course, keep in mind that your individual Bazi rules over all…

The month is going to be absolutely jam packed with ugly new stories, exposing the worse side of humanity. There is a reason for this. The Water energy is so strong that it brings us down and force us to look into death, fears and the collective subconscious; which, let’s face it, is not always pretty. If you are brave enough, you should actually embrace this logic. It is THE month to have the most cathartic psychoanalysis ever. Look into your subconscious; confront your fears and traumas. Don’t hold back: by unearthing such psychological issues, you’ll have a great opportunity to get rid of them. Of course, if you are already in a depression, be sure you do this with the right therapist or friend and maybe not just on your own.

The North in some shamanic cultures, such as the Mexican ones, rules the land of the dead and kingdom of dreams. It is therefore a great time to honors your ancestors and ask for their help through offerings, prayers etc. All of us inherit a family karma that can be at the root of our problems. It is a good time to look into this through therapeutic approaches such as “family constellations” or “transgenerational problems”. Homeopathic treatments taken at this time of the year are more likely to treat the deep roots of your problems.

If you are into shamanism, it is a great time for shamanic practices to get rid of destructive patterns and addictions. If you are not, regular psychoanalysis can do the trick at this time. You are likely to have breakthroughs and understand the roots of your problems this month. Rat and Monkey are connecting this month. The Monkey is about creativity, the Rat about dreams and the subconscious. The Rat is also an animal associated with Lord Ganesh…Therefore it is a good time to find innovative ways to solve your problems, pray to Lord Ganesh or another God to remove obstacles from your path or plant new dreams.

Water in the study of the 5 Elements relates to wisdom and metaphysics. It is therefore one of the best month to study metaphysics and esoterism, and students in those fields could experience breakthrough during this month. It is also the realm of a more feminine energy: spending time with spiritual female leaders will be productive this month.

Finally we also need to balance this strong Watery energy as well. Use it to focus on dreams: by sleeping more and try lucid dreaming for example. But also by elaborating plans that will blossom first in springtime (in the month of the Rabbit especially) but also for the next 3 years. Do a 3 month and then a 3 years plan: this is the best time to do so. Writing, drawing, and walk in nature –even with the cold (In Northern hemisphere) shall help you if the current climate is overwhelming for you. The idea is to use a bit of the Wood Element…You can also use a bit of Fire, by using red light or infrared therapy for example. Thermal water are also good at this time, but no more than once a week probably. Doing too much sauna is however not recommended, as this is a time for contraction, not expansion. Food wise, focus on root vegetables, stews and hot meals ; it is now time to avoid raw veggies, salads and fruit juice that would bring too much Yin energy. Use spices and seasonal fruits such a pears (in Europe…) to balance the cold energy of this month. Honey and ghee are perfect concentrated, earthy-firey food to use at this time of the year. True cinnamon, cardamom and star anise will also work wonder if you are a bit sluggish and depressed. Finally if the work on your fear and emotions is dragging you down, balance it out by trying to synch with the wintertime: raise with the sun to get more sunlight. And do a bit of comedy therapy by watching funny movies several night in a row.

And now for the Bazi students and practionners: the analysis of the Chinese astrology at work this month…

The Bazi of December 2016: Stems, Branches and Roots at work.

This month is rather harmonious in term of the Stem and Branch. We have the Yang Metal on top and the Rat at the bottom. The Rat being made of the Water Element (in its Yin form), the Metal naturally feeds it and make it stronger. On appareance, we therefore have a productive month where Metal supports Water. The interaction with the year however produces other aspects. The Rat sign is in synch with the Monkey year. Both Rat and Monkey are part of the Water frame which starts in the Monkey, expand in the Rat and withdraw in the Dragon. We now have the Water Element strengthened on both sides: with the Yang Metal energy of the month and with the Water combination between the Rat and the Monkey.

So far so good, it’s a strong watery month in winter season: the Chi is therefore the right one for this time of the year, when the Water Element shall be strong. There are two dissonant aspects however that must be taken into account.

The first one is the Yang Metal that is manifested twice this month. Both as the Stem of the month, and as a root (hidden stem) within the Monkey sign. Why is it not such good news? Two Yang Metals together have a tendency to fight and argue a lot. While it’s often not as lethal as two Yin Metal (= 2 swords), the two Yang Metal can really make some noise. Two Yang Metal working together is a great sign for justice, exposing the truth and fighting for the right causes. Two Yang Metal fighting each other however is more a sign of bullying, coercion, and ugly fights that can involve justice, prosecution etc.

On top of this we have the Yang Fire stem of the Monkey year. Sure enough, the Yang Fire was ruling more the first half of this year and is now withdrawn. However, inside the Water combo formed by the Rat (month) and Monkey (year), we also have Yin Water + Yang Earth. Under certain conditions, those two stems together produce Fire. While the month overall seems too watery to produce Fire, the Yang Fire of the year connects to this energy. It’s therefore not a whole Metal + Water month, but one with a bit of Fire relighted. And that changes things…

Ne now have this Yang Fire coming back to some extent. While it’s not match against the Water combination happening this month, this Fire will focus its effort on the Element it can control: that is the Yang Metal. With two Yang Metal fighting, the Metal weakened by the Water AND the Yang Fire attacking it, I see a recipe for: fear mongering, terror attacks, exposure of ugly aspects of humanity (pedophilia in court case for example), politics based on fear and coercion that backfire etc. So, while the Chi of the month seems harmonious at first, we always have to go further to understand the two sides of it. It is actually a great month to go deep into your subconscious, confront your fear and get rid of them. There is a temporary collapse of structures to expose the naked truth, but soon or later this reality needs to be faced and better now that later….And if you are working in a Water-related industry, it could be an expetional month for you – the Yang Fire of the year representing direct wealth for the Rat sign. If you are curious about your sign and Bazi predictions, you can now read my article: Horoscope for your Chinese sign & Bazi. December 2016, Rat month.

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