Feng Shui London Horse month

Boost your luck for the Horse month, June 2015

The Yang Water Horse month will start on the 6th of June 2015. Here are the Qi Men Dun Jia best directions to use for travel, or sectors to activate in your home in order to boost your luck this month. For the complete explanation on this Chinese oracle that used to be a military technique and is nowadays used to boost business, health or love life, I refer you to the first article here:

How to boost your love and money luck with Qi Men Dun Jia

This month, the negative 5 Yellow star flies in the South sector. Both South and North directions are also not recommended in the Feng Shui of this month, so this is a double warming to not use those sectors for any activations or, ideally, to not travel using the South/North axis. The East sector does however benefit from the monthly 8 flying star that can bring some cash when activated. Here I put both the month and year Qi Men Dun Jia and flying stars charts to show you the different good or challenging sectors. The year is the smallest one, the Horse month the biggest. The West is not to be activated this year so we can use the East sector but cautiously, as it faces West.

Feng Shui London Horse month

Monthly Qi Men Dun Jia activation for the Horse month. Copyright Laurent Langlais.

What we are going to use instead is therefore the Southwest sector for which there is a good day and time formation. The activation is as follow: on Tuesday the 9th, activate from 17:00 to 23:00. You can stop before 23:00 but on that day be benefit from three good hours formation for the Southwest and better take advantage of them. With the combo of day and time formation, you should get a boost for wealth matters, career and also paperwork. Then you can stop as we are done for the month.

As a reminder on how the home activation works:

Find the center of your house, apartment and business. Go there with a compass. Let’s say we do this in an apartment located in Kensignton in London. I am standing in the living room that is at the center of the premises. Then I look on the compass that I am holding. The Southwest direction and therefore sector of this apartment is what I am looking for. From where I am standing, Southwest is the kitchen. So this is where I’ll put my fan or water feature for the activation and start it on the 9th as the time indicated…

Of course this is just an example, it might be different rooms than those in your home or business premises! And remember to use a small fan or water feature to activate, but no loud noises to avoid disturbing the afflictions..

Boost of luck are interesting but they don’t replace the permanent support that you get from a Feng Shui home or business consultation and your Bazi analysis. If you are ready to go to the next level of your life, please contact me now to book your consultation.