February Tiger month

Chinese horoscope for the Tiger month.

Here is your horoscope for the 12 Chinese signs as well as your Bazi/Four Pillars of destiny for the Yang Water Tiger month of February 2017. I also invite you to read my Feng Shui luck boost for the Tiger month. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart. Contact me to order your chart analysis to know your whole story and personal tendencies for this year.

I have now published the 12 signs horoscope for the Fire Rooster year and I invite you to disccover them by searching your animal on this blog.

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Let’s start with the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac = your year of birth. Remember that it is only 1/4 of your chart: the year Pillar. A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar, not the year only. This month is conflicted with the Yang Water clashing with the Fire contained in the Tiger. Expect an exhausting month, one during which we all must find our center.

February Tiger month

The Water Tiger month blows hot and cold. Copyright: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationalzoo/

12 signs Chinese horoscope, Yang Water Tiger month

The Rat is really outside his comfort zone this month. At work it’s a very competitive environment. Everyone seems after you: your ideas and ways of doing things are not welcomed and you can expect criticism. If you are willing to evolve and hear what others have to say, it’ll get better. For love it is different however: if you are single, you could meet some interesting people this month. If you are already in a relationship, be careful as tensions are up in the air. Don’t take your frustration out on your partner or it would surely backfire.

The Ox will experience a month that blows hot and cold. You start to feel the positive influence of the Rooster year on your life, especially at work. You can advance in your projects and be very productive this month. The frustration however is that no matter how much efforts you produce, they are not totally acknowledged and rewarded yet. Patience, this year works for you and the second half will be good. By the way, Oxen, don’t be entirely absorbed by your work this month. There is an interesting movement in your love life, and the influences are certainly good to meet someone or to strengthen an existing bound.

The Tiger is in its month, but that usually means that the influences act as a mirror. Be mindful of your words and actions. The Rooster year has now started and asks you to evolve; this month will give you a teaser of what it means. Don’t rush anything yet, just check the water temperature: at work but also with the people whom you meet. The Yang Water of the month actually works against you at first, especially if you try imposing your will. Be humble and see how to river flows, it is not the time for a big move Tiger. Still, you could meet someone very different from you and intriguing this month.

The Rabbit must be mindful at work. Some fake friends around, so keep your plans close to your chest. It is the first month of the Rooster year that is against your sign and you might already feel the burn. Keep a low profile and don’t try imposing your will, it’ll be better this way. That being said, this month with its water help you still. If you show humility, you can advance on several of your projects – at work but also with your personal life, such as redoing your home etc. Among a difficult year, it is an easier month to start with. As for love, it is quiet on that front…

The Dragon must plan its move carefully. It could be a good month to expand your activities: the Yang Water helps you to get new ideas, put them in motion and make money out of them. However there is also competition in the air, and possibly jealousy. Keep your plans to yourself and don’t be too confident when talking to new friends or strangers. For love it is also a bit challenging, with a lot of competition around. However you can shine by emphasizing your differences and way of thinking. Be original, you certainly are as a Dragon. You won’t blend it right now anyway…There is much to be gained by promoting your unique perspective and ideas.

The Snake will have a good Rooster year, but this month could make you doubt it. It is challenging on every front. Arguments go nowhere and there is electricity in the air. You simply cannot impose your will and must surrender for now. Patience: as a Snake, you know how to bend and take turns to reach your goals. Give people what they want to hear for now and it’ll make your life easier. It is not the time to be arrogant, as it would totally backfire. For love it is also a bit challenging. You have good chances to meet someone this year, but for now if you are already in a relationship that is not strong enough you might see the cracks. Try to see your partner point of view.

The Horse must consider new ways of doing things this month. You can experience some real success by being a team player, and will then be able to build up on those strengths during the year. The Tiger brings you its full support. You will most likely be proposed new ventures and projects during the month, but some could be slightly out of your league or comfort zone. Time to see if there is another way to do things and if you want to sign up for this. It is a stimulating month if you are willing to evolve and be open to what comes your way. In your love life as well: welcome the new, as some people will clearly show you interest at this time. You might be from different worlds, but see that a relationship is more than the sum of its parts. It might be worth trying, Horses.

The Goat should have a good month. The presence of Yang Water in this Tiger month changes everything and makes it very special to you. You should be able to move forward on all fronts. It is a spring-cleaning and spring cleansing of some sort, even if it’s quite early to do so! This month you can have leverage in both love and at work, so it’s time to make your demands. It is a good time to negotiate an evolution of your job, finds new clients, but also to make a move if there is someone special who you like. You are seen as the essential missing piece in many puzzles this month Goat: take advantage of this good energy that helps you at work, with moneymaking and with your love life.

The Monkey usually dislikes the Tiger months or years, as they are the direct opposite. The same logic prevails this time. Don’t waste your time in sterile arguments, you won’t convince people right now. Just keep doing what you do best, and keep a low profile. The Yang Water however helps you somehow and makes this month average rather than bad. It can actually be really good to meet new people, socialise and network. The key however is to not be cocky and be willing to learn from others. Go out and be open to new perspectives, Monkeys.

