Chinese year of the Dog

World predictions for the Chinese year of the Earth Dog/2018.

Here we are finally, with my worldwide predictions for the year of the Earth Dog 2018 that has now started. To understand the predictions that I’ll make, you first need to get the concepts of the Yin-Yang and the 5 Elements. Here is a brief reminder for you…

Chinese astrology: how it works.

There is inside and around us a universal energy called the Qi. Think along the line of the Force in Star Wars…This is the energy that we use in Feng Shui. Chinese astrology, but also Chinese medicine, acupuncture…Without Qi there is no life basically. Movement is life, and to create movement we need two different polarities. They are Yin and Yang. Concepts such as day and night, male and female, hot and cold etc. illustrate the opposition but also complementarity of the Yang and the Yin.

Then we have further aspects of the energy. Besides the quality of the Yin and Yang, the energy can take 5 different phases. Those 5 phases are often referred as the 5 Elements. By analogy, they are called: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. It is not unlike the 4 Elements system in Greek philosophy…Then those Elements can generate, control, or limit each other. To know more about the 5 Elements you can read my 3 part article:

The 5 Elements guide. Part 1: What are the Feng Shui five elements?

So, back to the year then. Each Chinese year combines one of the 5 Elements with one of the 12 Chinese signs. Each Chinese sign is also made of the 5 Elements, usually a combination of them. The relation between the top Element (called the Stem) and the Animal (called the Branch) can be harmonious or stressful. And then we need to see what this combination does to other Elements to be able to make predictions…shall we go then?

Chinese year of the Dog


The year of the Earth Dog for the world.

This year 2018 is actually much simpler than the previous two, as far as Chinese astrology and its 5 Elements are concerned. This time we have the Yang Earth Qi (energy) on top of the Dog sign. The Dog is also an Earth sign: therefore we have Earth on Earth. No clash, no tension… The Earth Element is the slowest and most stable of the 5 phases. With it we can build solid foundations and this Earth dominates the whole year. It is not always that we have harmony between the top and bottom energy of a given year (Stem and Branch), and it is nice to have one year made of all the same energy.

Compare to the previous years then:

  • 2016: The Yang Fire Monkey. Fire, Metal and Water clash.
  • 2017: The Yin Fire Rooster. Fire and Metal clash.

Those clashes have been very difficult to live for many people. The Fire-Metal clash was difficult for our minds – it’s like a storm in our brains really akin for some to “a bad trip”. Astrologically, this vibe was like having a stroke really…Now is the time for recovery.

However we also need to see the Elements contained inside the Dog sign. Those inner energies are called the Roots of the sign. Look below to see what I mean…

Chinese astrology Dog.

Courtesy of Joey Yap free Bazi calculator.

So in the Dog we actually have:

  • Yang Earth
  • Yin Fire
  • Yin Metal

Looking at all the Elements we therefore have:

  • Yang Earth dominating (twice)
  • Yin Fire and Yin Metal both present, but in a lesser proportion

As for the rest: Water and Wood are totally absent of the year. This energy brings pro and cons…time to see them then.

Politics and economics during the Dog Year

The Dog is usually an animal that is loving, faithful and stable. This year could therefore bring some form of stability to the world…but it’s not as easy as it seems. With so much dry Earth and neither Water nor Wood, there is no flexibility whatsoever. The Earth is an Element often seen in politicians’ Bazi (Obama, Trump, Clinton…) and for a reason: it is a very materialistic Element, and one that can strongly reinforce the ego. The abundant Yang Earth of this year is akin to a mountain; and mountains do not move unless you blast them with dynamite. This Earth doesn’t want to make a move – one way or another.

It means that far from being an easy year for politics, it is one where diplomacy doesn’t go very far. Strong egotistic people such as Trump or Kim Jong-Un will stay this way and not evolve in their thinking. There will be very strong views expressed on what the world should be, and they will not be easily reconciled. It is a bit like a cold war type of vibe really…However, paradoxically, people having the same world views will unite more strongly.

So it is likely that we’ll have:

  • The US vs China, Russia and Korea – tensions all year long. “Blocks” again, cold-war like.
  • Europe reforming from the inside and presenting greater unity (outside of the UK of course)
  • The Brexit leaving an irreconcilable gap between the UK and EU

I don’t expect the remaining Brexit negotiations to go very well, and it won’t be an easy divorce in 2018. Basically people who see the world differently can hardly come together this year. But those who see the world the same way unite further (inside the EU for example).

The lack of Wood means that it’s not the year for cataclysmic changes worldwide. No WW3 in sight (this is in 2020, spoilers! Just kidding…), and no revolution throwing capitalism away. In many ways it is year of status quo due to strong egos…

In term of economics, it is rather a time of recession that expansion. People will want to secure their future and not throw their money away. What this strong Earth induces is the idea that we have to save money rather than spend it. A lot of countries will have slower growth than predicted at first, and governments will be conservative in their fiscal measures. Nothing that screams “wild optimism” overall.

However I expect real estate and construction to experience a real boom, as those are ruled by the Earth Element. We are likely to see several countries investing into massive projects such as new museum, infrastructures, new buildings etc. while will boost construction.

