Chinese astrology Bazi Rat

Chinese astrology for the Earth Rat month 2015. Part 3: your Chinese sign & Bazi.

Chinese astrology Bazi Rat

The Rat(zilla) month is here! Credit:

Finally, here are the predictions for your Bazi and Chinese signs. Remember that while the general influence affects you, the only accurate predictions are made on your full individual Bazi chart; contact me now to know what 2016 will bring you for career, money, adventure and love!

Part 1: The Fire Pig month in review and Part 2: Bazi world predictions for December 2015 are online.

  • The weak Wood Bazi can do well in this season if they stay humble and don’t push their limits;
  • The strong Wood Bazi should do well to and can shine in public events and performances.

Love and relationships are helped for male Wood this month.

  • The weak Fire Bazi are doing better than usual for a Rat month. You can achieve quite a lot if you know your limits. Romance is good for women;
  • The strong Fire Bazi are doing well too despite a bit of pressure on their shoulders: don’t push your luck.

Romance is helped for Fire women this month, but not men.

  • The weak Earth Bazi can gain a lot of support this month and make money in unexpected way. Romance can be good for men;
  • The strong Earth Bazi can make money as well, but also mistakes and must be careful to stay conservative. You will feel under stress.

Romance can be good for Earth men this month but less for Earth women.

  • The Weak Metal Bazi are a bit all over the place but can rely on their friends and move their pawns carefully. Romance can be good for women;
  • The strong Metal Bazi can really shine this month and accomplishes wonder, and romance can be good for both genders. Be careful however to not overdo;

Romance can be good for Metal women this month, not so much for men.

  • The weak Water Bazi are doing OK but backstabbers coudl be around and your freedom of action is limited.
  • The strong Water Bazi are doing well this month, despite some stress on their shoulders.

Relationships can be good for both men and women, especially if you are single.

Now, for the sign of your year of birth. Remember that your Chinese sign is only 1/4 of your chart! A Four Pillar Bazi chart is made of a year, month, day and time Pillar which gives your whole life blueprint instead.

  • The Rats will encounter odd situations and be limited in their person freedom;
  • The Oxen are doing well and can find new friends and potential partners;
  • The Tigers will meet with competition but can expect help from new friends;
  • The Rabbits have an extra je-ne-sais-quoi this month and should go out;
  • The Dragons are doing well; it is a good period for romance, networking and collaborations;
  • The Snakes are better than last month but will be bossy people, although love can be good for women;
  • The Horses are in a dire position right now and must keep a low profile. Romance can be good for women;
  • The Goat is in a neutral position but trying to be a control freak would backfire. Low stamina overall;
  • The Monkeys are doing well and can really shine, they are the star of this month;
  • The Roosters must serve other and be team players, it is not about you this month Roosters;
  • The Dogs are doing ok but don’t like the watery Chi of this month and so must be sure they are not argumentative;
  • The Pigs can do well if they focus on other people and make new friends.

We are getting close to the end of the Western year but also of the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Fire Monkey will start in February 2016 and now is the ideal time to understand what your personal Four Pillar chart will trigger in term of work opportunities or challenges, romance and wellbeing, as well as money next year. Will it be a good time to meet someone? Can you help your marriage? Shall you sell your business or open one? None of this is guess work and I can help you now to know your timing and best month to take action, as well as redesign your home for an easier life all year long. My agenda is filling up rapidly so if you want your predictions and Feng Shui in time, please get in touch now for a Bazi and Feng Shui consultation in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Budapest or wherever you live!