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Sectors Feng Shui April 2016
Like every Chinese month, you can find on this blog a free Feng Shui method, easy to implement for a real luck boost every month. I am sharing here a technique to boost your monthly luck by activating a precise sector/direction in your house (or business) with the combination of Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia oracle and sometimes monthly […]

Feng Shui money & luck boost for the Dragon month, ...

Chinese astrology predictions Rabbit month 2015
So ! This is this time of the month when we look back at what happened during the Yang Earth Tiger month in regard of my predictions, based on the Bazi ; and we then have a look at the Chi of this new month, the Yin Earth Rabbit month. You can find my previous articles on the month of the Yang Earth […]

Predictions for the Yin Earth Rabbit month: part 1.