Finally the movie industry will shatter some records: Hollywood and network giants are not going away anytime soon. I guarantee that some movies will beat new records at the box office…Look for massive numbers in May and June especially.

Natural disasters and accidents.

This year, the lack of Water is a real problem for the transport industry that needs it to perform well. The year will manifest several accidents with transports (guaranteed!). Boats and planes are more likely to be severally affected, but road transport and trains are also likely to experience some.

Some earthquakes are to be expected, but it’s not being a seer that foreseen earthquakes as they happen every year. However the Dog also contains Fire that can be awakened during specific months – such as the Horse month (June). I expect some volcanoes to come back to life and be damaging. This will be the main event for natural disaster in my opinion. Expect fracking incidents however, and the connection between fracking and earthquakes to be highlighted.

Science and discoveries

In 1958, the previous Earth Dog year, the Hope diamond was given to the Smithsonian institute and become its first attraction. In 2018, we can equally expect a lot of news around:

  • Precious stones
  • Hidden treasures, artefacts
  • Archeology
  • Palaeontology

The year should bring plenty of discoveries in term of archaeology. Possible on the scale of entire cities or civilisation re-discovered. Some of those discoveries will move timelines and give us a different understanding of the past. Dinosaurs’ fossils will give us a new understanding of those unique creatures. It is also logical to expect that unique stones will be discovered, and treasures be unearthed.

As far as science goes, geological science could experience a boost with technology. Computer science and architecture are also two areas that could make the news. Space exploration will be a biggie too, with most likely a special focus on the planet Mars…


Cultural movements

In term of culture, the Earth brings back a sense of traditions, community, and to some extent conservatism. It is likely that we will see real opposition between local communities and government. Possibly around the construction of a dam ( in the Amazon), deforestation etc. Overall expect more and more people to want to go back to less urban lifestyle, possibly leave cities, and want to move to the countryside. When I mentioned a real estate boom, it is even truer for properties that are in the countryside…

There will be also a strong return of nationalism, unfortunately. The Earth reinforces this feeling of “one country, one nation” often. Most laws passed during that year won’t be overly liberal, and don’t go toward more personal freedom. It is however a year when efforts could be made to rebuild healthcare and also help elderly people. At the same time I expect old spiritual traditions to come back – especially shamanism, that has made quite a return in the past years. Native nations will be heard and there will be cultural recognition of their status.


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What is the year of the Dog good for?

This strong Earth year brings a great emphasis on local communities, tribes and families. What the year is good for, first and foremost, is to reconnect with your family if you feel estranged. It is a good year to have your parents move in and looked after, if they need some care. The year asks use to go back to our roots. It is a time to understand our own story and see how our family shape us.

It is also an excellent year to take roots somewhere. Digital nomads and endless travellers might find that they feel like staying longer into one location: it is actually exactly the right thing to do. It can be an excellent year to buy a new property and move to a new country. Of course, I strongly recommend that you choose such place with the right Feng Shui; you can contact me to get your house-hunting guide. You can also look into astro-cartography to know in which city to settle. It is finally a year when you can find your tribe. Loners will see that they make friends more easily. The Dog is all about loyalty and friendship. It is the right time to get more involved into your local community and build it actively; for example by volunteering, helping your neighbours, doing charity work etc. It can be an excellent year to volunteer abroad for example. It is also auspicious to take a sabbatical year, if that was on your mind for a long time.

On the spiritual side, the focus on family, roots, and where we belong means that this year can help you connect the dots and get rid of difficult family conditioning. Techniques such as decoding biological stress or family constellations will be extremely helpful this year. If you don’t know what they are, look into them.

The year also has “eco-village” written all over, and if it was your dream to find one or join one, it can be the good year to do so. Overall the message is to fin your community, get involved, and take roots…

Health and wellbeing

Finally on the matter of your health. The strong Earth Element of this year will means that people with a Bazi that has:

  • Too much Fire
  • Not enough Earth
  • Extreme Earth
  • Strong Wood

Should do quite well. The year makes you stronger overall and bring stability to your life. People with a Bazi that has weak Metal can also benefit from the year.

Overall the main problem is the total lack of Water and Wood. While the dangers of the previous years were on the heart, lungs and brain, this time it is about liver, spleen and kidneys. They all suffer quite a bit. It is a year when emotions can be totally blocked for some of us. For some other, there will be a tendency for procrastination and complacency. It is very easy to put on weight during this Earth Dog year, and to skip the gym over and over…While I don’t recommend endless travel during the year, as the message is rather to stay put an take roots, think about doing short trips when you feel that the energy is stuck. It is also ideal to add flexibility in the form of yoga, Tai Qi, Qi Gong…If you go for acupuncture, make sure that your kidneys are well supported. People prone to kidney stones could experience some this year, but the right diet and enough liquid could prevent it. Luckily there are more pros and cons to this year, that will help most of us to recover from the hectic last two years.

Of course, best is to have your Bazi chart done to understand how the year will work for you…And know that the focus on the Earth also makes it a perfect year to Feng Shui your home!

Once again, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Laurent Langlais