The Rooster has the mean to make some money this month. Through extra hours or a new income, it is a good time to be proactive and generate business. If you are freelancing, take advantage of this month to communicate about what you do. New clients should show up. For your love life it can be a good influence to meet someone, but it is tenser if you are already in a relationship. Overall the month is likely to be quite tiring and you should aim at pacing yourself and do less. You don’t want risking a burnout so early during the year, Rooster!

The Dog likes the Tiger, but the Water of this month changes things a bit. It could be a bit uncomfortable for you at first, Dog. Your plans will need to evolve, as careful as they may have been designed. However, there is a lot to gain if you are willing to explore new avenues with an open mind. So don’t let you ego get the best of you, Dog: revise your ambitions and be a team worker to succeed this month. If you are single, it could be an exceptional month to meet someone new: take advantage of it and put on your best look every time you go out. DO go out: you sometimes like you coach too much Dog, but you won’t meet someone by always staying home.

The Pig or Boar likes the Tiger sign AND the Yang Water. This could be an excellent month for you, Pigs. It is an ideal time to initiate a new project or become the leader you might want to be at work. Take initiative, show of a bit and you should impress people. It is also a great time to get closer to your family or partner if things were not too good. Finally, it can be a good time to meet someone new or make a move with someone you know. This is your month if you dare, and so take advantage of it Pig…

We then move to the Bazi tendency if you know your day master. If you don’t, contact me to order your personalised Bazi analysis and report…

Bazi daymaster: your tendencies for the Tiger month.

For Jia the Yang Wood, the month is interesting. It is a good time to expand your social circle. Go out and make new friends, you will be rewarded. It is also a good time to network and simply look for a new job, if you need to find one. The Rooster year will be a bit harsh on your so take advantage of this good timing for now.

For Yi the Yin Wood, it is a bit of a strange month. Everything seems to be teasing you and in the end you don’t get much. Some frustrations are to be expected. Just surrender and go with the flow: this year you are clearly not in the driver seat, Yin Wood. Good surprises can still occur if you accept this deal and act accordingly.

For Bing the Yang Fire, it is a tiring month. You might have to change your plans and in any case you can’t impose your will. Be humble and not too impatient. The Yang Water of the month means that you are not in control. Be cautious when exercising and in daily life, as minor accidents could occur right now. It’s not a time for sex, drug and rock’n roll: stay home to watch Netflix rather than party too hard.

For Ding the Yin Fire, it is an inspiring month. While you might not be able to be the light and show the way as you so love doing, be open to new collaborations and ideas. It is a time when people will reach out to you; you are seen as unique but will also have to answer some challenges. You can do well, so answer the call. Some friends will also need you, and best would be to pay attention to them. In love it might be the time to confirm the feelings you might have for someone and go to the next level.

For Wu the Yang Earth, the month is frustrating. You will put a lot of effort into what you do, but might not see those rewarded very fast. Go for the long run, Yang Earth people. Actually, as far as your money is concerned, it might start to pay off as soon as next month that brings your direct wealth Element. Keep that in mind. Everything is a bit more tiresome right now but the Rabbit month shows good prospects, and you should focus your efforts on building it right now.

Zi the Yin Earth is in a good situation. You can make extra money this month. If you are freelancing, it is a good time to find new clients. It is also an excellent time to form an association and look into work partnership. You’ll find your strength in union this month, Zi people. Needless to say this idea also extend to your love life, and this is a good month to either reaffirm your feelings or meet someone.

Geng the Yang Metal must take care of themselves right now. Your wellbeing should be your priority. You might be dealing with the consequences of your behavior during the previous Rat and Ox months. It is a good month to sleep more, detox, eat lighter and generally focus on your health. Listen to your body, even if it means the frustration of partying less and not going to the gym when in pain. In your career, you can do some good groundwork right now that will pay off later on. Don’t lose sign of your goals…

The Yin Metal, Xin, will feel totally drained this month. Pretty much all the influence are either taking from you or against you. If you have taken some holidays, you might need a holiday to recover from the holiday…Take it easy and focus on the little pleasure in life. Better times are coming soon, but for now you are not entirely in control. The good news is however that you find ways to make money this month. For your love life it can be good to meet but if you are a man, it is less auspicious for women right now.

For Ren the Yang Water, you can really expand your social circle at this time. It is a great time to make new friends and network, so don’t miss on this opportunity, Ren people. That is the silver lining: the rest of your life could indeed be more difficult this month. At work and at home, you won’t win arguments so you better stay away from them. Be nice to everyone and listen when you are criticised: there might be some true to it. It is overall a tiring month if you try to fight it, but an ok one if you go with the flow

Gui the Yin Water must adapt and transform this month. The atmosphere will likely be a bit tense in your work. Be creative and reinvent yourself: display new skills and you should impress your coworkers and hopefully boss. The same old tricks don’t work at this time and you have to slightly push yourself out of your comfort zone. For your love life it is however a good vibe; if you are with someone it is the perfect time to reconnect or live passionate moments. Focus on this way to feel the love and a good energy.

Here are for a broad, general forecast. But what is in store for YOU until for the months and years to come? When should you make your business move? What is the best profession for you? When can you meet a good partner at last? The Yin Fire Rooster year has now started, but do you know what is  in store for you?  And have you designed your home, apartment or business to answer the challenges of this year and the next ones? Contact me now to get help with the right Feng Shui consultation and Bazi analysis, designed exlusively for you.